Monday, April 30, 2012

Macy's - Friends & Family 25% ends tonite

FRIEND gets 25% off at Macy's thru tonite, Monday. Everyday Value items are excluded, as they usually are with coupons & codes.

If you see this, need a suit & can get to a store today, I highly recommend it. My suits are not fitting like they used to, so I went looking for something new. I found two. One was a 3 piece -- jacket/pants/skirt by Le Suit (4P) and a grey one with very subtle stripes by (6P)  As you see I took a 4P in one and 6P in another label. If you see a suit you like and it's one size off than you expect to fit, just try it because it may be the size you actually need. I paid $140 total for both after the Friends & Family promo. Ask them to scan a card there if you don't have one.

Tommy Hilfiger - This code is good on some vendors that are usually excluded. I haven't tried a mockcheck on any of them, but I'm guessing regular price Tommy Hilfiger would be included in this sale and it's usually excluded from other coupons & codes.

* Polka dot top($59.50)
* Tommy Girl polka dot top ($59.50) - Juniors sizing, not Misses.
* Polka dot wrap dress ($98.50)

 Hilfiger leather logo tote (currently $147.99) - My tote is on sale again. I was going to get it on one of the last good promos and use it as a diaper bag. I decided not to. My current bag failed a little bit, but I removed the framing hardware and was able to make it work well again. I really like this tote, but I know that I have other bags gone unused and some of them might work as a diaper bag if needed in the future. I think a white tote is showing up, if so that's wrong. The black one is the one I've was considering.

I've been blogging for 3.5 years now. Cray! And I've featured many shoes, many of which were high heeled and half of those were platform on top of it. I bought for the types of things I wanted to be doing. Parties & nighttime fun. Not much of that has happened, so many a shoe has been sitting in my closet. This sample of faves is a big shift. I'm all about practical shoes now and ones I will wear tomorrow.

You should know that Frye is eligible for the FRIEND discount. I did a mockcheck for ya. I also am trying to buy for the season I'm currently in...again...capability to wear tomorrow. The Frye boots are tempting because I've always wanted to own a pair and Macy's had a 6 month return policy. The weather will change by then, right? I'm going to refrain, though. Other faves are wedges. I have the black ones pictured below. They run TTS and I've worn then at least 7x since I got them. The camel patent wedges come in black. I ordered them on another promo (black) and forgot to pick them up from UPS so they got shipped back. I adore patent shoes, but decided I can live without them. Good price, though, $79.99 before addtl 25% off. Other faves are the beaded sandal and the color blocked, touch of Granny shoe. Loves it.

Other (random) things to consider on this promo are shapewear, other underwear, spring outerwear, graduation & Mother's Day Gifts. Heck, throw in Father's Day while we're at it.

If you shopped, share...


ETA: A reader emailed w/news that MUSTSHOP gets 30% off sale items at J Crew thru Thur, 5/3. It isn't advertised on the site. Who knows why. They've done this on two other promos. Final sale is over, but the links to irl pics can still be helpful.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Old Navy - irl pics (2 of 2)

Sometimes I feel like the slowest blogger on earth. lol I didn't feel so good today. I had the beginnings of a cold, so I spent the day resting. After a productive sleep, including a dream about Gary Busey riding a fleeced warthog. A warthog with a plastic cap on its snout so it didn't poke anyone and a leather cap on its head a la Snoopy the Red Baron. Busey was dressed like he was riding a hog, as in Harley, but like I said it was a fleeced hog. Fleeced like a sheep. In true Busey form, he was nice & polite and gave a wink and a wave. When I waited tables in Marina del Rey & Malibu he came into both places. He is really personable and acts like he remembers you. Does a dang good job of it. After my wacky dreams and 2 hours of rest, I feel better. So here we go, more irl pics from Old Navy.

Split-neck gauze top - Size S - I reviewed the solid colors aqualicious & navy in this post. I tried on J Crew's fanfare tunic and I liked it, but kinda didn't. When it went on sale I knew I'd be getting it because I was a fan of the print & the price. Still not good enough reasons, esp since I have the shorts & the dress. I've been strong & passed on it. I'm so glad because Old Navy's split-neck gauze top in blue combo reminded me of the fanfare. The scale of the print is not the same, but the ON top is how I wanted the J Crew top to look. Purchased ON.

Mixed-Print Split-Sleeve Tunic ($19.94) - Size M - 100% cotton. Machine wash. According to the website, this was in People. Maybe People Style Watch? I didn't see it until I did one final look-see and I'm sooo glad I did. I love this thing. Those are a pair of J Crew's crazy pants. I can't remember the name...something tweed...? Size 6 on those.

Pants (6) J Crew cafe capri in harvest tweed (55822)
Shoes (7.5) Franco Sarto Helio wedge - use FRIEND for 25% off thru Mon

I'm also really glad I tried it on because M was a perfect fit. Didn't even bother w/the S.

French terry pullover ($17.94) - Size M - I bought this awhile back and returned it. It reminded me of the Spindrift sweatshirt at a fraction if the cost. I didn't mind it being poly cotton, but the color was too drab. I got the pink colorblock one ($19.94) called high times.

Smocked-gauze Mexicali skirt - Size M - I totally buy skirts like this and don't wear them. The dilemma is a top that's short enough but doesn't make me look dumpy. I think the solution is a shirt tied at the waist. I'm wearing the

Striped jersey-tank dress - Size M - I mentioned this in another post. Only $15. A great buy. It's on the thin side, but I think in the summertime many of us would feel comfortable with the weight. It didn't seem to cling in a bad way. I will probably belt & cardi it.

Striped racerbank tank dress ($15) - Size S - Too small. I didn't like this color for my skin tone, but if I were getting it, I'd get a M.

No, UPS counter lady from last week, we are not expecting a 2nd baby. Nice try, though. What can I say. My remaining weight has collected into a nice little 3-4 months along belly.

Striped racerbank tank dress ($15) - Size M - Now this is the same style, but I liked the wider stripes & black/white combo.

Aw, it's blurry. But you can see the racerback. I have a few stripe dresses, so that was a detractor. Otherwise my stripesick self would've been all over this.

Denim jacket ($34.94) - Size S - Quite the bargain if you're getting 30% off. I have this in white.

It runs TTS. I've tried the M on and it didn't fit right. I will need to drop weight if I want to button my white size S. I usually don't button denim jackets, though, so I'm ok w/the fit as-is.

Buttoned 3/4 sleeve top - Size S - I bought this and returned it. I bought it because it reminds me of J Crew's silk rhea popover in paisley. I know....paisley vs stripes, a stretch. However, the color idea is there and I own the rhea in paisley so trust me on this one. I haven't worn the rhea because it's silk & I'm still breastfeeding. I went ahead and got the Old Navy top in size M because it's machine washable and I'll definitely wear it within a week or two. I will probably do gold layering necklaces and red shoes. I don't mind wearing necklaces. I just take them off when I breastfeed. Not too much trouble.

So look...J Crew vs. Old Navy

Printed canvas shorts ($24.94) - Size 8 - I like this print. It reminds me of J Crew's black blossom. I think it would look good w/a blue chambray top or other blue tops. Pass on these for me, though.

Boat-neck 3/4-sleeve shift - Only $15. Super cute. I didn't see this in the store. I would probably just pass S and try M in this so the shift look is there. Dresses like these and boat shoes, ballet flats, low wedges or thongs are my spring/summer go-to look.

Did you make it this far? FYI, I think ONSTUFF30 for cardholders. and ONSAVE20 are good thru 11:59PST tonite, Sun, 4/29. I sure hope I got the PST part correct if there's something you're aiming to buy.

Thanks for visiting...

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Old Navy - irl pics (1 of 2)

Old Navy's Stuff 'n' Save promo ends today. Save 30% off with ONSTUFF30 and your Gap family credit card. No Gap family cc? Use ONSAVE20 for 25% off. Here are some irl pics:

Hooded mock-neck drawstring jacket ($39.94) - Currently on sale for $24.99. Size M - This was too big. I ordered the S and PM online and kept the small. It's a basic little jacket, but I like how the hood fits in the neck. It reminds me of J Crew's ruffle trench (?), just a bit. I don't know why because there are no ruffles to be found. I think it has to do w/the way the hood sits in the jacket. I have a Banana Republic cropped double trench that I haven't been able to find for quite some time so this will replace it.

Sleeve length. It's a lightweight jacket. Good for layering on cooler spring days. Fine with a tee for warmer spring days.

Size M - I'm 5'2"

Color sandlot, which is like a faded black. It's reading grey on my monitor.

Charmeuse tab-sleeve dress ($34.94) - This was dirt cheap in my store.It was marked down to $17.41 + 40% off + 30% off. There was a small rack of clothes in the middle of the store that were an additional 40% off. They had red marker swipe on the tag. There was no additional % off of regular clearance merch. I'm not sure if I would pay $34.94 + 30%, but it's quite possible. It's poly, but I like the cut and the pockets. Anything that slims is magical, right now.

Striped french terry dress (now $26.99) - This has been marked at $15.49 or so in my store for quite awhile. It was on the crazy 40% clearance rack. $11.91 + 40% + 30%. I wish I could find my receipt to confirm that the 30% was taken...yup...just looked at my e-receipt in my email. I paid $4.98 for it. I will probably wear it around the house. Since the blue one is a M, I might wear that out if it looks good w/a chambray shirt tied at the waist. No, not around my hips like the 80s. Worn buttoned at the bottom & then tied.

A few more things...

* Bow-back animal print top ($17.99) - Only S & M available in the red. If I didn't have a couple of red print tops, I'd definitely order this to try as it sold out pretty quickly in my store when it first came out.

* Fold-over jersey skirt ($19.94) - I have one of these in black. It's nice to pull on, even if just for around the house. Check it out the chevron print on Respect the Shoes.

* Lace-up tape-yarn sweater ($29.94) - On promo for $25. Cotton/nylon. This catches my eye every time I see it in-store. I like the lighter tan color, but never tried it on. I figure it would be fitted and accentuate things I don't want to be highlighted. I see that it comes in black, so hmmm...

More pictures to come later today...

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