Saturday, November 24, 2012

J Crew - velvet-dot ponte top

J Crew's velvet-dot ponte top (27771, $110) runs XXS - XL. The color is called black flock dot, which is BFD, lol.
  • Viscose/nylon/spandex.
  • Dry clean.

Size S - This felt like the right size. The fabric is lightweight. It feels like a regular t-shirt more than a shirt. I was told it's the same fabric a the pixie pants. I don't know why it's $110. It didn't feel sturdy like some of the pixie pants I've tried on. Check it out on Feeling J Crewzy.

I left the fitting at one point and saw a woman in the 3-way mirror trying on this top. It didn't look any more exciting on her than it did me. She was standing there, looking and looking. Talked with a friend about it, like she was trying to convince herself to like it. I think at a much lower price it would sell quickly. It might also sell when SAs wear it styled in a cute way. $110 is a lot to ask when the cut is a baseball tee style, which is casual. It's not like a Bailey 44 dress for which you completely appreciate the fabric once you try it on. 

That's not lint on the mirror. That's lint from the wool-cashmere peplum coat (review).

The baseball t-shirt style seam created a larger look in the shoulder area on me.

Curved hem. My sentiment is somewhere in between that's kinda cute and shrugs. It's something different. The top fit close to the body, so I'm guessing the curved hem could look good on many body types. I think if the hem curved and hung away from the body, it might be flattering on fewer people. Pics suggest otherwise, but I'm straight up and down on the sides, so if you're curvy in that area and have an opinion, please share. 

The Feeling
Forgot to take a photo. It would probably be thumb to the side. I really like the black velvet dots. The scale & print pattern were nice. I wasn't impressed with the material for the price. 


Chime in...

J Crew
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  1. Gigi, from the pics it seems that you may need to size down for a better fit (though you did say this feels like the right size). The neck gapes and it seems to be loose under the arms and the waist. Honestly, you look fantastic in so many other things that I would say this is not one to take home with you. Thank you so much for the irl pics, I've been wondering about this top and have yet to see it at my local store.

    1. Anthro Blogger - Once I saw the price I knew this was probably not for me. lol Thank you for your kind words :)

  2. Thank you so much for the review! The raglan sleeves are a killer for me, I didn't even notice them in the website photos. Happy now that I didn't order it.

    1. Caitlin - This would've been so cute in another shape. Oh well. Glad the pictures help :)

  3. I haven't seen this one but it wouldn't have passed the Joe Fresh test. This one would cost $19 or $29 at Joe Fresh, my new standard for well made and cheap (if a bit unremarkable) clothes. Did they open a store in Cal? You'll see, they have incredible prices and they are especially good at tees and shirts.

  4. Im with Caitlin- loved the pictures online, but that's only because I didn't notice the baseball-style sleeves. I am not a fan. Thanks for sharing! This is exactly why I always check in with you after drooling over

  5. I tried it on when I was in the store last Friday and my VPS suggested wearing it over the heart throb blouse I was also trying on. I did like it with the blouse underneath, but didn't end up getting it as it as I was looking for items for a couple specific occasions. Personally, I think the velvet dot ponte dress is the better buy in this fabric.

  6. Great review, I've been keeping an eye on this top. Good to know that the fabric is not as heavy as the pixie pant. You are spot-on about it being too expensive for what it is, but I think I would be cool with paying whatever the sale + 30% off price will be if it gets that far. Thanks, Gigi!


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