Friday, February 22, 2013

J Crew - enameled frog bracelet

J Crew's enameled frog bracelet (53370, $98) was recently on promo for $78. It didn't sell out on the 1st day of STYLE30. By the time STYLE 40 kicked in, it definitely sold out. Since it was on promo, it's eligible for return so you can expect to see pop backs.

 Closer view

Look at the feet. So cute.

These clasps aren't easy. At all.

On a baby's wrist. There's a cute girls jean jacket at Land's End ($24.97 + 30% off with BUDDY and pin 3026 thru 2/26).

Rear view.

Front view. Yeah, I got picture happy. Check it out on Caroline's Day.

With the Tillary in mint. If you are struggling to find a mint top or jacket and cannot, consider piecing out the color in accessories. It's easiest to partake in the trend in that way if mint isn't the best for your skin tone. 

The Feeling
Thumbs up on this bracelet. Like some of you, I wasn't a fan of the gold tone that J Crew has been 'obsessed' with. It has grown on me and of course it all mixes and matches. I like the mint color of the frog & the navy cabochon on its back. The links are nicely sized. Not overly small or exaggerated. The scale seems like it would compliment many wrist sizes. Keeper for me.

Then there's the enameled double-frog bracelet (75863, $98) - I saw this online after ordered the bracelet above. I thought this one might be cooler with 2 frogs. I also thought I would favor it if it had a hinge. The clasp on the single frog bracelet isn't easy. I have since seen this bracelet, though, and don't like the colors. Won't be stalking for sale. Whew. I also saw a fish bangle that looked really, really cute. Kind of looks like a koi.

Chime in...

J Crew



  1. Thanks for the review!
    Love the frog,but i am not so crazy about the hollow back of the links.
    It would look nice with the mint linen scarf that i just got.Have you seen that?

    I agree about the new goldtone and returned the anchor bracelet beause of that.It was very bright and shiny.

    Hope youre doing well:)

  2. All of the aqua and mint and soft periwinkle jewelry in store is so pretty, but I am not letting myself indulge.I do like to look however, and those statement pieces really make an outfit!

  3. I love this bracelet, it's one of my favorites! You're absolutely right about the clasps being tough!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, G! I think this one is better crafted than the yellow one from last year - mine has needed two repairs.

  5. I don't care about the frogs, I don't know why. I have the square links bracelet that appears to be exactly the same design (without frogs) and it seats really nicely on the wrist. I like the shiny gold ;-).

  6. if it was a chinchilla i'd be all over it ;) the mint green is adorable though!

  7. I saw the new frog bracelet yesterday and it is even cuter! But then I like frogs! :)

    There is also one that is supposed to look like a dolphin.


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