Tuesday, August 6, 2013

J Crew - tipped silk collar top

J Crew's tipped silk collar top (04691, $75) runs XXS - XL. The colors is called heather light grey (HLG). Ha ha! I finally see what JCAs are talking about. This is the Kristen Stewart lookalike model. I'm pretty sure she's wearing the fluted skirt in double crepe.

Size S - I like the tipping. It's cute.


But let's be real. This is the exact same top as last year. And so is the tweed front tee in black and camel  ($75). What's wrong w/the design department? It's so odd that they're releasing exact replicas of last year's items. On the retail side, no less. (shrugs) Still cute. I'm wearing a S in both photos.

                                               2012                          2013

Sleeve length. I'll be curious to see how this one sells. Last year's version made it to sale, but it took a long time and were probably returns that JCAs found on the rack, in many cases. 

The Feeling
It's a repeat, but a definite improvedment on last year's version. This year's is a little longer and the collar seems a wee bigger. I like the shape of this year's and love the tipping. Comfort is there again. If I didn't have last year's, I would've gotten this one on the current promo. Thumbserupper.

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links to irl pics

Bar-stripe tee ($39.50) - Irl pics

Drapey sailor tee ($49.50)  - on ShOperaRach
Perfect-fit ballet button tee ($32.50) - I love this in size M. I got navy, black and grey (M) and love them. White was too sheer. M is a little loose, but I prefer it non-clingy - Irl pics

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  1. Laura like this. A lot. It's lovely on you!

    1. Laura - Me likey, too. :) Thanks.

  2. hurray! i just got this with the promo, so am relieved you gave it a thumbs up! i didn't get last year's version - well... i did get the tee version. not the same right? :D

  3. Thanks for the review, I have this on my radar to buy!

    1. Lisa, I'm in the radar-to-buy camp, too ;)


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