Saturday, March 31, 2012

More math I like

Ann Taylor has a 30% off full price dresses & shoes, no code needed. There is a code, WTHANKS for $50 off $100 or more and can be used on the net dress and shoe prices. The code expires today. 

Mock check! (out) on the Riley patent strappy sandals ($158) - What's up with me and yellow? I have yellow undertones in my skin, yet I keep gravitating toward the shade as of late. Nevermind that tangelo is the color of the season as proclaimed by Pantone. Are you wearing any neons? If so, what's your color. I'm loving the yellows and pinks. Two colors I rarely wear. My 80s neon color was orange, so I guess I'm branching out. The math...A net $75 with our high tax and shipping of $8.95. Paying shipping sucks, but the shoes are half off after the promos + shipping and that is not bad. Not bad at all.

More shoes. I also like the Dorian kitten heels ($178, not pictured). Some of AT's shoes are soooo high. These are heel heights I could wear comfortably. Do I really believe hippy-ish Kate Hudson is wearing Ann Taylor? Not for a second. Nor did I think Katie Holmes or Milla Jovovovich did either. I don't know why companies spend their money on these pairings. They must have research and numbers that show it's worth the celeb fees.

Dresses! I have looked at the geometric shift dress online and in-store a few times. I haven't tried it on. I have a few printed tunic dresses so I don't want to fall in love w/this one. I really like that batwing maxi. Cute. Could easily be Nicole Ritchie. Or Elvira. Take your pick.

I'm not sure when the 30% off dresses & shoe promo ends, but WTHANKS ends tonite.

p.s. Remember Ebates. I believe it's currently 2.5% for Ann Taylor.  Click here to join.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Navy - Shop the Numbers

I often order 2 different sizes in items when I shop online at Old Navy. As a result I'm usually in-store every so often to return what didn't work. When I drove up to the store today I saw banners for a Shop the Numbers promo with $5, $10 and $15 listed as price points. The corresponding merch didn't disappoint.

Chiffon leopard-print top ($19.94) - Size S - $10 in-store on the Shop the Numbers promo. Me liketh. ON sizes have been all over the place. This is TTS. Not too big or cut oddly as some of their other pieces have been.

Usually a mandarin collar bugs me, but this one stays close to the neck and doesn't go too high. It works. The top is poly. Also a detractor, but at least it's sleeveless.

Striped slub dolman tee ($14.94) - Size S - $5 in-store & online. With the bit of fullness the dolman provides, S was definitely the right size. I don't have the shoulder seam pulled back the way it's supposed to be, but you get the idea. It's lightweight, but not ridiculously so. Definitely a good $5 bargain.

Stripe lace-up hooded top ($24.94) - Size M - See also the french terry henley hoodie. This is my OOTD aka Gigi's Gear. I saw it in-store and after looking at S & M, decided M would be right for me. Ordered with an online promo and M is definitely the right size. No signage in the store, so I assume it's regular price in-store. It's currently $20 online.

Shoes (7.5):  love my Banana Republic Ashely bow flats

It looks exactly how I envisioned it w/JC's trapp glass necklace peeking thru the lace-up.

French terry pullover ($17.94) - Decent medium weight for the price. Not too thin and not heavy either. This dayglow dina is a great shade. All of the shades were nice. I didn't see signage above this one and it was in the front as a new arrival, so I assume it's regular price in-store as it is online. 

Laceless sneakers ($17.94) - Currently $15 online. I don't recall seeing any promo pricing over these, but I wasn't looking for it eitehr.

Striped 3/4 sleeve tee ($18.94) - $15 online, $5 in-store. Yup, $5. I took a size S in these, but a M would work as well. This is a great way to enjoy the pastel trend if you're unable to wear solid pastels. Plus they're strriiiipes. Sick! lol   How cute is the tee w/the scout chinos?

Th-that's th-that's aaaaalll, folks. Click here to print a $10 off $50 coupon good thru Apr 12. Excludes jewelry. If you received the email w/this coupon, you can show the coupon on your phone. They can hold your phone up to scan the barcode. If the scanning doesn't work thru your phone, they can just punch in the code listed below it.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

J Crew - cotton cable sweater

J Crew's cotton cable sweater (71721, $79.50) is on promo online for $59.50 and on sale in-store for $49.99. The color choices are byzantine blue, canvas, cerise & lemon zest, XXS - XL.

Size XS - chest = 32"
Size S - chest = 34"

Size S - I like the knit pattern down the chest, but if you notice it is not on the arms. I think it made my torso look hulkier. I have and prefer the retail shrunken fisherman sweater (white) and J'Crewlet shrunken fisherman sweater (beechwood).

5'2" - I add this to all posts now just in case ppl forget or there are new visitors...
Pants (29S): J Crew stretch bootcut cords (JC's high-waisted skinny cord comes in stable brown and see a cool color from Madewell)

A close up for ya, where you can see that the knit is smooth on the shoulders & arms. Check it out on A JC Shopping Habit and on Ina in Wonderland.

In other news...Gus is here!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

J Crew - sundowner tunic in engineered stripe

J Crew's sundowner tunic in engineered stripe ( ) is now $59.99 in-stores & online.

Size S - Size was good. It's more on the fitted side, I think, as far as the cut of the top. Fitted like streamlined.This tunic isn't the type that you wear when your goal is to hide things and have the top flow over your body. It's cotton and there's no give. I figured out that I don't like J Crew popovers most times because the placket sits right at my stomach. Mmmmmthanks, I don't need an arrow. Fit whining aside, I found that I liked this. I saw it with white leggings and flat sandals. And I also saw it with skinny jeans and wedge sandals. There isn't a lot of give, as I said above, but I also saw it as a cover up. Maybe that's an image I saw somewhere in the catalog. lol

The sleeve length. Do you taller ladies get excited about tunics, or are the sleeves still hard-to-fit?


Nice chambray color when you flip the watchamacalit.

I bought it since the stores don't have final sale. I'm not a huge fan of the collar because it seems a bit stiff and work-style, like a button down oxford. The collar size is on the smaller side, though, so that's a plus. At first I wondered what the heck I even saw it and then laughed in the mirror when I remembered that I'm stripesick. Doh! The stripes are very subtle on this and I pretty much forgot they were there. Plus the colorblock effect at the bottom? Love that. I tried it with a couple of necklaces and it may be a keeper. I'm still working thru my bad haircut, which I am convinced is making everything look eh so we'll see. 

Thanks for stopping by...hope you're well :)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am

* DIY glitter booties on Indulging My Wanderlust.

* Governor's Island's jazz age lawn party on Daddy's Neatness

* Kristen's amazing Anthro inspired DIY necklace on Twenty Paper links.

* Sue's homemade thin mints. Yeah, as in Girl Scouts. Check it the recipe on View From the Great Island. Then check out Cathy's homemade sandwich buns on Wives With Knives. Ridic! Ulously easy.

* Ivory or white? Silver or gold? Find out which is for you on  Fashion at Forty.


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