Monday, December 3, 2012

J Crew - chiffon top

J Crew's chiffon top (35530, $110) runs 00-16. The color choices are classic navy, sail pink & soft fuchsia. The model is wearing soft fuchsia.

size 4: chest- 39", waist - 37.5"
size 6: chest- 40", waist - 38.5"

Size 4 -sail pink - I would call this pale lilac. It reads as purple to me. I won't argue though and we'll call it pale pink. purplepurplepurple  I think the fuchsia will make it to sale because the color is very bright & electric. The Nicky top in fuchsia hung out for a bit in the sale section before finally selling out. I'm not sure if this lilac...whoops, sail pink color or navy will make it to sale. Of course it will if J Crew cuts the price quickly. However, I think once women try it on, they will like it and some might be inclined to pay fp. If they keep running regular price promos as they have recently, I think it will sell well during those times. Take the smaller of your J Crew numeric size in tops. I wear 4 or 6, sometimes 8 and the 4 fit well. Check it out on Feeling J Crewzy.

A full length sleeve. Not a bracelet sleeve. However, they might run a little short on long arms.

I like the pleating detail at the necklace. Pull overhead style with no zippers. Keyhole at the back neck with silk covered button.

The Feeling
I know, another silkie from J Crew. Another one that says dry clean only. I don't gamble on my laundry skill w/silk and have to factor cost & time when looking at silk tops. I still like it. Thumbs up for longer sleeves, even though I prefer bracelet. Thumbs up for this gorgeous color & the pleating at the neckline. Thumbs up for being able to get in-out of the top with relative ease.

If you like this color, but cannot or do not want to do $ilk for whatever reason, consider Old Navy's chiffon roll-cuff blouse (review) in ...wait for it...lavender dream:

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  1. Gigi does it fit at all like the talitha or the other round neck blouses earlier this fall? I love this blouse, but have been afraid to order thinking the shape would not work for me

  2. WMM - That's an awesome question. The Talitha didn't come to mind one time. One reason is probably because that blouse was unmemorable for me, personally -- review here. Another reason I didn't think of the Talitha is because this blouse has different details, yielding a different fit.

    The Talitha was wide across the shoulders and wide under the arms, then too narrow in the body compared to how wide it was across the top 1/3 of it. The Talitha also has pleats at the shoulders and this blouse doesn't. I'm not a fan of shoulder pleats and noticed their absence in the case of this chiffon top, but forgot to mention. The sleeves were longer on me in the Talitha than in this blouse. Thanks for asking!

  3. I really like the look of this blouse but everytime I read chiffon I wonder if that means cami needed. You don't say so it's probably OK but I have to ask ... what do you think about the see-through factor? ;)

  4. Thanks Gigi! I am going to watch and then try this next % off sale - you have sold me and i think it would like awesome with my purple tie silk pants!

  5. It is very pretty, love that pleating detail on the neck.
    It is true that these silk tops can't really be washed, they get wrecked. Smart to factor in the dry clean cost at the outset!


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