Sunday, January 6, 2013

Old Navy - 25% off today only ends soon

Save 25% off your purchase at Old Navy today only. 

IMO, 30% is the best percentage off, but there are some good prices before the addtl 25%. Prices listed are before applying ONHAPPY25. Offer not valid on Old Navy Everyday Steals, uniforms merchandise and active merchandise.

Sequin-front raglan jersey top ($22.50) - Size S -  I tried M and it was too big all over. The size S kinda grabs at the middle on me, but was the best size. The sequins are done well and not too bright or too dull. If I didn't own any white tops in sequin, I would've definitely tried the white option in this one.

The Feeling
Good. Esp if you don't want to invest a lot in the sequin trend. The baseball jersey cut keeps it more casual, which makes it good for daytime wear if you do that. I do. I also think it's good for lounging at home if you want to feel very comfortable, but a little flashy or fun. Once in awhile, I do that, too. 

Sequin-front jersey tank ($7.97 - $10.97) - I tried S and M in this. I think S was the better fit, but too fitted. I do not like the idea of altering tanks, but adjusting the straps is a simple alteration. Even by hand. The navy in the navy/white combo was a little faded because of the sequins. It's like they put a clear sequin over the navy, instead of navy sequins. At any rate, thumbs up at this price. And a fine alt if you missed the one from J Crew last year. These tanks are paired w/the button-front stretch cardigan ($12.97 & $24.94). I have size X in the animal print.

Button-front stretch cardigan ($12.97 & $24.94)- There are 3 cute colorblocked options. I saw the white w/black trim in-store. It looked ok. A little saggy. ON cardis used to be better in the past, but I can't say how they're holding up these days. Quality has taken a hit at all retailers. On the upside, it's still predominantly cotton, 92% in fact. I think the colorblock one would look best in this grey/yellow or the green/navy combo available.

Quilted frost-free vest ($17.97) - Very limited colors/sizes remain.

The Feeling
The fit was good. The black looked black. I got this because JC's excursion vest sold out when I decided I needed black. I ended up returning it because I preferred the sleekness of the excursion and its layering capability under coats. If I only wanted to wear this solo, I might've kept this.

Contrast-trim split-neck top - Size S - I was optimistic. M would've been even longer in the arms, but a much better fit.

The Feeling
A little pleated at the side & front shoulder, but nothing theatrically puffy or pirate-like. This was my favorite combo. The white didn't seem to be too sheer. I would've loved a bracelet sleeve w/black trim at the wrists. I do like it as-is. 

Contrast-trim split-neck top - Size S - Pink combo - The orange trim was a tad bright for the coral color.

The Feeling
The least favorite of the 3 options. It was a little sheer and the colors felt a little garish. Maybe it was the lighting. Thumbs up for the color idea.

Contrast-trim split-neck top - Size S - I think it could look cute w/JC's electric plaid clutch or Gap's two-tone colorblock clutch, which is now $29.99 in-store. 

The Feeling
These two blues worked overtime in colorblocking this fall/winter. I don't own the color combo though, so perhaps that's why I haven't tired of seeing it.


Four more

* Super-soft lounge hoodie - It probably is more for hanging around than wearing in public. The stripes probably aren't clean & crisp. I would consider this for wearing under a navy blazer.

* Chambray top - Have and love in M. Totally for spring, but glad I have it.

* Printed chambray top - I saw these irl and they look the same as online. I didn't get a chance to get up close or touch/feel. The print is more circles than dot. To each her own as to the scale & size you prefer.

* Button-front chiffon top - This is really cute on. I picked size M only to try via an online order and that was perfect. Yes, it's sheer and you will need something under. It's not scandalously sheer. It's probably best for spring & summer when temps are warmer. Maybe not summer days w/the poly factor, but a cool summer evening would be good.

Old Navy & me. Daunted by the holiday lines, I have pretty much stayed out of the store. As we know, there has been more poly at ON these days than in the past. I go back-and-forth on it. Sometimes I want nothing to do with polyester and other times I'm grateful for the easy care. I've been able to get some excellent deals at J Crew w/all of the promos they had over the holiday season. Of course I end up saving my JC silk for special occasions, not really wearing them. And that sometimes drives me back to ON. I'm sure I'll continue to shop ON, so you'll still see irl pics :)

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  1. I was just about to say I don't need any more sequins but I've been looking for a stark white sequin tee for a long time. Thanks so much for the heads-up!! Did you feel you wanted the petite as opposed to regular?

    BTW, think this is the first of the year with me and you ... happy new year, Gigi!!!!!

    1. Tiffany Rose - I didn't even notice that it came in petite, or tall for that matter. The regular is pretty long. It covers my butt. It doesn't look like a tunic on *me*, though. It just looks like a very long top. I don't mind the extra length.

      Happy New Year to you, too :)

    2. Well I went for the petite, hoping it might be a little smaller since the XS in white was sold out, XSP was sold out too :( so I hope the small petite will work or I'll be continuing to chase the white sequin tee.

      I ran off so fast to order I forgot to say I really like it on you!

  2. I bit on the honeycomb sweater in mint, since I've been looking for a minty sweater (despite it being overly worn in 2012), and the green crepe(?) dress...the dress was around $15 from $30 before discount, and looks meh, but I have a sleeveless version in pink, and a wide leather belt does wonders for it. We'll see.

    Also ordered the slim cropped refined dot pants from Gap for $24.99 + 25% off from $49.95. Planned on ordering the dot legging jeans, but this was $50 cheaper, so I hope fit works for me.

    Aaaaand I just saw the striped lounge hoodie above. Dangit!

    1. Caroline, you did good. I have the pleated keyhole dress and same thing -- looks great w/a belt. I also love that it has pockets. The Gap dot pants look cute!

  3. I noticed you said quality has hit at all retailers. I agree! I was telling a friend that I have sweaters from Ann Taylor and the LOFT from just last year and they look horrible this year. I have other sweaters 4 years old from those places and they look newer than the 1 yr old sweaters. what is the deal? - Jean


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