Friday, January 18, 2013

J Crew - circle lace top

J Crew's circle lace top  (37557, $98) runs XXS - XL. The color choices are black and ivory. It's currently on sale online for $39.99. The price last week was still $59.99 in-store. 

Size M  -  There was only M to try. I would've liked to try a size S also. I love the circle pattern. They seem to be sewn on well & are sturdy. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Feeling J Crewzy.

As I kept looking at the top, it seemed like the top part of the shirt looked a little long. Comparison pics of the top as-is and then if the higher hem.  I think key is a fit on this. The back of the search has stretch, so it fits to the body. The front of the shirt is rows and rows of circle lace. There is no stretch, so it just hangs there. You need to back of the shirt to fit to your body to give it some shape in the front.


The Feeling
I like the circle pattern on this. The body of the t-shirt is thin, but the front part of it feels sturdy. Very cute. This is the winter version, I guess, of the ultra eyelet shell (review). 
 ETA: Recvd thsi in S and love it. The fit is much better and I no longer wish the top tier was shorter.

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J Crew

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  1. This is really cute on you, Gigi. I have the shell, so didn't even consider this, but might give it another look now. ;)

    1. injanuity - Thanks. It was a surprise like for me. I didn't think of the shell until I tried it on. I have the shell, too, but really liked this anyway. They're different enough.

  2. Thanks for the link love, gigi!


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