Wednesday, January 23, 2013

J Crew - café capri in tiny dots

J Crew's café capri in tiny dots ($148) run in regular (28609), petite (48631) and tall (48631) sizes. They're on sale online for $99.99. As of a couple of weeks ago they were *not* on sale in-store. Perhaps they will get marked down this week.

Size 6 - The length seemed a little longer than other café capris. Maybe 1/4" - 1/2" longer? I have no shoes on. Check them out on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Feeling J Crewzy.

With the Cece leather ballet flats, which run TTS.

I happened to have the colorblock shell in there, which I was trying to decide if I need. You know how it is after you see something a zillion times. Review of the colorblock shell in this post. I've seen the melon color still available in-store. Watch it go down to $29.99. lol Anyway, the shell could work with the tiny dot capris and a sleek, stylish pump like the Valentinas.Or maybe the new Miri pumps ($198).

The Feeling
I often prefer the regular capris because of the rise and length don't seem right on the petites. In this case, I would prefer the petite version. Most likely. Or pass altogether if the rise and other fit wasn't right. I liked the fabric on these. It's very soft & comfortable. A wool/viscose blend. The dot pattern is very small and close together, but that's more timeless and less conspicuous than bolder dots. I thought about them a few times since trying them on, so thumbs up on these.

Chime in...

J Crew
40% off with GET40 on 1/21

50% off final sale items in-store as of 1/19

30% off final sale with GETMORE 1/11 - 1/23


  1. These are cute pants! I don't need them personally but they look good on you. I was in my local store today & they had an additional 50% off sale prices and the wool cafe capris in jade were marked 19.99! I couldn't believe it. Didn't bring anything home with me although I was tempted by a few cashmere sweaters.

  2. I like these on you, Gigi. Very, very cute. I think the tiny dots are more classic than the bigger dots and there wouldn't be an issue with the print matching on seams since it wouldn't be as noticeable. I returned the pop art ones because the print was slightly off and it was noticeable enough for Mr. Ford to say something. :P

  3. These pants look great on you Gigi.

  4. Cute pants, but I agree, the fit is a little bit off!

  5. My mom was able to get those pants for $10! They got mismarked and she got the extra 50% off. Even the salesperson was surprised. They marked down a whole rack of them that of course got pulled asap! They're very cute!


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