Friday, November 23, 2012

J Crew - lace-printed sweatshirt

J Crew's lace-printed sweatshirt (34800, $75) run XXS - XL. The color is called natural (NAT).

Size S - Thank you to A JC Shopping Habit who shared this with us awhile back. I was able to order it before it showed up on the website. Keep blogging, ajc! Check out the sweatshirt on Fashion At Forty, on Phi Phi, Shop With M and on Shopping Obsession.

The S is a bit grabby on me in the stomach, but fits well elsewhere.

Short sleeves on a sweatshirt are odd, but it works on this. I wouldn't want printed lace going down my arms. Jesse James might see me, think I'm tatted up and ask me to marry him. Pass!

The Feeling
Not a big fan of digital prints, but they're growing on me. It definitely beats a lace overlay, which Mini G would love to dig her fingers in. I like the creme colored background. White would be too stark. Fit on the S is too fitted across the stomach for me. It might stretch out a little when wearing, but I'd prefer some washer/dryer shrinkage room.

Size M - The M is a little big, possibly adding more weight but it felt more comfortable. I don't care if people think I'm pregnant. That's not a bad thing. The M just makes me feel less self-conscious.

The print goes all the way around the sweatshirt. We'd expect that from J Crew, but you never know w/today's cost cutting measures.

The Feeling
Same sentiments as above. Again, the M is probably adding a little weight so I'm not sure what size I'd get. I still think M. If I get it, I will come back and share the size I chose. For you, get your regular alpha size. Don't size up. If you're pregnant, size up one and it should look really cute if you're in 1st & showing or the 2nd trimester.

Size S vs Size M

J Crew
25% off sitewide with COLOR25 thru Sun, 11/25
30% off sitewide with CARDMEMBER thru Sun, 11/25
Some exclusions i.e. Lulu Frost
25% = $73.50
30% = $68.60



  1. Thanks for the snort there Gigi - Jesse James would indeed chase you down the street!

    1. Tabitha - More of our awful pop culture reaching across the pond. :(


  2. Replies
    1. Hexicon - Is that dude a mess or what? I went for bad guys, but never that bad.

  3. Gig, are you still looking for the cotton pencil in Golden Burgundy? There's a NWT size 6 on ebay. HTH

    1. xoxo - Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Gigi,

    Have you ever bought jewelry from ILY couture? I am considering their knockoff of the JCrew pave link necklace but they don't allow returns and there's some poor feedback on their facebook page which is making me hesitant to throw out 100 dollars in the dark. Any advice you can offer would be really appreciated! Thanks

    1. maqsad - I'm sorry to say I won't be ordering from Ily Couture again. I ordered a bubble and it wasn't the same color as their online pic. It took a few days to get things sorted, but in short they were accommodating about allowing an exchange. I paid return shipping and they didn't charge me to ship the new one out. I don't think I wore the necklace more than a couple hours and one of the cabochons fell out. I was really annoyed because I had to take of the necklace for the rest of the day. First world problems, but still. Ily and me weren't meant to be, I suppose. All of the jewelry I've ordered thru Ebay has worked out perfectly, incl the bubble necklace. I'm just gonna stick with that in the future.

      As far as the pave necklace, it looks pretty good. I think even if you had a problem with the J Crew necklace after 30 days, they would make it right. At least I hope so. Not so sure about Ily Couture. Sometimes it better to just pay more to get more. Hopefully, of course.

  5. Thanks for your candid thoughts, Gigi! You have confirmed my worries about them. I will stick with old faithful then.


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