Monday, March 24, 2014

J Crew - sunburst skirt, collection silk trouser in abstract coral & collection cropped trouser in antique floral reviews

Sunburst skirt (SP14, $118) runs regular 00-16 (A0632) and petite 00-12 (A3221). Color choices are ashen clay & navy. The skirt is still regular price online. I saw this color for $89.99 in-store. I believe the navy is on sale, too. 100% poly & 100% poly lining

Size 4 - ashen clay - Great color. I reviewed navy here. I tried on a 6 in that review. I think the 4  fits better (these pics). I couldn't quickly think of 3 ways to wear this, so it was a pass for me.

The Feeling

Collection silk trouser in abstract coral (SP14, A1468, $198) run 00-12. The color is called rustic coral (RCO). 100% silk. They were in the sale section in-store, but still only had the $198 price on them. They're currently $129.99 online.

Size 6 - This is the size I expected to fit, so TTS. The print is very busy. So, so busy.

The pleats create the same funky side-bulging issue like on the Madewell Rivington trousers. I think the fit was on the slimmer side than, say, the cafe capri trouser.

The print. What were they thinking. I can't get into this.

The Feeling

Collection cropped trouser in antique floral (SP14, A1488) run 00-16. The color is called midnight ocean (MOC). They are currently $199.99 online and were marked $199.99 in-store. 64% silk, 35% cotton,

Size 6 - I love this print. The colors are very strong in the pants and the print has less of an 'antiqued' look than the racerback tank and the dress.

The size 6 fit fine. I felt like these and the silk coral print above fit closer to the body. I need the 6 for my lower waist, but the back thigh can be a bit big. It didn't feel very big in these pants. I'd say the cut on these are nicer, in some regards, than other pants.

Out damn seams! I cannot get into the seams on these or the Eaton boy trouser (review).

The Feeling
I think these should've been made in the capris like all of the other crazy pants. I'm not convinced about the regular length. It's a lotta print. Also, those seams...just no.

More antique floral

Now about those coral print pants...

Chime in...

J. Crew
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  1. The skirt is gorgeous. I like it with the gray color top. I could also see it with pale blue, mint green, cream. I think I'm talking myself into getting it.
    I can't get past my initial thought when I first saw the pattern on the second pair of pants. It reminds me of wormy, caterpillar type things.
    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. maryeb - I like grey w/the skirt, too. I like your other color thoughts. The pants weren't that creepy crawly irl. Didn't give me the heebs, that is. But I still didn't care for the print.

  2. I like the print of the abstract coral pants but the pleats are a big no for me. Hi have returned several pairs of pants already this season because of pleats. The only pair I found that fit right was the misty fog floral pants And I had to try on three different payers to find one that would fit in my regular size. For the record you look way better in the coral pants than I did. I looked like a clown on the way to the circus.

  3. Whoops that should be I and three different pairs. Darn voice response program.

    1. Shopping Celle - lol at circus clown. I haven't seen the misty fog pants irl. I'll now be prepared for pleats if I do. Good of you to try different pairs of the same size. It can make a difference these days.

  4. The first pair of crazy pants look like DNA strands!

    I really like the antique floral pattern.

    G, I need motivation. Been on holidays and now am sick! I need to get back on the work out train! :/

    1. Ford - DNA, mitochondria. Maybe a medical professional will get a kick out of them. lol

      A trainer friend of mine just ordered a supplement package for me. It's a gentle cleanse and also has meal replacement shakes. I need a wakeup, but above all, I trust her. Plus, I'll try anything as you probably know. I was doing so well on the treadmill and being sick in Jan got me way off track, so I hear you!! Remember you just had Ford 2 not too long ago, so don't worry about the falsehood of bouncing back. You created another human! You're going to get where you want to be. I think you're looking good.

  5. Really like the skirt and I agree that those pants are way too busy!



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