Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lands End Canvas - $29 Leap Year specials

Land's End Canvas has select $29 tops and bottoms for Leap Year. I believe their cutoff time for promos is CST. So it would be 11:59 CST...a few hours left. Highlight reel:

Patterned lawn shirt ($29) - Five pattern choices.

Lightweight slouch chinos ($29) - Five color choices. Check out the anchor embroidered chinos ($29), too.

5" seeersucker shorts ($29) - For the stripesick. I like seersucker, too. 

Poplin shirt ($14.97) - Pointing out a great deal button down lovers. I'teen dollahs? Two color patterns left to choose from. This one and an orange/purple plaid.

Heritage cardigan (select colors $13.97) - I take S in the JC Jackie cardi. I take XS in this LEC cardi. Some colors are $13.97. Others are still low at $19.99.

For free shipping on $50 or more use BICYCLE and pin 3953. Some Sears have stopped taking LEC returns in-store. If your Sears has a LEC dept, you should definitely be able to still make the return in the store.

I hope I remember to tell you about my Malaysian prison dream in the next post.

p.s. Remember Ebates. I think it's 2% right now for LEC. Click here to join.

J Crew - ringspun stripe henley

J Crew's ringspun stripe henley (58401, $49.50) is now on sale for $39.99. It comes in brilliant fuchsia, navy and nutmeg.

Size M -This top was looking a little small on the hanger, so I grabbed a M to try. I am not a huge fan of rugby stripes...ok nevermind. I'm stripesick, but I'm not an expert. Stripes are either thick or thin. They either float my boat (drowning!) or don't, so no need for me to bother about what type they are. The gold buttons were ok. They didn't make the top look more expensive and I thought it cheapened it a little, actually. Hmmm, it may not be the gold buttons. It might be the white contrast stitching that I didn't like. I do appreciate that it comes in two other colors. That's something different besides navy/white.


Yeah, I don't like that contrast stitching. This top is making me think of long johns. I recall the top feeling just a little short to me, maybe by 1". Depending on how long you like your tops, it might not be ideal for long torsos or the tall.

An arrow showing where the size M hits me. So I think it runs TTS to one size too small if you have torso issues you want to keep a secret.

Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog.

Stripesick, love or pass?

 Today is the last day....

OURTREAT gets 30% off final sale items

FYI, a very good bargain, the Marielle dress in solstice floral (irl pics) has popped back in all sizes.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

J Crew - stripe sequin tank

Another J Crew stripe sequin tank (70195, $98). This one runs XXS - XL and the color is called navy.

Size S - A nice fit and I like the neckline. The Star Spangled Banner immediately popped into my mind, though, and I figured that wasn't a good thing. This tank also makes me think of a drill team costume and we all know drill team is never considered on par with cheerleaders. That didn't stop me from wanting to twirl a letter on the drill team. I did my audition routine to Kiss by Prince and didn't make it. It's ok. The drill team girls were considered real geeks at my school and I didn't fit in that group. I was a different kind of geek -- weren't we all geeky? Plus I'm quite sure my routine was a bore anyway.

Star necklace: Forever 21 (Similar at F21 here and here)

Probably sucking in my stomach. Tank is still cute. Still patriotic.

The soft v in the back is nice.

The tank is cotton and they have a little fold of material under the arm that I've lifted up a bit for the pic. It's long enough so you don't have to worry about sequin rub. I thought the non-itchy aspect was nice and that little fold of material helps in that regard. Check it out on Audreybella, on J Crew Is My Favorite Store, on Pink Peonies and on Viva La Beagle.

O-oh say can you seeeeeee...

Chime in.

OURTREAT gets 30% off final sale items thru Wed, 2/29

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Monday, February 27, 2012

J Crew - Elinor dress

First up...

Ann Taylor - Rosa is offering one 20% off $100 coupon for Ann Taylor that begins on March 3. If you would like the coupon, please email me, gigiofca@gmail.


J Crew's Elinor dress ($138) comes in white, cerise & grappa punch. It runs 00-16 (72114) and P00-P12 (83354). 95% cotton, 5% linen, 100% poly lining.

Size 6 - Cerise. I couldn't really figure out the tie. I think it's a body type issue. There would be more length on the ribbon if there were less stomach on me. I tied it first in front....

....then I tied it in the back. It seemed to work better and make more sense in the front. I hadn't seen the dress online before I tried it on so there was no recollect about the stock pic.

Yeah. Tied in the front. Same view at the first photo, but taken at closer range.

From the side to show where it hits under the arm. I was a 34C, but am currently breastfeeding. I imagine I'm bigger than that at the moment, thank youuuu fenugreek seed. It totally works, btw, if you need help generating more milk.

You can also see this dress on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Audreybella, on Egyptomaniac and on Only Boring People are Bored .

I like a v-neck, but when I saw the collarless style, this just did nothing for me. I don't think this dress needs a collar. It's that Marilyn Monroe white dress silhouette that I feel like I look good in. It reminds me of a black dress I had that I wore once. That dress wasn't floaty. This dress is floaty, but I still wasn't impressed. I will say that it's probably very pretty in white and also I think I would need petite in it. It would probably make a world of difference for fit. I would expect the dress to fit closer to the body and be shorter. Both would be improvements. The color was...well, cerise. I have a few things in the colors so I don't get excited when I see it anymore. There are only so many opportunities I want to create where people will feel inclined to slow for the cone zone. Kwim? Namely that martinee trench (irl pics). I ordered the P6 and it was a huge improvement over the regular 4. It is looking really cute. And I got it for promo price + 30%, bringing it to $96. I just have to decide if modern red (cop to it JC, it's orange!) is a color I want to entertain in an entire coat. Surely I can expect some commentary from the general public. Probably someone in their pajamas asking me what I'm wearing. I'd have to be in the mood for chit chat when I wear that.

Have you tried the Elinor dress? Have high hopes for it? Not interested...?

Chime in...

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Hanger Swap: buy-sell-trade

This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Talbots.

Welcome to the Red Hanger buy/sell/trade post.

Offer your Talbots items for sale here. 

Or, if there's an item you seek, post your request here. A fellow fan may have it and wish to sell it to you. This post is intended for individual sellers, not Ebay resellers. Please connect thru email if you see an item of interest. I'm not a part of the transaction and am only providing a space for listings.

Looking for NWT, sequin dress, champagne color, style #123456, fall 2010, size 4 or 6, (email address here)

Selling EUC , black silk skirt, style#654321, $25 shipped, (email address here)

Of course you can add more details as you see fit.

For more tips visit...
* Tips for successful sell/swap experience.
* Effortless Anthropologie's Tips for Safe Trade Transactions (bottom of post)

This post is inspired by The Great (Weekly) Exchange on J Crew Aficionada and Trade Market posts on Effortless Anthropologie

J Crew - ripplestitch sweater

J Crew's ripplestitch sweater (62111, $88) is now $49.99 in-store & online. The color choices are ruby chalk, navy chalk, heather grey navy and shallow sea navy.

Heather grey navy - Size M - I usually take S in J Crew. I thought the M might give more length, but the fit just got weird. The arms do not suffer from skinny arm and was too loose in the upper arm. And there is a little pleat or something at the shoulder that becomes more prominent in this size than the S.

5'2" - Just like to remind ya.
Or in case you're new here and we're meeting for the first time.:)

Shallow sea navy - Size S -  I know this looks just about the same color as the one above, but it's different. This is more pale blue/green and the one above is pale grey. The fit is better on the S in this than M.

There have been a couple opportunities to get this for $35, after 30% off but I wasn't excited enough to bite. This is coming from a stripesick individual, mind you. This sweater has been stalling in the sale section, so I'm guessing the price will get lowered. Check it out on One Too Many Closets.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ann Taylor - Rosa is offering one 20% off $100 coupon for Ann Taylor that begins on March 3. If you would like the coupon, please email me, gigiofca@gmail.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today is the last day of a two day promo at Gap. Surely there will be another one around the corner. In the meantime, GAPSPRING gets 30% off full price items. I passed thru the women's section on the way to Baby Gap. I wasn't excited about anything except this neon belt.

Neon patent belt ($29.95) - As I said in another post, I think you can find this for cheaper at Target right now, but those may be way more electric and brighter than this one. This one is still neon & bright, but not electric. You'll see what I mean when you see the ones at Target.

Things look much more fun online. I didn't see any of the following in my store, which is small.

Hooded open-front sweater ($59.950 - 80% cotton. The hood detail sounds cute. Machine wash. Always a plus.

Midi skirt ($39.95) - Mostly poly, but I would expect this to be a decent fabric. Also machine wash. With a code you can get down to a nice, fast fashion price.

Peasant dress ($69.95) - I love this color. I have a kelly green dress like this by Gap from last summer. I don't think there is elastic, which never seems to hit my straight waist in the proper area. Yay for more machine wash. And I like her nude wedges. Brown would also look good..

Striped jersey dress ($54.95) - Three color choices. I have a very similar one by Gap released at the end of last year, also in black/white stripe. I ordered a PS & PM in that and ended up keeping the PS in that one. The reviews are getting a little better & more helpful, so they're worth a read.

Pleated trench coat - For an opening price of $98, I'm expecting it to feel lightweight. Could this be the red trench I've been searching for? I ordered PM to try. I'm not sure about the black buttons, but red buttons could cheapen the look. Brown wouldn't fly for me either. Weeeeee'llll see. Machine washable. It was first released in bubbly, which looks like khaki tan but apparently might have some pink tones to it. In addition to the red, it is now available in pink, bright blue, green and dark grey that they're calling blue galaxy. Hopefully they've fixed fit issues they had w/the bubbly color.

I have an illness. It is called stripesick. (sigh)

Thanks for visiting!

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