Monday, December 31, 2012

J Crew - collection café capri in purple tie silk

J Crew's Collection café capri in purple tie silk (29095, $228) runs 00 - ?. I see 10 on the website at the moment. At the time of writing they're still regular price online & $129.99 in-store. I believe they went on sale around 12/27.

Size 6 - These fit exactly, with some tightness here & there. I would get the size 6 and bank on dropping 2 lbs to make them fit perfectly. Apple cider vinegar, baby. I actually dropped 2 lbs before Christmas and only gained the 2 back. No more than that, despite eating lots of carbs. ACV is definitely holding my weight steady and helping me not gain. I'm wearing a Tippi in heather sandstone. The color was originally released in SP12 or earlier.

Shoes (8): Moda Reflex Arielle/very old (Similar here, here and here)

Up close of the print & colors.

The pants go well with the Tippi sweater in iced lilac. Iced lilac is also available in the classic merino long cardigan, Jackie cardigan & shell, and cashmere boyfriend cardi -- among other pieces.

The Feeling
Well, if you didn't gather from the 1st pic, I love these. They were a real surprise. I thought the shine would add weight and that the print wouldn't flatter. I was wrong. I really loved these and thought about them often after leaving them at the store.

Pindot tie ($39.99) - This would be cute for coordinating for an event, for pictures...

Back to the pants. There's also the collection café capri in black tie silk (40142, $228). At the time of writing they're still regular price online & $129.99 in-store. I don't recall seeing these in the store, but I might've just passed them by. If these look anything like the purple ones, they must be just as smashing. What a great dressy pant to have on hand.

And finally, the pants come in green tie silk (25198, $228). I'm not a green person, so I have passed these by many a time without interest in trying them on. I also don't like the colorblocked blue at the hem.

Chime in...

J Crew
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  1. Love these Gigi! Might have to give them a try. Happy new year!

  2. Gigi! You look divine! As you know, I love my purple pants, although tonight is the florals from last holiday season! I will do purple tomorrow!

    Happy New Year Gigi and thank you for the wonderful blog! You are a real public service to us all!

  3. I never noticed tbe black and green, I am cafe capris-ed out!
    Happy New Year Gigi, your last post got me worried, just keep up what you are doing!

  4. These are the pants that make me want to work out because they are so darned cute!

  5. Gigi, I love these and the black ones too as they are some that actually live up to their namesake (tie silk). I wonder if the stores still have all sizes in stock? The green ones are not 100% silk and I'm with you, don't think I care for the colorblocked blue.

    You look so cute wearing the pants with the shoes with the bows. Happy new year!

  6. So cute Gigi! Happy new year to you and your family!

  7. you look gorgeous- and I love them with the iced lilac!


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