Sunday, December 2, 2012

J Crew - double-cloth greatcoat

J Crew's double-cloth greatcoat (18629, $475) runs 0-14. The color choices are camel and navy.

Size 4 - chest = 36", waist = 33"
Size 6 - chest = 37", waist - 34"

Size 6 - I only saw navy in the store, so there is a chance camel is only available online or select stores. It's a bit long for my height, but it didn't feel overwhelming. I felt like I could carry it off, just needing to wear a heel of some sort with it. Heels or heeled boots. If I had it tailored a bit, it would probably look 10x better. A little nip at the hem, a little tuck at the sleeve. I don't trust alterations for things other than simple hems, so I'd have to weigh the cost, vs alterations cost and how I'd feel if they didn't do it properly.

Sleeve length. I'm 5'2". This is a very special coat with such a long length. I know for you tall ladies, you're probably excited if a coat goes past your knees. So I guess for this one it would hit the knee on some of you.

I felt so comfortable in the coat. It was really a surprise. I really only tried it on to share pics figuring I'd look like a goof in it. I am partial to the double-cloth fabric. I prefer it over J Crew's wool offerings, which feel like felt to me.

I like the button detail. The only thing is that you'll pay more to replicate this detail if you had the sleeves altered. Check it out on Ema and on Feeling J Crewzy

The Feeling
Definitely a big thumbs up. Love the double-cloth fabric. I like the buttons. They're a lil' big, but shouldn't go in-and-out of style. The button size works w/the drama of the coat's cut. I love the coat. It's very structured, but doesn't look militaristic. Thank you, J Crew, for no epaulets.

I absolutely don't need another coat, but this one felt really, really special. Very classic and one I could have for a long time. I'm going to figure out if 4 or 6 would be the best, long-term size and might buy/keep. I'll have to see if any other coats are asking for a new home to make space for this one.

ETA: I ended up getting the size 4. It fit exactly at the time of purchase. It's more of a statement jacket than workhorse for me, so I don't plan to layer with it.

Chime in...

J Crew
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  1. I just bought this coat during the promotion and I love it! I'm 5'6" so the length and sleeves are perfect but the thing I like best is that there is no belt! Last year I bought a jcrew coat and lost the belt. I am a long time lurker but the coat made me comment for the first time. I enjoy reading your blog and thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.

    1. Hi Erisachick - An 'official' welcome to you! I don't like keeping up with a belt either, unless it's a trench. Thanks for chiming in about your experience w/fit.

      Please join the convo anytime you're so inspired :)

  2. I keep seeing a lady in the street wearing this coat and it looks fabulous on her (she is teeny but doesn't look overwhelming on her). It looks very special/elegant. I think that if it had been on promo I would have ordered it with the promo, I just don't feel like spending that much on something that I don't really need. But I will stalk it on sale!

    1. Ema, I can see you in the greatcoat!

  3. Normally, I would be all over this coat but it looks way too similar to the ON fleece maternity coat I wore all last winter (Pic here). I am glad they didn't do the epaulets - I can't stand those things!

    1. silver_lining - It's just like the greatcoat! You had such a cute coat for your pregnancy.

  4. Speaking about it looking like a maternity coat, I actually ordered it hoping I could use it as one now without it looking too maternity-like afterwards (20 weeks along)! I'm a little worried about where the last row of buttons would hit on me, though... do you think it would work?

    1. JennC - I would guess this won't work as a maternity coat, esp if you want to button it. I say this because it hit me pretty low on the torso. *However* it will totally depend on how long your torso is and your belly size. The bottom part definitely has some room in it, so you never know. I've seen a lot of regular size items work for maternity, but it gets trickier the later you get in your pregnancy. Enjoy your little bundle! S/he will be here before you know it.


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