Friday, March 1, 2013

Kate Spade - addtl 25% off sale

Save an additional 25% off & free shipping on sale items at Kate Spade with SAVE25. The sale ends today.

Sweeten the deal bangle (net $36.75) - I got this on the last promo for a net $39. It's fun. That's one of last's year's classic wide bangles by you know j'who. We can only guess that this was the often languishing iced lilac color. lol

Grove Court Thea (net $124.50) - Grey. I like.

Flicker Sophie (net $119.25) - I bought this twice last year in white. I returned it. The patent had bumps and wrinkles in it right out of the box. It seemed too fragile for my use. Too bad because I liked the silhouette and how it felt on.

Park Guell locket (net $33) - I like the long length. The front is plain and the reverse says smile.

3-D ski hat (net $22.50) - These hats are so cute. Maybe next season I'll buy one if they repeat the design. You can find them on Ebay with bows & such.

Kissing cockatoo bangle (net $55.50) - KS does bracelets well, so if you're into pops of green neon...

On the last Kate Spade sale, they launched with an addtl 20% promo code sent via email and only good for the first day. Then they added more merch on day two when the promo was no longer good. They didn't make that mistake this time. I think the last sale was a little better, but it just depends on what you're looking for.

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  1. I have three items in my KS cart. I'm trying to resist. It's husby's birthday ... it would be kind of a present. ;)

    1. Tiffany Rose - Kind of a present, eh...sounds funny. I snoozed on my item and didn't get it. Oh well. There will be something else in the future. :)

  2. I agree, the last sale was better. My KS purse from the last sale was lonely for a new wallet, so I ended up buying one. It was still a good deal at 60% off the original price. KS is getting a little addicting for me...


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