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J Crew - (*the*) peony tee

J Crew's peony tee (99196, $45) runs XXS - XL. Linen. Handwash. The color is called peony print (PPR). Use SUNNY for 20% off thru 3/8. 20% off tees also good in-store.

Size S - This size felt like the right size for me. I wouldn't size down, personally. I don't like things clingy at all. Check it out...
* on 1 More Shopping Blog (2nd pic),
* on Dina G
* on Ema
* on Ina 
* on Life's Divine 
* on Shop With M
* on Shopping Obsession.

I like the colors of the flower and greenery.

 I thought the flower was a tad big in scale.

Horrible neckline. I had a great striped J Crew tee that I had to dump because the neckline didn't keep its shape. A lot like this. Perhaps you bought one, too. The one that Jenna wore on a show and we saw her neckline twisted as well. This is how we're starting out and we haven't even left the store? Bad.

This shot gives an idea of the weight of the tee. Light. It wasn't ridiculously thin, but this is thinner than I'd like. I don't really need to confirm to the world that I'm wearing a bra and its positioning of straps on my back. 

I decided to see how it looked framed by a jacket. To give an idea if a cardigan would be nice with it. I'm wearing the Factory downtown field  which I don't see online. They have the navy downtown field (27584) in the J'Crewlets for $125 before any addtl discount or promo. I have both retail and factory and they look and feel exactly the same.

Jacket (S): J Crew Factory downtown field (See the retail downtown field $148)

That flower is still too big for my taste.

The Feeling
I like the colors in the flower and the creme background. The linen wasn't itchy, which is good. The love stops there. It's a tee with a shape that looks well worn. As I said, it's not horribly thin, but it was too thin for me in the back. I'm trying to be objective because I'm not really into florals. However, to be frank, I think it's getting more hype than it deserves. I think it has potential to be styled very cute, in a number of ways, but it's just another graphic tee to me.

Midnight floral tee ($45) - I wish this were in shades of pink. I did see it briefly in-store, but didn't try it on. It has since sold out. I assume the fit is similar to the peony tee. Both are linen. I wish it were pink tones, instead of purple. Check it out  on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Shop With M.

Madewell's slideshow tee in stripe ($49.50) might be more my speed as well, if I wanted something floral. I like the allover print in front. The back is striped.

Chime in...

SUNNY gets 20% off  tees & shorts. Promo good in-stores.


  1. Gigi, I think if you are busty this is a no- go, I had it on and found it was too much for my small busty frame. Too bad as it is lovely!

  2. The neckline thing is typical of linen, all my other (non JCrew) linen tee do that. There will be other tees! By the way, did you try the Bon voyage one that is now on sale? That one is super-cute IMO, I am surprised that it didn't get some love...

  3. I have a linen tee from F21 and after a year and countless washes the neckline still holds it's shape.

    I was in love with this in the catalogue. Now that I've seen it on a few people I'm no longer in love. It would have been nicer done in a cotton or cotton blend that would have a better fit and not be so prone to stretch out syndrome. The peony is lovely! I still have the fabulous rose tee from 3 or 4 years ago and it is still going strong.

  4. Great review Gigi, really thorough. I completely agree with your thoughts, I think if the shirt is like $54 (CND) then it should be more substantial. I can't see this tee last more than one summer. Pass for me :D

  5. Whoa, it's so stretched out in the neck, how awful! Mine seemed fresh out of the box, so that's probably why I had more love. If mine had looked like that, it would have been a no-go for me. I think as they get shopworn/tried on, they're going to look like that. I still love mine, but totally get all your points. I agree that it's just a cute graphic tee, and not worthy of too much hype. :) Oh, and yes to the pink instead of blue in the midnight floral tee!

  6. Thanks for the great review Gigi. I felt the same way when I saw the t and was surprised about all the love its getting.

  7. I, too, have been a little mystified by the amount of love this tee has been getting. This would have been my FAVORITE shirt... in middle school... in 1991. They had shirts just like this at the Limited back then. I would have worn it with my foldover waistband jeans and my olive canvas moto-jacket and and gone roller skating while singing along to Ice Ice Baby and the Humpty Dance. :-) But perhaps the nostalgia is part of the appeal?
    Either way, the neckline is a bummer.

  8. Sad about neckline and I don't care for linen but I totally agree with you: the flower is just too big for my tastes too! Definite pass. Thank you for the pictures.

  9. I'm with you on the size of the flower. It's a beautiful rendition of a peony and I love flowers, but I don't think having a large one plaster on my chest would be very flattering.
    Too bad about the Midnight tee being sold out. I had my eye on that one. I do like the Madewell tee. The colors are beautiful and I like the striped back.

  10. I don't mind the weight (read: sheerness) of these linen tees if I'm layering them (like I plan to with the graphic dot tee), but I'm just not a fan of this print. I like florals, but in a pattern, not a big ole SPLASH across the chest.

  11. FYI: the Midnight Floral Tee is currently available online in all colors! They must have done a re-stock early this morning or something. I just bought one; it's more my speed than the Peony tee, and I love that I can wear it with black AND blue. Takes some of the sting out of having to return the Indigo Floral Popover (it's HUUUUUUGE).

  12. The top is really cute....its too bad the neckline is just a bit droopy.

  13. I really like my Peony tee, and the collar doesn't do that at all! I've worn it twice so far. My VPS recommended sizing down since the linen items tend to stretch or loosen. So far, it's fine! I kinda think that tee had a defect or something. I have the midnight floral too - love them both. And I have been anti-tee for the past few years, with an overflowing bin of unworn graphic tees. I won't go THAT crazy this time...I hope. ;D


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