Thursday, December 27, 2012

J Crew - sequin stripe shell & bling button cardi

J Crew's sequin stripe shell (34095, $128) - The pink is $59.99 online, the green is $79.99 online. The last in-store price I saw was $59.99.

Size M - I don't have a pic of the tag, so I'm guessing I tried a M. I'm pretty sure I did. In any case, we have another sequin tank from J Crew. A plus point for trying a different combo, I guess. Check it out on Ruffles & Sequins (last pic).

It was a little low under the arm, but I think M was the right size.

I like that the stripes go all the way around.

The Feeling
The sequins are plentiful and appear to be sewn on well. Of course I like stripes. I didn't particularly care for this comb or the pink, but like I said thumbs up for trying different colors.

J Crew's bling button-cardi (36057, $72) is now $49.99 online. The last in-store price I was $59.50 on promo, and then $49.50 on promo on 12/24.

Size S - These probably don't look so great now. As you can see, it's pretty shopworn.

 The Feeling
I like the color and the sparkle of the buttons. They're not oversized so the effect is subtle. You're probably questioning an almost thumbs up and I am, too. I like the v-neck, pockets and buttons. I don't like the fact that it looks shopworn and still in the shop. My mom has one that has worn well, but it's from a couple seasons ago. I don't really keep an eye on these, but if I saw one in a good-for-me color for dirt cheap I might get one.

Chime in...

J Crew
30% off final sale continues in-store as of 12/27

update coming soon

updated 12/27



  1. I tried the pink sequin stripe shell, what is not to like with sequins and stripes for me, right? But didn't love the color, was having shopping burnout and the tiny bit of misaligned stripes pushed me over to send it back. Do you like the minty greens? They make me look ill but looks good on you. :)

  2. I love the sequined strip tank! It's so cute!

    Suzie Q


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