Sunday, December 9, 2012

J Crew - collection silk ribbon bow-print pajama shirt

J Crew's collection silk ribbon bow-print pajama shirt (34283, $138) runs XXS - XL. The color is called black. The top is currently on promo for $108.

Size S - I was wondering if this could be worn outdoors. Perhaps on the right person, but this particular print & size definitely would not work for me to create the pj top look. I knew the print would be too busy for my taste.

The sleeves are voluminous, no skinny arm issues at all. They're on the longer side, too.

Another random shot of those sleeves. 

The Feeling
I liked the silk and the idea of a men's pj job. I didn't like the print. It's very busy.  Sizing down one might help it fit better, but I don't know. It unmemorable to me. I haven't thought of it since trying on.

collection silk ribbon bow-print pajama pant (34199, $138) - Currently on promo for $108. I think the set looks cute on the model, but again not for me.

Chime in...

J Crew



  1. Hmmm ... I'd wondered about that top to be worn outdoors so thanks for reviewing it. We've been talking how different silk tops feel, which is this one closest to? Not that I need a reason to acquire another top but I was curious whether this qualified for sumptuous. ;)

    Actually, I like it on you and think you could wear it as a shirt tunic for going out in public, at least from what I could see. :)

    1. Thanks, Tiffany Rose. It's too pajama-y, I think for outdoors. I think the white piping gives it away...that it's pj wear and not daywear. However, I am certain someone could pull off the look. I would give it a 2nd chance in a smaller size, but I wouldn't go hunting it down.

  2. I actually liked the print better IRL than online even if it is quite busy. I don't this is a good candidate to be worn as a top though. And isn't it funny that now when we look at pjs we wonder "Could I wear it outside?" I have the polka-dots one from a couple of years ago with black piping and I wore it as a top with curator pants and elastic rhinestones belt. It is very Parisian-looking and perfect to be worn as a top (but it was out of necessity, I can't wear it as a pajama, I never found the pants).

  3. I ordered this to check it out and liked it way better in person then I thought I would. It is the only bow print I have tried from JC and I really like it. They do style both the pants and the top separately as "daywear" on the site. I think the top works, not the bottoms. I am tall and was very happy at the length of the top - since everything has been too short this season! I am going to try to pull off the top as a blouse - I'll let you know how it goes if it makes it out of the house :)


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