Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old Navy - chambray top

Old Navy's chambray top (333123, $24) runs XS - XL. Cotton, machine wash.

Size M - As soon as I saw this top from Old Navy I recognized it as the so creatively named chambray top that I never tried on. I didn't get the lure of that top and had no interest in it, esp not for $110. I did see & appreciate it on many bloggers so when I saw this at a fraction I had to try it. It's a little loose in the top part of the top and S would be better, but wouldn't fit over my stomach. It tapers a little in the body, as the online description states. I didn't even bother trying a S.

The wrinkles at the bottom are after sitting in it for a little bit. I didn't sit in it for long, so expect wrinkles if you wear it untucked and sit all day. Usually wrinkles bother me, but they didn't in this case. I think because the top is so comfortable I just don't care.

The Feeling
I forgot my thumb pic. Thumbs up on this one, definitely. I kept in on for awhile after trying it on. It's comfortable & easy to ear.wanted to wear it immediately. It's cotton, machine wash and simple in a good way. It's something different than a button down, and isn't a t-shirt. I recognize that short sleeves might be impractical for some of you with current weather. This is a nice alternative for me because wearing a cardigan with long sleeve shirt feels claustrophobic at times.

20% off with ONGIFT thru Mon, 11/12.

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  1. I ordered this top with my animal sweaters to try. It was on sale for $10 plus 25% off!! Now I can't wait to get it. Thanks so much for the review!!

    1. Hi Elle - What a deal! It's going to look great on you & I think you'll like it. Will go great w/your pencil skirts. :)

  2. Gigi, this is OT, but I would love to hear your take on the no-photos controversy!

    1. Hexicon - You know I have thoughts and feelings about it. If I can muster the time & energy, I will try to drop a Let's Talk in the next few days. Thanks for asking :)


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