Wednesday, January 16, 2013

J Crew - dotted silk shell

J Crew's dotted silk shell (91978, $98) runs 00-16. The color choices are heritage green & ivory. The top got marked down today, 1/16. It seems to only be online, although the product description doesn't state that.

Size 6 - Good fit. It has pleating at the neckline, which creates a blouson-y, fuller look down the front, but I'm sure 6 is the right size at the moment. The description says the top has a slight A-line shape. I can agree with that. You can just see my bra peeking out at my right shoulder, but... has the bra strap holders/snaps. I just wanted to show you how much a regular bra peeked out, without utilizing those.

I had to let my photographer go and shoot the rest of the pics in the mirror myself. Why mess with what already works. Closer shot of the pleated at the neckline. There are 4 pleats. 

Of course w/the requisite cardi, Factory classic crewneck cardigan (brilliant blue, M). Also check out retail Jackies currently on sale & promo.

Showing it with a "J Crew" necklace. Or so the ad said. Purchased last year from Ebay. Wearing a longer  necklace w/a heavy-ish pendant would get the blouse to lay down more flat. However, I think if you have a flat stomach, it will lie relatively flat. My stomach is definitely pushing out the top.

Necklace: Ebay (Similar here here & here)

This is where I look when deciding between two sizes. This is a 6. A size 4 would get too high under the arm for my taste. I do not like sweating in silk.

Two covered buttons at the back neck. And there's a nice keyhole.

A close-up shot. I'm wearing a black bra. So you can gauge the sheerness by how much you can or cannot see of that. It's not too bad, but I would definitely wear a nude bra.

Shoes of the day. Well, actually, I just tried them on with the top.

Pumps: Butter (old) review (In the same vein here & here, and these by Butter)

The Feeling
The fabric is thin, lightweight. Definitely better for spring/summer/early fall. The tag says HO12. Go figure. I love the dot pattern, not too close together or too far apart. I like the size of the dots, too. The ivory looks off-white, not too yellowy. The top is also very comfortable and I feel pretty in it. Thumbs up.

Totally wish I could see the heritage green. That looks pretty & is something different besides black/white polka dots.

Chime in...

J Crew

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  1. Replies
    1. Tara - Thanks for visiting. Good to see you :)

  2. It looks GREAT on you! Thank you for the review. I may have to purchase this.... in both colors....

    1. JCrewJD - I hear you. I had to see green, so it's on its way. lol

  3. love the blouse on you! looks great with the necklace and blue cardi :)

  4. I spotted the top this morning and was wondering how it fit! Thank you for the timely review Gigi. :)

  5. I had my eye on this top earlier this morning when I saw it hit sale. Thanks for the review, Gigi. It looks great on you and love it with the brilliant blue. I'm also curious about the green. The color looks very pretty but who knows what it looks like IRL. ;)

  6. This goes against my only NY resolution (no more polka dots for me) but it looks really great on you!

  7. Ok, just as I say I'm holding strong on sale, this is one item on my list that I might have to break down and get. Snort. I like the look of the pleats, I like the look of the silk, and the bra strap holder seals the deal. Thanks for the timing on this one! :)

  8. Please let me you kept this, Gigi. Looks AH-MAZING on you with those jeans. I tell ya.

  9. I love this. I am on a strict budget, but this is so cute! I'm going to wait to see if it goed lower in price though because I bought the black and white bow blouse in december. That said, I'm going to order they blue cardigan. Lol.

  10. This top was a trainwreck on me, but I love it on you, especially with that blue cardigan. I think the green would be pretty too.

  11. I ended up ordering the green version and the color is beautiful. Love the new color but not so much the price :/

  12. shoes!! I got the pink & white ones :-)

  13. I really love this cute top on you...and I bet the green will be fab too!

  14. This looks amazing on you! I'm trying to stick to a monthly, so alas, this top cannot be mine...yet!!! :P

  15. Oh no, I don't need another polka dotted anything, but that top looks great on you. Thanks for the review!

  16. The top is cute but I love the shoes!!!!!!

  17. You look FAB in this outfit! It's very flattering, I like the contrast of the skinny jeans and the heels. Will have to steal this look.

  18. Aw, I really like that top after seeing it on you! Very cute. I had the green one in my cart for a hot minute but decided not to I wish I had b/c I think it's sold out.

  19. I had this style years ago and it wore out. I finally bought another one and love the support and comfort it gives me. It is flattering as well..


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