Thursday, November 8, 2012

J Crew - chiffon top in hothouse floral

J Crew's chiffon top in hothouse floral (36651, $138)

Size 6 - I have been a 4 in some of the recent Collection tops (electric plaid, snakeskin print), but there was no 4 to try in this. Size 6 seemed to fit fine, but I would want to try a 4 to be sure. I tried it on with the café capri in wool in dublin green(6) per my vPS. I'm not sure I would've paired the two together as that's a lotta green and I don't wear much green. However, I think it works for the right person considering with the right coloring for it.

I can't get over the dark part of the print looking like I lost horribly in a fight with a ballpoint ink pen. Check it out on Colorful Corporate, on Feeling J Crewzy, on J Crew Is My Favorite Store, on Notes From the Dressing Room and on Shop With M.

Shoes: Gap old (Similar here $39.99)

The colors are electric and I like the pleating at the neckline. A little something different. I think a 4 would fit a little better in the shoulder and thru the waist, but would probably be too tight in the upper back, upper arms and across my stomach.

A rear shot. It's blurry. The print is a sharper than this.

One button at the back of the neck. These sometimes give me trouble, but I don't have bad memories about it in this case. It was probably the standard degree of difficulty for me and a 6 from the Russian judge on my execution. As in I wouldn't medal, but I would get it done without bombing out. Would draw this analogy out, but we must move on. ;)

The Feeling
The blue & green colors are beautiful and electric. I couldn't get a sense of the pattern. It didn't say anything to me, it didn't say anything to me at all. I didn't get a chance to see if the print is different on each top or if there is a big dark blotch at the bottom of all of them. This would be a thumbs down, but the colors tilt the thumb to the side.

There's also the collection skirt in hothouse floral (28823, $198). It looks dowdy w/the blouse. The length looks longer, which is a plus for us that are oh so weary of the crotch skimming lengths.

Chime in...

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  1. Thank you for this review: I love the print and am waiting to see the silk scarf version IRL. I know there is a wool print scarf which is pretty much the same print but I love this fabric. Also, nothing would look like ink blotch! Love that description! This print is very sketch-like and I think that is a bit lost in the clothing, which is viewed from a distance and as a whole, rather than maybe in a scarf, with a smaller area exposed...

  2. Gigi you're hilarious with the analogy! The colors are beautiful, thanks for the review and for cracking me up.

  3. I think the placement of the dark spot on the blouse that you were trying is a bit unfortunate. I checked mine and while there is a dark "flower" at the bottom it isn't as big. Each blouse is different, I think. That's why I didn't bother playing the repurchasing game with mine. I like the one that I have and it is always a risk to return one that is perfect because you don't know what you will get. I would risk it for a big price difference but here we are talking about $10-15 (I got 15% off already when I bought mine).

  4. LOVE this top...I almost never wear green, but this shade works for me...and the print is unusual but still interesting. Thanks for the review.


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