Monday, January 30, 2012

J Crew - stripe turtleneck dress

J Crew's stripe turtleneck dress (62531, $198) runs XXS - XL. 90% cotton/8% nylon/1% spandex. ETA: marked down as of 2/1 online to $119.99.

Size S   - chest 33", waist 29", hips 35"
Size M - chest 34",  waist 31", hips 37"

Size S - I'm sometimes taking a M in things now that I'm in postpartum land. This size S was good. The fabric on this is feels substantial. It has a heavy weight to it and definitely for cooler fall & winter temps. It would be easy to sweat this one up. It is cotton so it'll breathe, but I can see it being hot in some cases. My fantasy about this one would be that I'd need a dress in a pinch. Walk in, try it on and walk out with black heels, good to leave straight to whatever occasion I needed the dress for. Better yet, the dress made me want to have somewhere to go. Kind of laughing at the thought of going out right now, so I don't know if this even makes my sale list.  Oh, final point. The stripes on the dress are wide, but they seem to be of flattering proportion. The blue is bright, but very much toned down by the wide, dark contrasting stripes. You almost feel like it's a LBD.

Mini G is 4 months now!

The fabric felt like it was trying to suck my stuff in. Thank you, dress! A couple of Spanx or Assets pieces to reposition some things and I'd be good to go. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog.

I'm not standing up straight. I started bending down. Not sure why. The dress made me do it. lol

Shoes (8): J Crew Joley from 08? (Similar here and here)

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I am

* Bianca Chesimard (Deals for the Short & Curvy) is writing a unique style & fashion book. Read all about it and help with a Kickstart.

* I detest seeing pajamas in public and so it was charming to see what Midnight Maniac wore to the grocery store.

* Men's black tie at the Golden Globes broken down by The Fine Young Gentleman.

* Using essential oils on Oh, It's Just Perfect.

* Zara shopping tips on Fast Food and Fashion.

This new JC Penney commercial cracks. Me. Up.

Oh, hey...I made the mac & cheese again so I could make notes to create a recipe. I hope to get it up this week. I realized a key ingredient is Jane's Mixed Up Krazy Salt. I have a difficult time finding it in the store. My mom always finds it and buys one for me. I think it's at her local Safeway.They recently had a container w/pink top and bottom for breast cancer. Pretty cool. Anyway, the recipe also calls for onion powder, garlic powder and pepper. I think those are in the Krazy Salt, but there's something about the blend of that spice that really adds to the overall taste. I've made the mac & cheese and used regular salt, not the kosher salt. Just plain table salt like Morton's. And it tastes ok, but the Krazy Salt is better. Hopefully you will find the salt at your local store.

Friday, January 27, 2012

J Crew - gimlet skirt in coaster stripe

J Crew's gimlet skirt in coaster stripe (55688, $118) is currently sold out online so I can't see all the sizes it came it, but I know it at least ran 0-12. Note that the description says machine wash. Lemme repeat that. Machine wash. I likes it.

Size 6 -I didn't snap a pic of the ticket, but I'm 95% sure this is a size 6.

Shoes (8): Banolindo Adiva (Similar here, here and here)

The skirt gets a bit wide towards the hem. A little too full, imo. I think it's the fabric that makes it stick out. It didn't have pockets so I didn't get the feeling. Almost, though. Stripes'll tip me over almost every time. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Audreybella.

See also...
* Forever 21 ($19.80)
* Loft ($69.50)
* Loft ($59.50)

* TopShop ($76)
* J Crew ($158)
* the Outnet ($110) the coaster skirt? Chime in...


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

J Crew - silk pleat skirt in crimson floral

J Crew's silk pleat skirt in crimson floral (59423, $198) is now $79.99. The last in-store price I was on a ticket was $139.99 on 1/5. It could've been marked down since then. 100% silk with a 100% poly lining.

Size 4 - I fit the size 4, more or less. So if you consistently run in between sizes, I'd say take the smaller of your J Crew skirt size. I wish I could remember if the waistband has part elastic in the back or not. I say that because I'm surprised the skirt fit me. I think it was a regular waistband.

137 according to my ob's scale, which I don't like

This is how high the skirt sits. I think it's meant to sit at the waist. From time to time I recommend that you find your ideal skirt length. I admit I still haven't technically measured to find mine. However, after reading JCAUNCMOM TarHeelMom's post,  I've noticed that I often prefer J Crew's regular size skirts vs petite, esp in the pencil skirts. I think it's because my thigh length is long-ish. Go thighs!

The skirt is sitting a little lower in this pic.

Pockets when my jazz hands! need a rest. The print is very beautiful. Aside from the fact I probably wouldn't wear this, I didn't get the feeling. I think I could do w/out the pleats. The print stands beautifully on its own. Above that, though, is the green. It's like a khaki/olive green and it seemed to drag the colors down. For me, at least. And then I think those random lighter, white/off-white flowers are so random compared to all of the different hues of the red roses. Check it out on A Bigger Closet and on Shop With M.

It's still Wed, 1/25 where I am. You might still have until 11:59 PST to use OURTREAT for an additional 40% off sale.

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J Crew - Greer booties & heels

J Crew's Greer platform heels (49193, $250) come in black warm sienna. They're now $99.99 online and $79.99 in-store.

Size 8 - I am 7.5M and usually 8 in JC pumps. These fit and feel great. G Money is not convinced, but you  and I know that a platform 'lowers' the net heel height. I bought them in-store after seeing/trying a couple times.

J Crew's Greer platform booties (49533, $358) come in black warm sienna. They're now $149.99 online. And you'd have to catch them on popback as only sz 11 is available at the time of writing.

Size 8 - I am a size 7.5 and almost always take size 8 in J Crew shoes. The except is the recent revamp of the ballet flat, which now runs TTS. Anyway, the black on these don't have a grey cast in-person as they do on the website, which is good. I've been trying them on over and over and don't think they are for me. I think I've been keeping them because of price ($105), but that's not a good enough reason. They're sleek and fit well to my foot. They feel fairly comfortable from the moment I put them on. What I don't like are the silver buckles. They're a bit industrial, which I gravitate towards and sometimes purchase but end up never wearing. I'm preppie. My second issue is that I want to add some flowy lines to my preppiness and look more feminine. I'm not saying prep is masculine. Just that I want to be more feminine. I don't think these boots do it... I ordered the Via Spiga Sheri ($111.90) from Nordstrom. That price is half off, & free shipping both ways makes it easy to bite. There are mixed reviews on the site, but I'll take my chances. If they don't work, I will probably return them to the store. I usually go right to customer service, which is easier than waiting in line in the shoe dept. The toe area looks a little bulbous and that's unattractive. Otherwise I like the lines of the bootie and the fact that there's no hardware. I don't have to consider whether I'm wearing silver or gold jewelry in line w/buckle color and also don't have to worry about whether the buckle size is 'timeless' or not.

All this and I probably won't care about no danggone booties in FA12. I hate double negatives. I've been trying to use them lately to see if there's something I'm missing. They seem to be quite popular. Not the obviously bad grammar type that I just dropped...won't care about no. Uh uhn...the ones I keep hearing are along the lines know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Why can't you just say, I would do anything for you. 


Don't think I won't let you know what I decide about the booties... (slaps knee)

Today is (supposed to be) the last day to use OURTREAT for 40% off final sale

Final Thought --  it's good time to try promo items like the...
* bootcut jeans in classic rinse wash (promo $78, net $46.80)
* scalloped lace shell (promo $49.50, net $29.70) and
* Natasha top in wildcat (promo $69.50, net $41.70) (irl pics)
                          ...which are not on final sale.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

F21 - little lifts

Coffee is mostly off limits for me. It amps me up, makes me talk 10x faster than I already do and fuels my anxiety. The accessories at Forever 21 average about the same price as a venti something or other and last a lot longer. No, really. They do. I've only had one necklace break on me. At worst they fade and I usually let go at that point, but we're talking $1.50/ea for these little lifts I bought a couple weeks ago:

star pendant ($1.50)
off-white whistle...harmonica...? also was $1.50
BR metallic pullover (M, $49.99, cheaper in-store) which I really liked, but did not work for me.

These are the things I look for when trying to get an order just over the $50 free shipping hump.

* dream ($1.50)
* dove ($1.50)
* glasses ($1.50)

I am still 100% behind my red bubble necklace and long layering necklaces. The F21 necklaces are a nice way to switch things up. They feel so dainty and pretty on. A good thing because I am trying to dress more feminine this year. I haven't figured out what that means just yet...

p.s. I added a couple pics of J Crew bracelets -- two by Lulu Frost and the snow sparkle charm bracelet -- to the top of this post on in-store price notes. Remember OURTREAT for 40% off final sale thru Wed, 1/25.

Friday, January 20, 2012

J Crew - Natasha top in wildcat

J Crew's Natasha top in wildcat (60637, $98) runs 00 - 16. The color is called savannah.

Size 2 - chest = 36.5"
Size 4 - chest = 37.5"

Size 6 - This size felt comfortable. However, I remembered that I have the solid Natasha in a size 4. So I tried on the solid grape color in size 4 (not pictured) and it definitely fit better. I recommend you get your accurate size in this one and don't size up when it goes to rock bottom sale, figureing you'll 'make it work.' I had a blazer to try with it and the size 6 in wildcat was not working with the blazer, even though only the down front center of the top was showing. I forgot to take a pic w/blazer. The blouse is silk, but because it's chiffon it has that floaty look and feel. For those reasons, it's best to get the size that skims close to your body. And this is coming from someone who is 5 months postpartum and still looking pregnant.

Per a JCA, I agree that the collar is floppy when you try to lay the top of it open at the collar. Even with coaxing, it doesn't know what to do. I definitely got this with the 30% because I plan to wear it right away and do not want to chase my size when it goes down further. Pluma freaking necklace that I just paid shipping on. Ugh. Somebody slap me with the J Crew catalog you didn't receive last month. Anyway, I'm hoping one of my large statement necklaces, like the trap glass necklace and pearl twisted hammock necklace (irl pics of both in this post) will push the top open a little bit. Or if the top flops around a little when unbuttoned, the flash of necklace will show. I think the top looks good buttoned up as well, otherwise I wouldn't bother with the floppiness of it.

See it on Audreybella here & here, on Crew Crazy Lady, on ShOperaRach, on Slastena and on Tweed and Toile.

Tip: MUSTHAVE for 30% off should still work until 11:59PST if you're reading this.

Thanks for stopping by...

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