Saturday, January 25, 2014

J Crew - floral jacquard mini

Floral jacquard mini (HO13, 07835, $98) runs 00-12. The color is called cobalt navy multi (CNM). 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Machine wash cold gentle cycle. Line dry. Iron on lowest setting.

Size 8 - I'm 5'2", so on the short side, but this doesn't seem as short as some minis in the past. Consider sizing up one if you want to have it sit lower on your hips and add a little length. The silhouette isn't a match for my figure at all. I'm wearing it with the classic chambray popover (6). Thumbs up on the popover.

I loved the fabric. It was on the heavier side, so the quality and weave felt good. It was almost a little too heavy. I think it would be a winter/spring transitional piece. I don't see wearing it in the summer. The pattern is nice. It's not really my personal style, but I can appreciate it. Daisies often remind me of VW bugs, peace signs and other '60s graphics. I would be more intrigued if the silhouette of the skirt were different. A longer length would be a good start.

Here it is with the wool bomber sweater-jacket (review) in size S. For more sweater bomber jacket combos click here. The jacket makes the skirt more doable, hiding my waist.

The Feeling
Forgot the thumbsup pic. The skirt isn't for me, but I liked it. 

In other news...
Congratulations to Denée (blog) who won the 1st giveaway. There will be 4 more. I was going to put them up end-to-end, but I've been sick and will have to start the 2nd one on Monday. I'm pretty excited about them and hope you all get a little more jazzed as each one rolls out.

New blog feature! Check out Good Man Friday.

Does anyone recognize this retail necklace from 2013? If so, do you recall the name?

Chime in...

J Crew

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  1. I have to disagree with you, I think the skirt looks really good on you!

    1. cate - Thank you. I'm still not convinced, but I accept your lovely comment ;)

  2. I tried this skirt on the other day and I really like it. After markdown it will be mine. It looks good on you but if you wouldn't wear it and just have it for the museum let it stay at the store!

    1. Shopping Celle - The museum exhibit of skirts is full - pencils in wool and cotton, a few prints. It will stay in the store, per your advice. And hop into your life on markdown.So be it. So it is! lol

  3. Hey Gigi. Of course I know the name the name of that necklace because we all know so much more than we should about JC. It's the neon rose crystal necklace, came in flamingo and frosted citrus.

    Agree with Cate, the skirt looks great on you, esp. with the chambray shirt.

    Have a great sunday!

    1. audreys - I love JCAs! You are awesome. Thank you!

    2. ps the JCA who wants the necklace was able to find it on Ebay now that she has the name. Success!


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