Friday, November 9, 2012

J Crew - velvet & bows

Crystal bow cuff (28917, $85) is $59.99 online. The color is called gold. It rang up regular price in-store on 11/8. 

 This is a hinge bracelet and the clasp looks like this w/the gate as well. I always like that extra closure.

The Feeling
A surprise thumbs up. I expected the bow collar necklace to be awesome and this to be meh. I will say it would've been way more exciting in a pavé. I could also see it in a solid gold color like the heart bracelet. I like the hinge, the bow size and the bracelet plays well w/others like my Kate Spade idiom bracelet.

Bow collar necklace (18815, $148) is $99.99. It is probably still regular price in-store, like the bracelet above.

Check it out on Bows & Sequins, on Only Boring People Are Bored and on Sequins & Stripes.

The Feeling
It would've been a big statement in  pavé, but that would've created a more cohesive sparkle. I really wanted to like it. The length and size of the bows are nice. I just feel like the rhinestones are too sparse. Like they cheapened out on the quantity. It may've been a design choice to keep the necklace more subtle, but I didn't like it. Plus points for putting 5 bows on one strand.

Vevlet tee - size 6 (30314, $110) - admiral blue - This is a pullover style, no zippers or other closures. Plain Jane style. Trying it on w/the necklace so you can see what it looks like with an article of clothing.

Pretty basic except for the seam running horizontally across the chest. Bad news. It's boxy.

Side view. Some of you are going to wish it were longer.

The Feeling
I like the velvet. It felt soft. I like the way the top shines. I wasn't really excited about the color and the style is pretty plain. Plus points for bringing in the velvet texture this year. Minus for the boxy style. Too many JC tops are boxy, which is ironic considering their long, lean models & mannequins. Thumb should probably be down a little more because I think the length was a cost cutting measure.

Vevlet tee - size 6 - neon azalea -I wasn't going to try this color on because I've never seen velvet so scary bright. But since the top only came in the blue & pink, I figured what the heck. Remember I'm 5'2" so if you're taller or have a long torso, you may not likey. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Good Life For Less.

I like the way the velvet shines. It adds something and doesn't look cheap, like panne velvet.

The Feeling
Same comments above about fit & plain style. I like this color better than the admiral blue. I realize not everyone can wear neon azalea, so I'm trying to be objective here. This color was more special and fun than the blue. Even though the color looked scary, my eye went to this more than the blue and this one looked better on.

You're invited to check out more sparkle in the pavé heart bracelet review.

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  1. Too bad for the seam across the chest, I was intrigued by this one but I actually bought a velvet ballet-style tee at Joe Fresh (in navy blue but also comes in other rich colors) that looks AMAZING for $19. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. Are you getting JF on the West Coast?

    1. Ema - No signs of Joe Fresh for us that I know of. Just did a quick search & don't see anything. We have Uniqlo now and I have yet to go in because of the lines when they first opened. Haven't been by recently.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. At first glance I thought the velvet had potential - but too short, boxy and unappealing colors...not for me. I like only a couple of pieces of jewelry this time and maybe some heels. Nothing really "wows" me.

  3. I LUFF the bow necklace. It is my b-day present from my mom and should be on its way to me as I write this. She said that it reminded her of a necklace that my grandmother had when she was growing up :). I can't get into the velvet tees, but I do like the black top with the little velvet polka dots that just rolled out today.

  4. The velvet T could have been a fun twist to a basic I agree with you Gigi it needs to be longer and the price is on the high side dont you think?

  5. Thanks so much for the reviews . . . as always, very helpful. I really hope your fitting room reviews don't stop as they have for AJC. Your input is so helpful, and I hesitate to make a purchase before I see a review online.

  6. not that you asked- you didn't! -but I think the blue looks nice...a little more formal, but I know that pink is usually flattering and brightens up the face like using blush.

  7. I'm glad you reviewed this because I had my eye on it while peeking at the new arrivals.
    Oh, velvet top, you had so much potential! I don't like that seam across the top either and wish it wasn't short-sleeve.
    I like the blue one on you, although that pink is so pretty.


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