Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gap - 35% off today

Gap is running a tiered discount with GAPDRESS, starting at 35% off and decreasing 5% over the next few days. The 35% off is good today only.

Sateen popover pocket shirt ($54.95) - 100% cotton, machine wash. I like this style of top, which is similar to JC's Indian voile popover. It's' good mom gear. I can wear this with a cardigan and necklaces for baby free to do's, then take the jewelry off if I take Mini to the park, etc...

Fitted boyfriend teacup print shirt ($54.95) - This is dang cute. It also comes in a white/black print. Attention taller and long torso ladies, this looks long.

1969 printed floral skimmer - These are really cute, even if they are a digital print. I like the coral tone in there. Although the placement of that one particular bloom is a little unfortunate. It's good to do a twiceover or thriceover when wearing printed bottoms. These also come in maternity. I probably could've worn them thru the 2nd trimester, when I could still wear a midheel. Then I'd have to give them up because things get so wide towards the end. I like these. I think I need to find some right-for-me floral pants.

1969 dot always skinny skimmer jeans ($54.99) - These are cute, too.

1969 chambray lined hoodie ($59.95) - This is the one thing I ended up getting and it's a gift for a friend. It's a basic grey hoodie, but I like that contrast lining. I think he'll like it.

Thanks for stopping by...back to watching the Oscars. I think Seth MacFarlane doesn't suck & is doing pretty well. Loved Christoph Waltz's speech and the Life of Pi cinematographer, Claudio Miranda. His rambling speech was awesome.


  1. totally missed christoph waltz's speech.. argh! and thanks for the heads up on the gap promo!

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  3. I tried the Fitted boyfriend teacup/cat print shirt. I really liked it and think it fits true to size. I didn't take photos but I saw shoperarach did on her blog. I think on the Gap website photo it looks deceptively long, on 5ft4 me it was regular shirt length. The cotton was light, crisp and slightly sateen in store. I have no idea how it will wash up though. I also tried and bought the broken in boyfriend khakis I sized up because the colour I chose was slightly see through but I think they fit true to size, I took photos of these. Hope this helps.
    (Sorry last post had more typos than this one may or may not have. I am dyslexic on a good day let alone when I try to type fast)

  4. I am waiting for my teacup shirt to arrive - on me, the XS fit everywhere but gaped at the bust, so I ordered a Small in the navy/white since my store was sold out. The red is actually more of an orange red IRL. Super cute and a somewhat welcome departure from dots. I also tried on the dot legging jeans and thought they were just ok. Fit was good, but I think the dots should be a bit more white against the denim.


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