Sunday, November 25, 2012

J Crew - bow-neck top in bow print

This top is retail only as of 11/23...
Debuted online on 11/27

Bow-neck top in bow print (33648, $110) - Size 6 - The color on the tag is WIV, which may stand for white ivory. Or not. WIV stands for white ivory. If you are over bright colors, you might be particularly partial to this one. Check it out on Audreybella.

We've seen this silhouette before in other silk tops from J Crew. I like the addition of the bow at the neck. However, it's tacked on and I prefer a full bow that I can play with.

Just another random shot. Washed out like the pics on (slaps knee).

More of the same. That's the pavé heart bracelet (review). In the background, that's the polka-dot snood (review). I didn't recall seeing this blouse on the website, so I got a lil' picture happy.

The shoulder puffs on these are less exaggerated than on other tops we've seen. I had to double-check to see if the shoulders were even gathered/puffy or not. I like the more subtle gather.

The bows are polka-dotted and two colors, as you can see. And here is the closure at the back neck. It's a gold button. It's mirrored, if I recall correctly, and reflecting something in the finish. So it looks a little pink and not

Here's the tag.

The Feeling
The top was cute, comfortable and more or less easy to wear. I'm not a huge fan of the polka dots on the bows because it makes the print very busy. Add the bow at the neck and that's one crowded street. However, I like that it's got a little flair and will look like you tried, even with 'just jeans.' I also like that it's silk, even though I need to stop my acquisition of garments in said fabric. I haven't thought much of the top since trying it on, so I don't plan on buying or chasing it down. If I bump into it on sale, maybe. 

Bow-neck top (38889, $110) is the same, but in byzantine blue or vintage cabernet.

Chime in...

J Crew
25% off sitewide with COLOR25 thru Sun, 11/25
30% off sitewide with CARDMEMBER thru Sun, 11/25
Some exclusions i.e. Lulu Frost

25% = $73.50
30% = $68.60
polka-dot snood review

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  1. Hi Gigi, I love this blouse but it's a $110 silk blouse with no lining. Did you feel like you needed a tank or cami underneath?

    1. Hi Liza - Yes, $110 and unlined. :-( I didn't feel like I needed anything under, but we are having temps in the 70s. It's definitely lightweight and more appropriate for spring or fall. HTH

  2. That blouse also comes in a really pretty bright blue color. I really liked it when I tried it on, but I already have enough silk blouses in my closet too.

  3. Julia - I didn't see the blue one, so thanks for sharing the info!

  4. I tried this on today and I really wish they would tailor these blouses in a little more, maybe put some princess seaming in or something. When I put it on and tucked it in, it just looked floppy/sloppy. I was convinced that if I didn't tuck them into my tights/spanx, it'd be "half-untucked" (J Crew style!) in 20 minutes. I think making it a little longer would help too.

    On another note, I think it might be tough to get over one's head, as the one I tried on had makeup shmears all over the neckline.

    Cute in theory, hot mess on me.

  5. I ordered this today. I tries to resist, but then I saw it on gossip girl.... Lol. I'm either a 4 or 6 and went with a 6 in this one. I don't want it to be too tight in the chest. I hope I picked the right size.


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