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Madewell kasbah top, beach shirttail tee in stripe reviews, linen NY muscle tee & silk shadowbox tunic tank reviews

Kasbah top (A3522, $78) - currently sold out online. 100% cotton, I believe.

7/7 - $44.99 in-store & online

Size M - I take M in many Madewell tops, unless it's oversized. The M fit comfortably and I would go with that. I'm currently measuring 37.5" across the fullest part of my chest. I figure that's more helpful & acccurate than bra size. This has the same vibe as my J. Crew collection pom-om top from last year, Instapic. I'm wearing my trusty Loft jeans.

The Feeling
Cotton. Beautiful embroidery. Solid. I really liked this one.

Beach shirttail tee in stripe (SU14, A6759, $55) runs XS - XL. The color is called fire (FIR). 100% cotton.

7/7 - $34.99 in-store & online

Size XS - I just mentioned how I take M in most Madewll tops, unless it's oversized. If I'd seen this online and wanted it, I might've ordered a S. The drop shoulder is my first clue to debate a size choice. I would've probably called for measurements to be sure of the best size, though. When I saw it in-store, it looked like it ran big. There was probably only XS on the rack or it looked big enough to try. In any case, it fit very well & I'd go with that size.

Yes, that says BEACH. Or, as I joked on Instagram, b*tch if you have an accent. Why? The font is cool, but beach? Just beach. It's just too silly for me. Am I going to wear it when I'm at the beach, to help out other people who might be unaware of their surroundings? Or do I wear it when I'm not at the beach, but wish I were?

No beach? How about aloha?

The Feeling
The inside of this sweatshirt felt so comfortable. Not in a cozy, terry cloth sweatshirt sort of way. The interior was smoother than that. I really liked it. The stripes and color are great. I could over look the drop shoulder, but couldn't get past BEACH. If it were plain, I would've gotten it. 

Linen stencil NY muscle tee (SP14. A1539, $45) runs XS - XL. There were a couple popbacks yesterday in L & XL. The color is called creme fraiche (CFR).

7/7 - $29.99 in-store & online

Size M - I debated and debated whether to get this and it sold out. I already have the linen Paris tee, released last year and before this one. That's good enough. Note that getting the right size is advised. I have XS in the Paris.

It was a little sheer and I didn't like that. I did have on a black bra, so that would be less of an issue w/one that was flesh tone.

The Feeling
If you have a thing for NY, are from there, etc you might like this no matter what. It would've been better if it weren't as sheer & didn't have that threadbare fabric look.

Silk shadowbox tunic tank (A4971, $98) Current color choices online are blue creek & true black. The color I tried on is WVI. Warm violet? 100% silk shell, 100% silk contrast, 100% poly lining.

7/7 - $59.99 in-store & online

Size S - color WVI - Here's a blurry pic that's supposed to be helpful so you can see the length. I'm 5'0". It felt longer than your average top. This color was available online, but is currently sold out. There are popbacks at Madewell, if you didn't know.

This top said one word to me. Maternity. It's voluminous and falls away from the body. Depending on your shape and how much you're showing, you might be able to wear this until the beginning of your 3rd trimester. Every woman is different, of course. The width of the contrasting hem is a bit too wide for my taste. That said, if I saw this while pregnant, I would've gotten it. Expecting or not, it's a pretty top. I passed because I felt like the scale wasn't proportionate to my size, even if I were to size down.

The Feeling

Madewell promo
HIGHSUMMER gets 40% off promo & final sale items thru

*Herschel Supply Co. parcel suitcase - Great bargain at $109.99 after HIGHSUMMER. Can't be shipped to California, fyi. Probably due to Prop 65.

*Loeffler Randall metallic jacinta sandals - Good looking sandals & a good deal with HIGHSUMMER. On promo, so not final sale.

*Perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt in ferrous wash - I have a variety of chambray shirts in different washes and they all serve a purpose. This was is very, very light, which isn't as common. 

*Pleated shirtstripe skirt - I saw this in the window & it looked very clean.

*Ruffle cami -  Chambray or white. Very cute. Going fast at $39.99 pre-promo.

*Sandbar sweater - I've been looking at this one awhile, but haven't pulled the trigger because I have something in the same vein.

*Sandcastle cover-up - Long and gauzy. I like the low, narrow opening in the back.

*the medina clutch - Cool stitching & a very cool color.

*the simple pouch in desert - A good size at 8" x 13". Fits an iPad. Doesn't have a flat bottom, so overstuffing will be limited. Leather. Nets $36.

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  1. Great reviews, Gigi. I bought the Kasbah and NY tops a few weeks ago. The Kasbah keeps you cool in the heat & humidity. Love your jeans, the fit is perfect.

    1. valleyoftheshoes - Thanks for chiming in about the tops. I do love my jeans.

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