Wednesday, November 21, 2012

J Crew - café capri in red tartan & keeper chambray

J Crew's café capri in red tartan comes in regular 00-16 (16333), petite 00-12 (38945) & tall 0-14 (38944). The color is called bohemian red multi.

Size 6 - I would've been really surprised to see the color & tone of these in-person if I'd seen them on the website first. There's a glow to them on the website that doesn't exist in-person. These are similar to the ones offered over the recent years. A regular tartan, for the most part. I really don't recall anything electric about the colors. Please chime in if you have them, or have tried them and disagree. Check them out on Feeling J Crewzy and on Notes From the Dressing Room.

See, pretty standard as far as colors.

They seem ever so slightly longer than the usual capri. I'm talking 1/4" - 1/2" maybe...?

In this pic I'm grabbing the back of the thigh to pull it tighter. I always need at least a 6 to fit my rear and then the thigh is just a little too big. I just go with it. The 6, that is.

Lol looks the same as above, but trust me that my butt is not quite that low. 100% wool. I believe these are unlined. Interestingly, the have textural issues, but the lack of lining doesn't always bother me.

The Feeling
If I didn't own the Factory wool skimmers from last year or the red plaid that is mostly white based, I would be all over these. I like the colors.

Keeper chambray shirt ($78) comes in regular 00-16 (44875) & petite 00-14 (74120). The color is called afternoon sky (ASK). How Anthro of them.

Size  6 - chest = 39", waist = 38.25"
Size  8 - chest = 40", waist = 39.25"

Size 6 - I used to vacillate between 4 & 6 and sometimes still do. I'm finding that 6 is easily the best size in button downs like these, sometimes an 8. The 6 worked ok, but would probably take an 8. I don't even know if I can claim post-partum after 14.5 months, but I am. lol Check it out on Cupcakes and Cashmere, on Debye, on Jacey Lenae, on One Too Many Closets, on Sequins & Stilletos, on The Family of Love and The Petite Fitting Room. I agree w/Ema that button downs should be buttoned from the 3rd or 4th button on down. Unless you're doing the necklace-over look at the neck.

Pocket detail. A lil' different w/the stitching.

The Feeling
I like the lighter shade and I like the pocket detail. I think you just have to keep trying chambrays until you find the perfect one for you. I thought this was standard fare so thumbs up, but I wasn't jumping up & down. It's a fine line between looking chic and looking like you're off to do some plumbing.

Chime in...


  1. A fine line between looking chic and looking like you're off to do some plumbing ... ain't that the truth, lol!

    Thanks for reviewing these. I'm OCD when it comes to the horizontal lines matching up across seams and the tartan look slightly off? I just went to check the factory skimmer black watch plaid and there's enough misalignment, even if ever so slight, for me to wonder if they are keepers (hehe).

    1. Tiffany Rose - Totally hear you on the lines & such, however I just don't look down. lol

      I ordered the collection silk blouse anyway. I am mainly interested in finding out if it is Tiffany Rose approved :)


    2. I answered but late and yep I like that blouse if getting two of them is any indication. ;)

    3. Oh goodie! I'm looking forward to mine. I got sand dune. We are also starting fitness again here, which is needed if I expect to fit & feel good in the 4.

    4. The silk feels really really good. Yay on the other routine, remember one step at a time. ;)

      Oh and thanks for pointing out the IRL of the tartan pants. I thought it odd 100% wool would glow. What else are they doing to the photography!

  2. I love the fit of these pants. I purchased a pair in black, and wore them once. Please please please tell jcrew that unlined wool pants are just a nightmare for many of us! Itchy and uncomfortable!

  3. I love both pieces! I have the Plaid Black Watch button down with the same colors as the pants and they're gorgeous! I really like the chambray shirt but I wish it only had one pocket on the front instead of two. With two pockets the trend is slightly more Western. <3

  4. I just bought a pair of the tartan capris on super sale and mine are definitely lines. They look to be the same tartan.


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