Sunday, December 2, 2012

J Crew - sequin rhino sweatshirt

J Crew sequin rhino sweatshirt runs XXS - XL. The color is called stone grey (SGR).

Size S - Here it is with the shrunken dot top (review) under. That dot top is on promo for $49.50 in-store, btw. I liked this look. It's a bit square, but I do get the buttondown under a sweater look. It looks clean and pulled together, in general. Just not sexy.

With no shirt under. I wanna say they botched a completely beautiful, comfortable, perfect grey sweatshirt by putting this odd rhino on it BUT the rhino is kinda cool. And not just cuz I love sequins. I really thought it looked better in-person than online. You can actually tell that it's a rhino once you see it, much faster than online. And the horn on the rhino ended up in a pretty decent, not too odd place.

The sleeves aren't overly long. Felt normal and might right a smidge short if you have very long arms and take a smaller size.

The rhino in all itsglory. The chain flap thing that kind of looks like long earrings makes the rhino look a little regal. I like the different colors of sequins used. I'm glad the rhino is not cartoony, that was smart. But I'm still not sure if he's a good rhino or a bad rhino. He looks a tad mean. I guess just don't get on his bad side. You could wear this when you don't want people to mess with you.

The Feeling
I was almost prepping you for a thumbs up, but that's not the feeling I got. It's very cool for the right person, but I'm gonna go with a little odd for the general population. Even if the sweatshirt itself weren't perfectly cozy, I wouldn't give it thumbs down. It's right for someone, but this is too much animal kingdom for many people.

Chime in...

J Crew
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  1. Its one of those moments when you say to yourself, "what were they thinking?".
    Thanks for the review,

  2. I found a kids' LS tee at the Crewlet this morning, dark green with white line drawing of the rhino. He is wearing an appliqué-ed red Santa hat and is perfectly charming. I bought one for me in the largest size they had.

  3. The only thing that comes to mind when I see that rhino is Coming to America.

  4. The hitchhiker "meh" thumb cracks me up!

  5. It feels like JC is trying to recreate some of their past successes and not quite getting there. This one seems like it's going for the look and feel of the beaded zebra tee from a few years back, what do you think?

  6. The thing about this is that it sort of looks cool......and then you are's a sequin rhino.....on a unless it's like raising money for the jungle animals or something.....and I am Bindi Irwin.....not sure I should wear weird.

  7. This may be your most perfectly well timed comic post ever. I lol'd in my mind.

  8. I did, too, Kristen! Loved it!

  9. Can you tell me what size you are wearing? I'm interested in this sweater but not sure if the xxsmall will be too small.

    1. Leanna - I thought I responded already. I tried on size S in this sweatshirt.


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