Sunday, December 2, 2012

J Crew - shrunken shirt in dot oxford

J Crew's shrunken shirt in dot oxford (26728, $78) runs 00-16. The color choices are aqua holly, coral turquoise & lilac navy. On 11/28 I noticed a promo sign for it, for $49.50. My guess is it will stay that price at least until Sun, 12/2.

Size 6 - This is aqua holly. The color mint came to mind when I saw & tried it on. Aqua works, too. I think holly is referring to the color of the dots. I am taking 4, 6 or 8. Mostly 6 or 8 these days. The 6 worked the best. Check it out on Easy Petite Looks.

A close-up. I didn't find the shirt shrunken and was surprised to learn that was in the product name. I think it fits like a perfect shirt.

The Feeling
I like the blouse, but didn't care for this color pattern. There;s nothing wrong with it. It's nice looking, esp if you like lighter blues or mint. I guess it doesn't look loke pale min green, but I definitely didn't think aqua or blue when I saw it. Maybe I would now that I know the color name. 

Size 8 - The size 8 was too boxy and looked shorter than the 6. I actually tried this size on 1st since it was my favorite of the 2 colors. I don't recall seeing the coral turquoise.

I thought of the burgundy wool skirt with it, but I'm not sure the tones would work.

I like the pocket on the blouse. Sometimes it's nice to have only one instead of two.

The Feeling
I liked this color better for me than the aqua holly. It's the perfect shade of pale purple. I like that it's not a popover. I like that the fabric isn't cotton-lawn. It's a classic oxford type fabric, but not too thick. The cotton felt comfortable. They nailed the weight on this one. It's light enough to fit under a sweater comfortably, yet isn't too thin. I also like the smaller dot pattern as an alternative to large, circle dots. And of course cotton and machine wash are always acceptable to me. When I tried it on I immediately wanted to tell all of you about it.

Only one of three stores I visited had the $49.50 promo price sign. In each store, it was folded on a low shelf. I only noticed it because the aqua stood out & I noticed the dots. If you like dots & subtle patterns, give this one a try.

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J Crew
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30% off sitewide with XOFACTORY thru Wed, 12/5

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