Thursday, January 10, 2013

J Crew - silk colorblock pant

(cue Barry White voice) This. Is a Aaaafter Daaaark Reeeeview...for Tiffany Rose of A Trail of Sequins. She and I are often both up in the wee hours, writing, clicking, etc...

J Crew's silk colorblock pant (96623, $128) run XXS - XL, if I recall correctly. Most alpha sized items run that span. They came in green, and black. I'm so glad I ordered the black ones and have pics to share because they mysteriously disappeared from the website around Dec 28 or so.

Size S - Relaxed waist = 30", Hips = 42"
Size M - Relaxed waist = 32", Hips = 44"

Size S - Let's start out with the most flattering photo of the bunch. The green is very bright. If you're going out with friends and want to make sure they always know where to find you, wear these. Your options are limited to a degree. The pants are very thin. I.e, colorwise, you'd want to wear them to an amusement park so you're never lost, but not these. I can't see wearing them where there might be a lot of physical activity like sitting/standing/sitting repetitively. I guess that leaves out Mass, too. Cracking jokes here, work with me, people.

The pants did some weird fold thing across the front. Not good. They also clung to my legs. Not good.

I tried pulling them up, but it just wasn't working. They didn't feel comfortable like I thought they should. I would feel self conscious in them all day.

A little vpl (visible panty line). It's not showing up as much in the picture as it did in real life. It was more obvious and I don't wear whites.

The Feeling
Some silk colorblock pants. I like the idea. I didn't like that they felt half a size too small. I got the measurements and they should've fit. I feel like I got sent a bad pair. Another qualm is the color. So dang bright. They paired it with a pale blue buttondown and navy blazer in the Lookbook which I think would work. But these jokers are bright. I wasn't seeing a lot of options right off the bat with them. I think I could pull it off, but it would take a minute. And would need a pair that fit well.

Size S - The black pair fit totally different. Instantly they felt the way I'd expected them to feel. The rise felt fine. There was no weird fold at the front hip. Again, the fabric is very thin so this is a late spring/summer/early fall pant. Depending on where you reside, of course.

The sporty stripe. The inseam is long. J Crew finally makes a pair of full length pants and they're thin silk in winter

The Feeling
Fun. Fit well. They are a bit loose, but they're supposed to be that way. I just mention it because if you're thin you may find them to be big in the hip area. Again, the pants themselves are thin, but they felt comfortable. Yes, thinner than the silky dot. The silks are just different. The stripe could've been a little narrower, but I also like the wideness. Makes a statement.

Tiffany Rose, I think you could rock either color if you like the sporty style.

Chime in...

J Crew

Added Men's info on 1/6

40% off final sale items as of 1/9!

Additional 30% off final sale items with STYLEFIND thru 1/20



  1. Love the black pair on you!
    Wanted to wish you a great 2013(sorry that i am so late with that).

  2. Gigi you crack me up. I'm not a fan of these pants but I'm sure someone will throw together a fab outfit with them to sway me. To me they look like sweatpants from Walmart.

  3. A friend of mine bought the black pair which she recently wore with a half tucked white button down and strappy black sandals. Keep in mind we're in Arizona, it was pretty warm for a fall day. I thought she looked fabulous and she liked the thin silk. So odd that the green and black fit differently, but that wonky sizing seems to happen a lot.

  4. Silk pants sound very imitating to me =) Glad you went with the black ones. They're a lot easier to wear than the bright neon ones.

  5. I saw the green ones in stores but never saw the black ones. I like the idea of these but yes the green is a bad color choice IMO (but I have a pair of real track pants in an almost identical color, with white bands). Maybe a byzantine blue would have worked better. In my opinion they simply came out in the bad season, that thin silk is more appealing in spring, so spring colors would have worked better. Not a surprise that they are $49.99 (which means $29.99 in store) now. I would be curious to know if the black ones are the same price (I think I saw them pop back one day but the price didn't register).

  6. I am so honored!!! It's true, it's true, here I am just about to get some sleep (and this is an early night for me) and I had to make one more go-around but wait, how did I miss this last night? You're killing me with the Barry White and the sit/stand/sit (sometimes I want to say and fight fight fight), I'm trying to not wake my husband pushing down a laugh.

    Ah, these pants ... well, with your endorsement, and your thumb is never wrong, I might just give them another go. ;)


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