Saturday, December 1, 2012

J Crew - bow coat

J Crew's bow coat (18771, $365) runs 00-14. The color choices are black, cabernet, heather acorn & vibrant fuchsia.

Size 4 - chest = 37.5", waist = 37.5", across the shoulders = 15"
Size 6 - chest = 38.5", waist = 38.5", across the shoulders = 15.25"

Size 6 - If you didn't figure it out, this is vibrant fuchsia. And it's bright. Of course J Crew does color very well and it just works somehow. Check it out on Bows & Sequins and on Shop With M.

The sleeves are so wrinkled. I think that's because they're too long on me. The overall scale would probably be better in a petite. This only comes in regular sizes.

 Another shot.

It's a darling coat. I love the deep pockets. I was a little disappointed that this is the same fabric as on the wool-cashmere peplum coat

A closer shot of the sleeve length. I'm 5'2".

The bow is pretty unremarkable, but the scale is good and I like the style. It wouldn't work if the trailing ribbons were droopy.

Yes, this coat does ring a bell because it's similar the French serge day coat from 2008:

The Feeling
I like the coat overall, the bow and the pockets. It's good that the coat has a nice shape even when unbuttoned. This is an excellent color if you can wear it. I didn't care for the fabric on this one. It's a little felt-y, but only a step above the wool-cashmere peplum. It would've been nicer in the stadium cloth, one of my faves.

ETA 12/7 - I recvd the bow coat in cabernet and love it. I really don't need another coat, but I cannot bring myself to return it so far. The color is gorgeous. I like the fabric on it, unlike the pink one. It makes me wonder if the dye they use to get the vibrant pink affects the way the wool feels. Very possible.

Chime in...

J Crew

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  1. I do agree that it would have been so wonderful in the stadium cloth fabric! I decided that since its not going to be my 'warm' coat that I can live with that. It's so cute!

    1. shopwithm - Good to see you. I sent an email to you just a min ago to you shop---gmail acct.

      When I tried it on I could totally see you in it and why you fell for it. The color is awesome. I realize I like the stadium cloth the most, if I didn't already say that up above. :)

    2. I just sent you a msg -- didn't get the attachments! :) Dying to see it!

    3. *dunce cap*

      re-send :)

  2. Okay, you and M are making me want this coat!!! How do you feel about the back of the coat? My amazing online VPS was a bit concerned that it might be shapeless on me.

  3. thanks for all the reviews, gigi- you reviews are so helpful. So i also ordered the bow coats (in pink and Cabernet) on cyber monday and they still have not shipped! ugh... what do you think about sizing? I ordered 2- i am 5'3" 113 pounds typically can wear 0/2 in blazers. does the coat run true to size? I am debating b/t this coat and the cocoon coat.


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