Wednesday, December 5, 2012

J Crew - scattered sequin sweater

J Crew's scattered sequin sweater (29947, $118) runs XXS - XL. The color choices are graphite navy, pink navy & poppy navy.

Size S - The size S fit exactly. That look didn't work on me and I'd probably opt for the M. I like the look of the buttondown under, so one of the print tops like the silk heart throb or French hen might look good under. Check it out on A Pretty Thought.

 The description mentions the fit is indeed shrunken, so take your regular size if you want that look.

The sequins are definitely scattered about the sweater. It still has a sparkly look, but much more subtle than if there were the usual smattering of sequins.

Interestingly, the edges of the sequins are white. I haven't noticed that on other sequins. Perhaps it's been there, but I really noticed it in the red. Regarding the sequins, J Crew let's us know they "(...had to travel all the way to a specialty trim shop in Hong Kong just to find a perfect match). Le sigh. Let's just hope they stay on the sweater, alrighty?

The Feeling
I didn't want to like this sweater, but I can see how it would be cute on someone. I don't recall it being particularly itchy. I like sequins and like the ringer blocking in this case. I can't say it's a match for me, but as I said, I can see how it would work. How's that for a really non-descript reason for a thumbs up?

I didn't see the poppy navy in-store, so take note that it might be available online only. I saw the grey in-store. It looks dull & boring. That's just an observation of it hanging on the rack. It looked so boring I didn't pick it up, but I will if I see it again so I can share pics. I think that one would look cute w/a gingham top underneath. VoilĂ !

Chime in...

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  1. Like you, I didn't want to like this sweater, but I loved it!!! I didn't want to take it off, so it came home with me!!!

    1. Rynetta. That's right! I saw your review and meant to link. Will do it now :)

  2. I saw the gray in store and thought it was very cute! I like what you did with the gingham shirt under it. I don't need any sequins, but I think this is a nice sweater and the sequins are quieter than on others. Thanks for the review!

    1. Cate - 'Quieter'...that's a good descriptor. Thanks for visiting :)

  3. I think the hen blouse layered under that sweater would be fab!

    1. If Lisa says the hen will work, then it will work!

  4. I tired this on at the store and was disappointed how itchy it made me feel. I had to pass on this sweater but I do like how fun it looks without being over the top.



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