Sunday, November 25, 2012

J Crew - colorblock shell (silk)

J Crew's colorblock shell (32735, $110) runs 00-16. The color choices are ivory black (IBL) and mauve blush papaya (MBP).

Size 6 - This is a silk version of the wool colorblock top from early FA12. Pulls over the head, no snaps, buttons or zippers. I see the online description as lined, but I just assumed the top was 100% silk and didn't check the fabric description. Check it out on Feeling J Crewzy.

 The arm hole seemed to hang a bit low.

The Feeling
I like the color combo. It's very fresh looking in-person. It looked seasonally inappropriate, though and better for spring. The way they colorblocked this isn't the most flattering in the world, but I liked it anyway. 

Size 4 - On another day I was able to try the ivory/black version and I picked 4 to see if that was the better fit. It's not. I would take a 6 in this. I kind of felt like a penguin. Maybe because the ivory is on the outer edges, this top made me feel even bigger, wider. As you can see, there is no room for size error if you have a full middle.

The top is cut wide through the shoulders and upper chest, to the cap sleeve.

The armhole is still low, but again the 6 is the right size; not this size 4.

The Feeling
I didn't like this color pattern. It seemed a little penguin-y. However, I do like that it's ivory and not a stark white. And I think it will be easier for more women to wear than the mauve papaya one above. I don't think this cut is optimal. I don't know enough about sewing to explain why. I do know I have a striped silk top by F21 in a similar shape and the cut on that is flattering. 

Chime in...

J Crew
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  1. I didn't try it on but I saw the mauve blush papaya and I agree that it looks springy (too springy for November). I kind of like the ivory/black combo but it is weird that the panel doesn't go all the way down and it more striking in this colorway. I think it looks flattering on you but there are too many choices out there and if you think it does nothing for you, it isn't worth it.

    Gigi, I posted a pic of the Madewell apres-ski dress (at the end of my last post). Would love an opinion or suggestion on how to wear it out, I am undecided because it is a great little dress for the price.

    1. Hi Ema, I am late seeing this. Yeah, I won't be getting this top. Haven't thought of it since. It's cute when I see it on the rack, but only mildly. I will visit to see your Madewell dress.


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