Thursday, January 31, 2013

J Crew - collection cropped velvet pants

J Crew's collection cropped velvet pants (35509, $178) are now on sale online for $129.99. The web description doesn't specify that these were available online only, but I never saw them in-store. The color is called mushroom.

Size 4 - I like the idea of the mushroom color for velvet, instead of the expected black. Black would've been nice, though.

Sweater (M): J Crew merino turtleneck
 (Similar color Dorothy Perkins (4, 6) &  Land's End sweatshirt)

A rear shot. The leg is a fuller than I expected. The fullness plus texture of the pants add visual weight. The way the material looks whitewashed was interesting, but it also kind of bugged. I swiped at it to try to get it to show as mushroom, but it still looked white. I could see the color & texture looking very interesting for an early evening or nite time evening. I didn't see these working for day gear.

The crotch was my least favorite part. I think there is a high rise and the excess material sagged into an unfortunate look.

Standing up straight and hiking the pants up more removes the package.

Yeah, that's a higher rise.

I was very dismayed when I saw the look on the left. My butt is taking a sharp curve outward, from the looks of things. It's cured in the right photo by pulling my sweater down

The Feeling
I really wanted to like these. I like the pockets & always appreciate belt loops. The color looked nice in the package and the material felt like a heavier panne velvet. I didn't like the higher rise. I expected the pants to be more sleek, based on the stock pic. They were like fuller pants that got cropped. I couldn't get into these. Thumbs down.

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J Crew


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

J Crew - Jules dress in scroll print

J Crew's Jules dress in scroll print (38169, $198) sold out online pretty quickly at full price. I have seen it since it sold out, so you can always do a WIFFY if you want to buy. Yes, the technical acronym is WWFIFY -> we will find it for you. but I like WIFFY which is what I once heard a SA say to another. Online purchasers have 60 days to return so there may be popbacks in the future.

Size 6 - 100 silk, 100% poly lining - This Jules seems at least an inch longer than past Jules dresses. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Colorful Corporate, on ShOperaRach, on The Petite Fitting Room and on The Stylized Life.

If I were to wear it with flats, which I probably wouldn't.

On the toes, as if I were in heels. I never wear anything too high these days.

A close-up of the print.

The poly lining. I like that it's yellow, like the body of the dress.

These covered buttons always befuddle my fingers. There's a keyhole at the back, approx 4".

The Feeling
The print is beautiful. I wasn't a fan of the gold/yellow color, though. It doesn't compliment the beige/nude color either, imo. The dress had static cling. I've read online to drag a wire hanger and that should reduce the static, but haven't tried it myself. It's nice that the dress seems to have a bit more material, but I still don't think they've perfected this Jules silhouette they're pushing.

Tonite's the last chance for GET40 to save 40% off final sale items. No last minute orders for me. I think I snagged just about everything I was after.

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J Crew

Monday, January 28, 2013

Banana Republic - jacquard cardigan

I need a medical procedure and I'm hoping my insurance understands that it's a necessity, not frivolous plastic surgery. I'm going to get my camera implanted in my forehead! I'll never have to worry where I've misplaced it and you'll always get better pics than ones from my phone. Sounds like a plan!

Banana Republic jacquard cardigan ($79.50) - Size S - I have lost a couple few lbs since these pics. What's working?
Drinking acv regularly is a big help. And I jumped back on the Wii Fit. I've been doing that for a couple weeks now. I've been using the original Fit game from the 2009 release. I knew I needed something more so I ordered EA More Workouts. It's an improvement over the original and sooooo much fun. I've been doing exercises 2-3 times/day since receiving this past Sat.

I love the texture of the sweater. There's a thickness to it. When you touch it it's gonna feel weird in contrast to all the cheap, thin sweaters we've endured in recent years. I love the pattern. It's like digital hieroglyphics. Can I just tell you I spelled hieroglyphics correctly on the first try?

The white band on the bottom may cause trouble for some of you if it hits in an odd place on the hips. It could easily add visual weight. Now who is trying to do that?

I also tried on the M, but the S created a sleeker look.

The Feeling
I'm dizzy! No, just blurry. I made my appt for a consultation about the camera implant. I'll let you know what they say. In the meantime, I liked this sweater. It felt a little snug to get on and I think that's because of the material. The quality feels good, though. Simply a thumbs up.

J Crew shawl collar stripe sweatshirt vs. Banana Republic's striped rib-knit shawl collar pullover
I have the shawl collar stripe sweatshirt and it's worn very well. I was concerned about the shawl part pilling, but it hasn't been bad at all. The BR sweater version is rather identical.

Banana Republic on Promo 
These items are on promo and BRSAVE35 can be applied for an additional discount. There are restrictions, I.e. new arrivals, Heritage, cashmere and others. However, I did a mockcheck and found that the code does work on some of the new arrivals.

On promo

On promo

On promo

On promo

The classic trench (review) is still on promo for $148, bringing it to $96.20 with BRSAVE35 . The code ends tonite. Have fun if you're shopping :)


I am

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* If you didn't know, I started a shoe-centric blog called 1060 Pairs. Giveaway coming soon :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

SmAcKdOwN: photofloral pants

J Crew's collection café capri in photofloral vs Forever 21's floral print ankle pants

I like the photofloral print, but not convinced the pants would look good on me. Prints are tricky because you  never know what part of the print will highlight what part of your body. Flashback: Lady parts skirt. The print on F21's pants go over the pants, but when I saw them I immediately thought of J Crew's. The photoflorals are a silk/wool blend. F21's pants are cotton/spandex. The measurements are interesting. F21 is definitely a junior fit compared to J Crew.

Measurement comparison
J Crew's size 4 - waist = 33 1/4", low hip = 40.5", thigh = 24 1/4", inseam = 28"
F21's size S - waist = 29, thigh = 18", rise = 9", inseam = 28.5"

I would love to try the F21 pants, though I think the would be too tight on me. My Jr's body was left behind in the early 2000s. The J Crew pants seem impractical for me, so I've just been admiring them online. I like the black/white floral vs multicolor. It's a nice change.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Banana Republic - classic trench

Banana Republic's classic trench (236222, $198) comes in almond, black and winter storm. It's available in regular XS - XL, tall S - XL and petite XXS - XL. 100% cotton. Dry clean.

Size PM - This is winter storm, as pictured above. The almond (not pictured) is more of your classic tan trench color.

The cumbersome security thing was on it, so I couldn't really get the full effect. I will probably try it on again and swap out better pics than these cell phone ones. As it stands, the PM felt a little big even though I looked smushed in it. I would try the PS just to be sure.

Size PS from 2010. I weighed at least 10lb less than now. The cut of the trench seems much sleeker, but it could be my weight more than BR changing the cut. I will know once I get a chance to try on the PS.

Sleeve length. A bit long for petite. I was disappointed in that.

This is the neck flap, gate thing. It was pretty difficult to do and very tight. This pic has a better representation of the true color. It's white, but not bright white. It's a nice hue.

Another shot of the neck closure. I wouldn't use that as it's too tight, but it creates a clean look.

A little piping and the lining has the BR logo printed on it.

A chain to hang it on hooks. I always like that detail.

The wrist detail has been improved. On the one I own, there are cheap, embossed belt buckles. The dry cleaner put foil on them because we thought they weren't removable. They didn't make it thru dry cleaning and look ratty now. This simple button detail is much better and should easily survive dry cleaning along w/the other buttons.

The Feeling
The cut of this didn't feel as classic trench style as the one I already own. A big issue for this try-on was the security device interference. As I said I was disappointed in the sleeve length. The proportions of this seem off for a petite cut, but I would have to try the PS to be sure. Also, the look should be different now that I've lost 4 lbs. I like the color, even if it's a little impractical. Thumb up, but to the side until I can try again.

More trenches from Banana

The classic trench in regular & petite is currently on promo for $148. Apply BRTAKE30 for 30% off, making it a net $103.60.  

ETA -> New code of BRSAVE35 as of 1/27 - 1/29. New net of $96.20 as long as the coat stays on promo for $148.

It'll be a good deal for those that look good in it. Remember, don't just keep it if it's not the perfect look at fit.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

SmAcKdOwN: pleated maxi skirt

J Crew's collection pleated maxiskirt ($198) vs Target's Mossimo pleated maxi skirt ($19.99) -

The J Crew maxiskirt was $139.99 on 11/28/12. Apparently they put it back up to regular price. I saw it in-person and it was soooo long. I think the length deterred me from even trying it on just to share pics.  Check it out on Shop With M.

Mossimo pleated maxi skirt  - I think this might be a S, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure I could wear a pleated maxi in this color. Perhaps if it were spring I could wrap my mind around it a bit more. I saw the skirt on sale at my Target yesterday. It was 30% off, bringing it to $13 and change. I'm not sure if markdowns are the same nationwide.

Mossimo pleated maxi skirt - size M - I am usually a M in Mossimo. This skirt is very long. The M measures 38.5" down the front center. The waist measure 15" flat.  

ETA - I pulled the skirt up like a dress and belted it at the natural waist (not pictured). Not really on me, but it could work on someone that way.

The Feeling
I liked the pleats on this and the fabric. It felt lightweight, but not cheapie thin. I don't think I've ever owned a pleated skirt. One consideration is dealing with the pleats when cleaning it. For the low price of $19.99, I wouldn't cry if the pleats didn't last.

I saw the skirt on sale at my Target yesterday. It was 30% off, bringing it to $13 and change. I'm not sure if markdowns are the same nationwide.

Mossimo solid satchel  (now $12.49) - I 've seen this handbag irl a number of times and think it's so cute. I've been pretty good about my desire to stick to leather. If I were a big fan of lilacs and didn't mind man-made, I would be all over this. Btw, there are other color choices.

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