Wednesday, May 30, 2012

J Crew - whisper gauze peasant blouse

J Crew's whisper gauze peasant blouse (83765, $69.50) runs XXS - XL. The color choices are chili & navy.

Size XS - chest = 41"
Size   S - chest = 43"

Size S - I'm not a huge fan of bubble hem anything. Stripes couldn't even win my interest on this. Then I saw it in-person. The gauzy fabric looked so comfortable and then of course it's dressed in stripes so I liked it even more. When I see tops in this silhouette, the inclination is to try a smaller size. I ignored the desire and to trying my regular size in it. I like the stripe scale, the red fabric and the material. It felt so comfortable and I almost forgot to change back into my shirt before gathering my stuff to leave the fitting room. Check it out  on A JC Shopping Habit, on Handbag Aficianado and on AppGal.

You could adjust it to wear it a little off the shoulder. I suppose going up a size might achieve a more permanent off-shoulder look. So is it worth fp? That really depends on the individual. It's worth fp to me because I felt comfortable in it and things felt very camouflaged. That is worth some sitty nine fitty. However, I feel that some things are worth fp and then they go on sale before I can even receive them in the mail. It has happened so often & is so discouraging that I have really tried to stick to waiting for a sale. It really depends. I don't always wear things within the same week. If I do and am getting my cost/wear, the fp sale thing doesn't bother me so much. I am sure I often save more by buying fp. Come on, how many times have you done a re-buy and spent more than you're saving. My arm is aching from waving it so vigorously. Oh, and from lugging around returns.

Let's talk about the button. It's on a pocket, if you didn't know. You can't really see the pocket until you're up close, so the button looks like it's on a spare nipple. Anytime there are buttons at the chest I figure it is accentuating the nipple(s). I get the button. It gives some perspective to the know you're wearing it the right way, no points deducted for it.

 Size XS - I had to try the XS anyway. I kept fussing w/the top, but wherever the tag sit made the top want to poke out on one side. It also rides up more in the XS on me. Pass on this size. I would be interested in trying the M out of curiosity. However, I'm guessing the S is best. I wouldn't want to have to wear a cami underneath if the M slides around too much. I may try it on next time I'm in the store. It's selling fast in the stores, so I'm not sure I'll bump into the M.

ETA: Just as I thought. No M in chili, but I was able to try on the M in navy. I thought it fit even better than the S, but now I'm not sure. I'll see when the chili comes via truck. It may look too big in M/chili even though it looked ok in M/navy in the store.

Justification   Inspiration...

Switching...ok, so did you watch the proposal video? (bawl)

Talk top, video, etc....

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Piperlime - tag sale

ETA: BOXES gets $10 off $50 or more thru Fri, 6/1. There are some restrictions.

Piperlime's tag sale has begun. Remember there is free shipping both ways. Pay attention to the return information as it has changed. They've shortened the time window, so be aware of that. The sale is good on clothing, accessories, other depts I.e. men's. But let's look at what we really want to feast our eyes for ladies. I have so many shoes. I know I can't wear them all, but it's good knowing -- unlike my clothing -- they all fit:

* Adrienne Vittadini ($79.99) - I don't know if they are in or out of style right now, but shoes w/embellishments are always favorites of mine. It's nice to have something pretty to see on my feet, esp in trying the post office, in waiting rooms, etc...
* Dolce Vita ($44.99) - I wear flip flop thongs 60% of the time in summer. It's nice to have a blingy sandal to work into the mix.
* Corso Como ($69.99) - I have a pair of quilted cap-toe Corso Comos. I am 7.5 and went to size 8. A new-to-me brand & happy w/the shoe.
*  Ivanka Trump ($99.99) - I am really loving Ivanka Trump shoes. Many of them are leather outer & soles. These are calf hair. I like the subtle colors. If I didn't have Martina tortoise wedges, I would probably try these. My JC Juliets in seregenti have worn out (need sz 8 if you have to sell!) and hope to replace the animal heel, non-wedge in the future.

* Franco Sarto ($59.99) - I had these in the green/white colorblock. I wear 7.5 and took a 8. I ended up returning them because I didn't have anything that really went w/the green. The black/white is enticing, though.
* Pour la Victoire ($159.99) - Notice the attraction to much lower heels. That's me now. Still love the thicker heels as well.
* Luxury Rebel - I've never tried this label, I don't think. But I like the colorblocking & the wedge-y heel. * Kate Spade ($199.99) - Kate Spade on sale. This is always good.

I'll raise my hand & admit I shop thru others' eyes, so if you found share :)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

J Crew - porcelain paisley pencil skirt

J Crew's No. 2 pencil skirt in porcelain paisley ($158) runs in regular 79380 00-14 & petite 87043 00-12, The color is called navy. 98% cotton, 2% spandex, 100% poly lining. Made in Sri Lanka.

Size 4 - Waist = 29.5", Hips = 38.25"
Size 6 - Waist = 30.5", Hips = 39.25"

Size 6P - Waist = 29.5", Hips = 38.25"
Size 8P - Waist = 30.5", Hips = 39.25"

Size 6 - This skirt has been of huge interest in the blogosphere and it meets all expectations irl. I like the puckered textured fabric, described as "cotton piqué with a hint of stretch," online. I think the watercolor floral skirt from 2009 is a similar fabric. I say take your usual J Crew pencil skirt size in this.

ETA: I ended up with the 4 in this skirt. I felt the 6P was too short when I walked. I like skirts at the knee or just below.

 A close-up pic of the pattern.

A blurry side view for you. The print doesn't match up exactly at the seam and we shouldn't expect it to. A JC Shopping Habit discusses this in her post. I am 5'2", but usually prefer a regular size skirt vs petite. In this case I will be trying the 8P. I think a slightly shorter length will be better. I'll know once I try it on w/heels. I want to be able to wear flats w/it, so I'm thinking the P might be the winner. I like the pink top paired w/it in the stock photo. I will probably try something similar, in a different, solid shade. I want to keep focus on the pattern & don't want to get too busy with other pieces in the outfit. Big thumbs up on this one.

Check it out...
* on 1 More Shopping Blog
* on Audreybella
* on A Package A Day
* on A JC Shopping Habit
* on AppGal
* on Bourbon & Pearls
* on Clothing Is My Collection 

* on Debye  
* on Handbag Aficionado

Did you

If you have a hankering for any of these JC pieces, they are now on sale on Net-A-Porter. They're not the rock-bottom prices of sale + 30% off or in-store sale prices, but at least you are not paying inflated Ebay prices if your size is available. Also, there is free shipping both ways. I ordered a JC men's sweater from Mr. Porter and the experience was excellent.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

J Crew - Tessa top in safari cat

J Crew's Tessa top in safari cat (82061, $95) runs 00-16. The color is called rustic brown. It's currently on promo for $79.50 and you can save an addtl 30% off with LOVEIT.

Size 4 - Imo, this is similar in concept to the wildcat scoopneck blouse. Roundish neckline, long sleeves, animal print. The sleeves on that one didn't work for me. I actually wish this one had bracelet sleeves or came in a P to get a shorter sleeve length. I like the print on this even though it seems like we just saw it w/the wildcat print. That's a different pattern with black & red in it, but still...very similar. I guess if you like a brown print and it's better for your coloring you might like this better. I like both the wildcat & safari cat.

I ordered this one on the promo. I'll be wearing it with the 5" chino shorts in festival green. Seeing the top with those shorts is what pushed me over the edge, actually.

Well I won't belabor my body issue that I repeat over and over here, but it's tough to decide on sizing these days. I know I will change and I want the top to still fit, so I went off of the shoulder seam. I thought the 4 fit fine (pictured) and a 6 would get slouchy & sloppy. I should've tried a 6 to be sure, but time is limited with a baby trying to kiss and lick the fitting room mirror. Check out the Tessa in safari cat on A JC Shopping Habit and on Beach Chic Style.

The Tessa top ($88) also comes in solid colors. You can see it on J Crew Is My Favorite Store and on One Too Many Closets

What do you think abou the Tessa....about the wildcat errr... safari cat print?


 Today is the last day to use LOVEIT for 30% off sale & promo items.

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