Sunday, November 4, 2012

J Crew - collection sequin bow pant

J Crew's collection sequin bow pant (16982, $495) run 00-12 and the color is called saddle. They went down to $349.99, I believe got a 2nd cut and then a 3rd cut to $199.99 online.  

Size 4 - Waist = 32.5", Hips = 39.75"
Size 6 - Waist = 33.5", Hips = 40.75"

The pants are also available on Net-A-Porter. Look at the difference in stock photos. The Net-A-Porter pic is much more accurate.

Size 4 - This was definitely the correct size. They would look better with a 2-3 lb weight loss or sleeping with my  Prep H & my wrap belt would do the trick. That aside, size 4 -- the smaller of my J Crew pant sizes -- is the right choice. The sequins are dark grey and photograph brighter than they appear in person. I didn't want them to be disco ball shiny, but I was unprepared for how unremarkable they were irl.

I tried the pants w/the keeper chambray shirt ($78, sz 6). Chambray shirts go with just about any and everything. Check the pants out on Bows and Sequins.

View from the side. A little pulling near the pocket, but I think these stretch out  a little during the day with wear.

The Feeling
I forgot to take a photo. It would probably be a thumb to the side. I've been thinking about these pants since I received them and I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. The color is darker, more muddied than I expected. It's really too bad that J Crew has such inaccurate depictions of their merchandise. Stop w/the Photoshop filters! I like that they're wool, that they have pockets & I like the concept overall. I didn't like that the color was darker than expected or that the sequins were more muted than expected. However, I'm thinking the sequins would catch the right light at an evening holiday party. 

Chime in...

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  1. I just don't get their bow fetish just now, I think bows are for 8 year olds and under, especially en masse like that.

  2. With my penchant for sequins and crazy pants wouldn't you know I had to get this too? And like you, I was underwhelmed when I saw the trousers in person. Excellent assessment, all your points. I will try it on to see if anything happens, whether I get the feeling ... ;)

    Come visit, I've got the bookshelf shot with our beloved dictionary clutch.

  3. I finally realized why all the stark white backgrounds - so it's easier for the Photoshopper from Space to carve out upper arms and space between thighs. It's become more and more difficult to get a read on what the items look like IRL.

  4. I agree on the IRL photos (remember my infamous cheetah post?) they need to put some IRL photos on the site _ the catalogue is typically better, but most items don't appear there...

    I am meh about these pants myself. I am receiving the purple silk tie pants, which I hope are my holiday pants, but we will see - I do not trust at all that they will look like they look on the web!

  5. I'll dissent... the bows are not my style, and the color is different than the web site photo, but I think they look cute on you. You might even like them with a different top and a cute heel (someone must have diluted your crewlade lol). Probably not $199 - 25% off like them, though, that's the problem, still too much $. It's a lot of bows, but they are almost tonal with the silver/gray on camel.

  6. I ordered these pants way back when they showed up in the sale section with extra 30% off (less than 60 days) and they were not final sale. When they landed back in sale last week, with a $139.00 price after promo, I contacted my VPS. She had to reorder them and send (can you believe that) and I returned the other pair on Friday at my b&m. I am a bow lover, and I know there are plenty more of us. I also like that these pants can be dressed up, or worn everyday and yet are not too flashy (like many of the other capris).

    Gigi - tell me more about your wrap belt from Amazon? I ordered one, but it came without any info. How often/when do you wear yours? Thanks! (I tried searching it with your blog search, but didn't find info).

  7. The bad photos on the site are getting to be a big problem!
    I agree with your assessment completely. I never considered these as I am not a bow lover but I wondered about them so thanks for the review.

  8. I don't like them but I am one of those struggling with non neutral solid pants nevermind the prints or embellishments. But I think it is a 3D aspect of it that freaks me out, the bows look like some kind on bugs all over my legs :(

  9. that's too bad about the colour differences. i'm not sure i'm a fan of these ones, especially at this price point. thank you as always for your reviews!

    phiphi's blog

  10. The $500 price point for these was CRAZY but I like them on you, they are very flattering. The leg looks more tapered than the other cafe capris? Or maybe it is because they aren't cuffed. But if you don't get the feeling you don't get the feeling ;-).

  11. I don't hate them but think the price is ridiculous!


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