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Banana Republic - classic trench

Banana Republic's classic trench (236222, $198) comes in almond, black and winter storm. It's available in regular XS - XL, tall S - XL and petite XXS - XL. 100% cotton. Dry clean.

Size PM - This is winter storm, as pictured above. The almond (not pictured) is more of your classic tan trench color.

The cumbersome security thing was on it, so I couldn't really get the full effect. I will probably try it on again and swap out better pics than these cell phone ones. As it stands, the PM felt a little big even though I looked smushed in it. I would try the PS just to be sure.

Size PS from 2010. I weighed at least 10lb less than now. The cut of the trench seems much sleeker, but it could be my weight more than BR changing the cut. I will know once I get a chance to try on the PS.

Sleeve length. A bit long for petite. I was disappointed in that.

This is the neck flap, gate thing. It was pretty difficult to do and very tight. This pic has a better representation of the true color. It's white, but not bright white. It's a nice hue.

Another shot of the neck closure. I wouldn't use that as it's too tight, but it creates a clean look.

A little piping and the lining has the BR logo printed on it.

A chain to hang it on hooks. I always like that detail.

The wrist detail has been improved. On the one I own, there are cheap, embossed belt buckles. The dry cleaner put foil on them because we thought they weren't removable. They didn't make it thru dry cleaning and look ratty now. This simple button detail is much better and should easily survive dry cleaning along w/the other buttons.

The Feeling
The cut of this didn't feel as classic trench style as the one I already own. A big issue for this try-on was the security device interference. As I said I was disappointed in the sleeve length. The proportions of this seem off for a petite cut, but I would have to try the PS to be sure. Also, the look should be different now that I've lost 4 lbs. I like the color, even if it's a little impractical. Thumb up, but to the side until I can try again.

More trenches from Banana

The classic trench in regular & petite is currently on promo for $148. Apply BRTAKE30 for 30% off, making it a net $103.60.  

ETA -> New code of BRSAVE35 as of 1/27 - 1/29. New net of $96.20 as long as the coat stays on promo for $148.

It'll be a good deal for those that look good in it. Remember, don't just keep it if it's not the perfect look at fit.

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  1. Give it another chance Gigi. I guess I'm partial, because I worked for Banana. Always remember that if you're a Banana Luxe card holder, you get free alterations (if that sleeve is bothers you). I have the classic almond, I was lucky to snag it for $40.00 dollars 2 years ago.

  2. Some of the trenches, don't know which version, were on fabulous clearance last time I was in the store, but none in my size. I do like the white, it's different and fresh looking.

  3. Love the fit of the 2010 edition, but will give this season's a try. Thanks for the scoop!

  4. Love a good trench. I bought the icon last year on super sale to round out my collection.

    OT, but wanted to share with someone who would be excited for me -lol - yesterday, I went to ON and picked up 2 puffers, vest and fleece coat for my daughter for next year for $20!!!!! Also picked up a couple spring tops for her (flutter sleeves, buttons, umbrella and bird patterns - soooo cute!).

  5. I keep feeling jealous when people post pics of their past season Banana trenches. I also tried on the white trench currently in a store, and something about it looked cheap to me. The fabric did not seem as substantial as it looked in seasons past, and the cut just did not look as flattering as all trenches with a great classic cut seem to be. I also like the buckle sleeve-detail better, just from a visual standpoint, but it does sound like these buttons would be easier to care for.. Meh. I like your 2010 trench way better.


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