Sunday, February 24, 2013

J Crew - tipped boy shirt

J Crew's tipped boy shirt ($118) comes in regular 00-16 (63666) and petite 00-12 (16766) . Navy is still on promo for $98 online as of 2/22. Navy is $79.99 in-store. It also comes in alabaster black (pictured) and pink shocking pink.

Size 4 - chest = 37.75"
Size 6 - chest = 38.75"

Size 6P - chest = 37.75", waist - 36.75", sweep 39.75", length 25"
Size 8P - chest = 38.75", waist - 37.75", sweep 40.75", length 25.25"

Size 6 - I think 6 is the right size even if it is a pulling a little at my stomach. An 8P might be the best fit. The sleeves would be a better length. However, I do tend to prefer regular sized tops over petite. I have seen all three choices and like them all. I can't remember if the white is sheer or not. The silk fabric isn't ultra thin, but it's not thick either. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blogon Feeling J Crewzyon Little Miss Fearless and on The Stylized Life.

A closer view. The sleeve length is not too bad on this regular size. I probably would feel more comfortable in the regular over petite. I would try a regular 8 to see about getting a slouchy feel and eliminate the issue of creating a wonky white line going down the front as it grabs my stomach.Yes, we tore that fitting room up, but we do pick up everything before we leave.

The Feeling
One of the issues I'm having w/tipped tops in general is that they're so pajama-y and end up looking like pjs or scrubs on me. You would think that the tipped design would be enough, but I would have to add some style to my ensemble and not view it as a throw-on top. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the style, if you ask me. I'd probably wear a white tank under or even navy, open up that third button and finish with long layering necklaces.

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  1. Good to know! I am definitely considering this. It's gorgeous :)

  2. Hi Gigi! Thanks for the review! While I do like the idea of a tipped top (looks great on you!), I can't pull it off - looks like I'm a waitress/flight attendant from the 70s. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. I tried both the white and the pink and the pink is the less pajam-y IMO but I would prefer the white for myself. I have the vintage cotton pajama set in navy and the top is really similar. so that's not an option. I tried both the 00 (too small in the sleeves) and the 0. I would go with tbe 0 but it was def slouchier.
    I think it looks good on you if you are going for that look!

  4. Pretty, but I agree, it looks like loungewear. Thank for the review!

  5. With the jeans i really thought you had pjs on. I could see it working but you would have to dress it up big time.

  6. I really like the navy. It's cute with jeans and white. I prefer it all the way buttoned up so you can see that cute piping.

  7. I was initially drawn to the white with black tipping. I worried it might look a bit too pajama for me. I like it on you though I do think it's a more casual loungewear kind of look.

  8. thank you for this review!! i'd been looking at this online. thanks gigi!

    xox P


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