Sunday, November 4, 2012

J Crew - pleated crepe skirt

J Crew's pleated crepe skirt (10969, ) comes in black, cabernet, deep violet and vibrant fucshia, 00-14.

Size 6 - I'm gonna say this might be one of the longer "knee-length" skirts from J Crew. I'm 5'2". Check it out on A Package A Day, on Feeling J Crewy and on Respect the Shoes.

Another shot of the skirt. I didn't bring a top specifically to try w/the skirt. I happened to have the Tippi sweater in stripe in with me. There were some popbacks of the sweater this morning. For you hawk eyes, that's the buffalo check shirt in the corner. Review in this post.

The pleats didn't at too much weight in the rear, but it will add some depending on your shape. There are no pockets.

The skirt sits higher on the torso. I didn't like the way the hem was sewn. It looked a little cheap in this color. I'll guess that it's not as noticeable in a darker color. I wish I knew garment construction so I could explain how it could be improved. On the upside, it looked like there was almost 2" available to let down.

The Feeling
I liked the idea of the skirt. Knife pleats scare me as far as care goes. I like the box pleats on this and think they're well done. Remember, I don't sew so I'm going off of how they look and how they fell. This specific color was fun, although it would be a challenge for me personally. This style of skirt didn't get me excited about styling it. I didn't wear a school uniform, but I think these types of skirts reminds me of them. If I recall correctly, the poly lining was noisy. Also a drawback. I'm not completely against poly. In this case, the fabric and weight of it it worked for the hang of the skirt. I didn't like the noise aspect.
For those that have purchased it, I understand why you like the skirt. I think the cut works.


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  1. I have it in the Fuchsia in a size 8. It fits a little lower and gives a teeny bit more length, though the 6 was a good fit too, just higher on the torso like you stated. I was initially against getting it once I saw it was 100% Poly but on sale with a % off changed my mind. I wish I could snag the Cabernet now too. I think the Fuchsia will look good with gray tights/boots or black too. I couldn't get into the Navy Polka Dot one but I guess that's because I never saw it IRL.

    1. Audreybella, thanks for chiming in w/your fit experience. I never saw the polka dot one either. I'm not feeling like I missed much ;)

  2. I picked up the Cabernet on sale this morning and ordered two sizes. It doesn't show as FS in that color, so I'm hoping to return the one that doesn't work. Not a fan of poly and I tried looking for similar in the dark wine color and was unsuccessful. With the markdown and extra percent off, I was willing to overlook the material :-) I just hope it doesn't make that funny sound!!!

    1. Pamela - As I tweeted, I really think you won't regret it. At least I hope. Looking forward to your pics :)

  3. I get quesy about skirt lengths (a topic on my blog today) so this looking short and the 100% poly stopped me. Good eye on the hem, it doesn't look right. Gotta agree with your thumb. ;)

    1. This doesn't seem like a Tiffany Rose skirt. Although I'm sure you -- like Pamela -- would style it cute.

  4. thank you for this sizing review. always been curious about it and the fabric. xox

    phiphi's blog


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