Wednesday, December 19, 2012

J Crew - trompe l'oeil lace blouse

J Crew's trompe l'oeil lace blouse (33645, $138) is currently sold out online. I think this will pop back as many other items have this week and last. The color code is LAC.

Size 6 - Trompe l'oeil is French for trick of the eye. Which means the top is not lace. It looks convincing from afar, but it's a print. This size felt comfortable, but I didn't try the 4. I think I'd want to be fit enough to wear the 4. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Beach Chic Style and on Shop With M.

One wavy boob. I didn't like that trick of the eye.

The Feeling
What kind of trick is this? A wavy boob and the illusion of even more weight than I already have. Not a fun romp of a tromp for me. The silk is a lightweight chiffon type. I guess you could try adding a tissue turtleneck under, but I don't like to layer that way. I think it would add weight visually. I would probably wear a thin cami under as I usually do with these types of tops. It would also work under a cardigan, but I'd be fixating on straightening the tromp all day long. I didn't get the feeling for me, personally. I see how it could look cute on the right folks.

I hope I remember to stay out of the stores in the final week of Christmas. The employees are ragged, tired and some are downright rude. Where are their happy hats? I worked at a company where we had to put mirrors at our computers to remember to put a smile in our voice. Corny w/the mirrors, but they wanted to underscore the point. I blame corporate culture and the individual store leaders for service issues. One store I visited today...I couldn't believe the experience I was having. I asked for price matches from online. I had a printout from online for one and the mgr insisted that the SA call. Fine. Sidebar -> I watched Restaurant Stakeout last nite. There was a mgr who was nickle and diming every customer that came in. Just allow a sub of broccoli rabe already without charging $2. It will go a long way. Luckily she learned her lesson and was able to keep her job. <- End sidebar. I didn't appreciate the mgr whispering something to the SA right as I was standing there. I wanted to say what?!? is there a problem?!?!?  all rude, but I didn't want to conduct myself with that energy. I couldn't prove that she was saying anything negative about me and I didn't want to scare her like I took my earrings off by way of my speech. I ice skated years ago and if we fell in competition, my coach said to get up, smile and spread your arms out like you landed the jump. I did that at the end of this transaction, even though I was pissed off. BIG smile. BIG thank you. Like I'd just received the greatest service EVER! Not.

With regard to the store I was in today, I can only wonder where the mgr worked previously. She comes across like she worked at a store where customers are treated as criminals until they prove they're going to pay for something. As discussed on The Mothership, None of us are asking J Crew b&ms to do anything other than a) understand the current promo and b) honor it with sans bad attitude. I often wonder why this particular store is empty and I can see a glaring issue in the case of this mgr. And then over at Nordstrom. Ugh. I received an unacceptable "that's from the xx dept" when I tried to return a scarf. I absolutely know that the first word in an any Nordstrom employee's lexicon is yes. She was holding the scarf like it was a rag from the street. At this point my patience was severely strained. I'm loaded up with packages hanging from every point the stroller like some merchant hawking goods at the turn of the century. Mini G is whimpering and I don't know why. So yeah, I snatched the scarf back from her and huffed away. Of course the next employee -- right next door -- understood the company culture and returned both of my B.P. items without incident in her dept. (sigh) I am trying to keep my happy hat on and hope I encounter more people trying to do the same.

J Crew
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  1. And that is one reason I shop on line. I just have a hard time keeping my happy hat on with indifferent rude SAs. The one thing that separates companies is always service. My sister works in retail as a district manager and does not put up with such things from her workers. She also bends over backwards for customers even if they are awful. Once she spent her day looking for a pair of false teeth that a lady just "knew" she had accidentally left in the store. Odd.

  2. I try to be very patient, like you Gigi. Honestly, I'm not in stores that much since I do most shopping online. I'm sometimes surprised at the less than helpful attitudes I encounter.

    On the flip side, it bothers me that stores ask their staff to work on days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can remember (old geezer alert) when it wasn't like that and store staff were able to enjoy the holidays like the rest of us. Now people have to stay at the store so I can buy a big screen tv at midnight after Thanksgiving dinner. It's not good for either of us.

  3. you are good to have kept your cool like that gigi. i abhor bad customer service, and often think "you do realize i'm paying for this with my money and not yours right?" the SAs though also have a difficult task, as i have found with the years that some customers are more poorly behaved too. but at the end of the day, it is their job to be there to help. i'm sorry you had such a bad mall day.

  4. Funny about Nordstrom, because I had similar experience during non-holiday time. Several months ago I went to return a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes in the "contemporary" shoes section which the cash register is like 2 feet away from the "salon" shoes register, this SA made me wait in line for return after 3 customers just to tell me I need to go over (2 feet) to the "salon" department to process my return. I was definately not happy and might have dropped a few F bombs on the SA.

  5. I find there are both rude SAs (and managers) and then there is just all the improbable statements which make me want to say old geezer things like "I have been shopping here since before you were born" which isn't true but honestly don't make up a new rule/edict/fallacy on my time. I had a dreadful experience at Ann Taylor, where I never used to shop before they opened next to B&M and I left the store, sat on the bench outside and wrote an email to their customer service department. Numerous emails later, they a) took the problem seriously and said they would speak to the district manager and b) offered me a credit. It wasn't a huge deal BUT they threw an SA under the bus ("oh did she tell you that? she is seasonal and doesn't know what she is talking about" Yes, they actually said that.) and would not assist me. I pretty much always wear my happy hat, pretty much always remember "it's just clothes" and am always always civil. Hard time of year for the retail world....

    1. hmm, i need more coffee: ann taylor opened next to one of my JCrew stores offering an odd sort of competition: I think they make JCrew look good by comparison as JC has more natural fibers, is not so starkly illuminated as to make one need shades, and has more sophisticated SAs.

  6. Gigi, sorry to hear about your experience. If it's any consolation, I was visiting my mom and went into the closest b/m. Geesh, the store was empty, and I was told they couldn't look for something because typically they're very busy. I just looked at them(yes 5 SAs and I was the only customer), so I just walked out, and decided I didn't need to shop there. I guess it's not bad not having a store near me. Online seems better, and thanks to all the kind JCAs, I am aware of price issues and can rely on reviews.

  7. hee hee- wavy boob. I hadn't noticed and then it was all I could see! I would like this top if it was just the lace print.

    On a related note, I've been on the hunt for the right polka dot sweater (colour combo, shape, price) and actually found the PERFECT one at F21. Until I tried it on and the symmetrical dots are just too, ahem, symmetrically placed. sigh. And the dots were the same on all of them, so no nipple sweaters for me :)

  8. Hey Gigi - I know we frequent the same stores -- thinking I know which store you were at. Grrr... that's awful. Sorry you had to go through that! The stores are crazy right now and also lots of holiday help that don't know whats going on. I'm also on a mission to stay away as long as possible (but I do need to make a few (A LOT) of returns) :) I love your kill them with kindness approach... I find it usually works best :)

  9. Just curious... do any of the SAs at the stores know who you are? As in, your blog? Just wondering...

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