Tuesday, July 31, 2012

J Crew - ink-dip popover

J Crew's ink-dip popover (regular 42288 00-14, petite 44648 00P-12P) retails for $72. The current colors online at regular price are citrus lime, festival blue, neon azalea and pale lilac. Colors that were marked to $49.99 online on 7/28 are african violet, bright green, neon azalea and neon persimmon. Click here to see the sale popovers.

8/5/12 - WILL ADD IRL PIC of the ink-dip popover

8/5/12 - Correction - I thought this was the ink-dip popover in a retail only color. This is the...
Oxford popover (94936, $72) - I didn't take a pic of the tag. Doh! So I can't tell you the color code or the size. But I'm pretty sure it's a size 6.

Sleeve length. I prefer to try to get petite sizes if they're available in tops because the sleeve length will fit better. However, on this one flipping up the cuff one would look just fine.

Sassing it up a bit with an extra button undone. I'm sure those are the 5" chino shorts. Probably a size 8. Also pretty sure the color is daiquiri ice.

I saw this look in a Neiman Marcus catalog. It reminded me that blue & yellow go well together, even in pale shades.

There are other retailers who have the popover style, which is buttons only 3/4 down the front. So look for them at Land's End and others. I ordered the JC in the bright green & vivid turquoise, so I'll post pics back in this thread when they arrive.

Can you believe tomorrow is August...?


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Gigi's Gear x2

There is a boutique called Sandals Up To 90% off on Ideeli and some really good deals within. You can utilize sort features, which makes it easy to get thru what's available in your size. I like these:

Bacio 61 Caldura ($165) now $44.99
final sale

And this dress...
Everyday Dresses boutique
Rolando Santana ($107) now $59.99 - 100% silk

A couple of OOTDs.

Top: Forever 21 sweatshirt from early this year (Similar here and here)
Shoes: Gap city flats (Similar here and here)
Handbag: J Crew linen Tillary (Similar at banana republic in leather)

Top: Motherhood Maternity...still working this top...lol (Similar here, here and short sleeve)
Skirt (PM):  Nordstrom Bobeau (Similar here at Target)
Shoes: Gap city flats (Similar here, here and here with a bow)

Necklace: J Crew arrowhead
Thanks to The Chic Chauffeur for selling hers to me.

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Giggle with Gigi

As seen on Pinterest...

It's either cold enough for Uggs or warm enough for shorts... 
It cannot be both.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Old Navy - ONSAVE25 ends today

I found more photos! These are from early July. Some of these items are no longer available online. I'm still seeing full stock of these items in-store as of this past weekend. Hopefully the pics & reviews will be helpful so you can know which ones you'd like to try when you see them in-store, or if you want to go at all.

Button-front cardi ($19.94) - Size S - Navy with white dots. Whatever tee I'm wearing underneath wasn't good. The stripes were a little runny. The cardi is great. Cotton. Soft & comfortable.

The dots are 98% sold out online, but I saw full stock in my store.  Doesn't this make you think of chocolate chip ice cream?

Printed twill shorts ($22.94) - Size 6 - These fit exactly. I like the sailboat print, but I wasn't wild about the orange tone for me. I think they remind me of sleep shorts.

Printed twill shorts ($22.94) - Size 8 - Definitely a better fit. They're a little big, but I've started taking my shorts bigger rather than fitting exactly. Or just sticking to skirts. Some of these cotton fabrics stretch out w/wear, but it's just a bad start to see shorts riding up in between the thighs before you've even gone anywhere. These have loops to keep the waist adjusted to my liking, with a belt of course. I love these and got them. I was going to wear them today, but couldn't decide on a top even though any color would go with.

Pattnered chambray shorts ($22.94) - These are cute. I just saw them while looking for the ones above. They have the same 3.5" inseam, so I'd expect them to fit the similarly. Check them out on To Brighten My Day.

They also come in polka dots.

Split-neck button-front top ($24.94) - Size M - Currently on promo online for $15. This chambray color is sold out. I saw plenty in-store. I like the color and of course it reminds me of something from j'you know who, but at half the price. The M was difficult to get in and out of, so I'd say this runs one size small. I saw it online & was excited to try it in-store, but it was a definite pass.

Boyfriend denim capris ($29.94) - I got these the other day in a 6 and they wore as expected. Baggy in the waist. I needed a belt before I even left the house. I have never been able to wear boyfriend styles w/out belts, though, and I think that's how they're supposed to be. Otherwise it's a different fit and not boyfriend. I just wanted to share my experience w/wear. If you don't like a baggy waist, don't get these.

Now that is really all for my ON reviews. Thanks for visiting :)

Old Navy:

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Gigi visits Madewell

Bow cardigan (93878, $88) runs XS - XL. Size S - The color is called true black. I never go into Madewell unless I'm looking for something I saw online. I happened to go by the store recently and this sweater drew me in. I put in my cart online w/some other things and noticed that it was gone a couple days later. The online chat rep said they were all sold out. I think it was just pulled from the website, a la J Crew, for a couple days. I have to say that while it was off, I went into the store to try it on and consider buying it. When I went in this time, a girl was walking around with it & the bicycle tee (below) and there weren't many sizes left, so I was glad I made a trip in.

bow cardigan - size S 

Thumbs up. A little kitchtsy. A lot cute. I just love those bows. It's by Wallace and I'm learning I'm a S in Wallace @ Madewell.

Linen bicycle tee (94907, $55) - Size S - Linen, machine wash. In addition to the bow sweater, I really wanted to try this on. Size S fit ok, but M would give just a little more flow. It seemed just a smidge small. I say take your regular Madewell tee size in this, if you know what it is.

I thought the bike tee was cute, but I was only about 70% sold on it being right for me. Graphic tees can be statement tees so this would say I like/love bikes. And heck, I don't even own a bike right now. I can see someone asking if I ride and I might have to wax on about my pink Huffy. I haven't owned a bike in almost that long.

I like that the graphic is on the reverse. The tee is super cute.

Horseplay retreat tee ( 97546, $48) - Size M - Linen, hand wash. I don't own a bike and no, I don't own a horse either. My last interaction with one was probably the merry-go-round variety. But that didn't stop me from picking it up to try on. It was next to the bike tee and I figured what the heck. I'm glad I did because the sales associate & I decided we liked this better on me than the bike tee. It looks a little more sophisticated, if you will, than the bike tee.

Bowbell top (98761, $58) - Size M -  Cotton, with dry clean for care instructions. I knew it, I knew it. This is something I could DIY. Not as in pin on my Pinterest and never look at again. I could truly DIY this one. Like tomorrow...
bowbell top - size M

...because the bow is only tacked on in certain spots and not stitched under a long seam. The black fabric is silk. I liked the drape of the top & I'm a fan of anything that feels good right now...ooowheewe...that sounds weird. Basically the cotton top has a nice drape, but this particular bow concept didn't impress me enough to buy it.

Eyelet cropped top (84340, $98) - Size M It was marked $69.99 in-store and is $59.99 online at the time of writing. 70% cotton/30% silk, dry clean. Why didn't I get this? Because sometimes #iamhellacheap and also because I swear I have about 8 tops in this color w/some sort of eyelet novelty.

(sigh) So cute. I could see Mini G poking her little fingers in the holes & giggling, so that was another reason to pass. She's into pulling our shirts and looking down them right now. Funny stuff for an 11-month old (can you believe it?!)
ETA: Got the top on 8/17 - $39.99 in-store

Silk dotty sunshade top (81982, $98) was marked $49.99 in-store and is the same price online. Size M - The color choices are a taupe color called castle rock, and mint cream. It the polka dot silk also comes in the dotty skirt ($69.99 online) and dotty dress ($168 online). The silk felt great & the top is really cute. Without a stronger neckline, it looks a little pajama-y, but that thought didn't come to mind irl. It seems to be on the longer side, which is great is you're taller. It has a chance of not being too short.

I would prefer a S in this.

Parkfield shirt dress (86762, $118) - Size M - This dress is now $79.99 online & in-store. This was the 3rd reason I went to Madewell. I didn't want to risk ordering the wrong size online and I knew the store had it to try on.

Loveth. There are some transparency issues if you wear dark undergarments. Stick to skin colors and you'll be ok. Size M was the right size for me. The arms were too tight in the S, among other things.

Sale items were an additional 40% off the day I bought it. I wore it that afternoon. It was a very easy look and very comfortable. I tried at least 3 necklaces before saying eh, do the ram bracelet & other black jewelry. I think next time I would try a lighter necklace. Maybe something that sits inside the dress so it doesn't scrunch the dress together. I think that makes it look more like a shirt and less like a dress. I mention this all the time, but I have to because there are people who don't know. I'm 5'2", so that gives you an idea of length. It hits at the middle of my knee.

The clog bootie (58211, $248) - I wear 7.5 and got the size 8. The fit is good and doesn't feel too big. They're on sale for $119.99 online. I am pretty good at refraining from final sale on Madewell. I rarely try anything on in-person and am not always sure about sizing there. In this case, there was a 30% code and the booties caught my eye as something I could add to bump up the funk in my wardrobe. Q: How many times will I wear a buttondown and jeans or pants of some sort...? A: So many that the look is growing stale. Still, I was going to pass with final sale and all, and then I saw a review on Cantonadian. Sold. You can also see the booties on Every Clog Has Its Day. I like the idea of leggings with it and a dress like Old Navy's feather print chiffon number ($34.94).

Funkin' it up!
The clog bootie - size 8

Whistlestop sandal (45764, $138) - Dropping this because I think they're cute and I saw a irl pic on Madewell 1937 via Twitter.

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For your purse - this time double

Giveaway time! Last time it was one. This time I'm giving away a J Crew receipt pouch to two winners. Pouches are already packaged. The color the winners receive will be a surprise. :)

Giveaway Guidelines
1) 1 entry per person = leave your name and email address in a comment. If you can be contacted thru your Blogger profile, omitting your email is fine.

2) If I don't see an email address in your entry or profile, or a blog URL in your entry, I will delete it. It's not fair to have entries included that don't have a shot at winning. In short, I am checking to see that everyone can be contacted via email before putting the number of entries into the pot.

3) Since Blogger removed my hard work of adding code to number the comments, I will print the comments, assign numbers and then use random.org to get the winners.

4) I'll post the winning names in the comments section of this post and also send an email to the individuals.

5) A new winner will be chosen if the winner doesn't respond within 48 hours of the time stamp I send the email. No exceptions.

6) Entries accepted thru Thursday, August 2, 8:59 PST. Entries made after that date/time will be deleted before the winners are chosen.

7) Open worldwide. This giveaway is open to your as long as you're on planet Earth. Well, at least at the time of delivery. 

Good luck!

p.s. Neither this post nor the item being given away is sponsored by J Crew. But you knew that.


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