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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Macy's - Charter Club & Ralph Lauren

I really need new trousers. A couple workhorse pairs that I can count on to fit every time I put them on. Sadly, the ones I have by Ralph Lauren don't currently work. I'm going to hang onto them because I have hope that they will fit in the future. Last nite I went to Macys, hoping to find similar RL trousers and just go up a size. There were a lot of tight pants from all labels. Way too many ponte pant choices. I was easily distracted by the sale racks. I left with a few things and not a stitch were pants:

Charter Club - 3/4 sleeve printed dress - I knew the cut of this dress wasn't going to work for me, but I took it home anyway. At the very least I knew I could share pics, which I'm glad to do since their online depictions leave much to be desired. This dress was around a net $35 after an addtl 30% off + a 20% cardholder coupon. Bargains are often better in-store, but not always. The fabric on this is heavy and the print is beautiful. Makes me think of Milly. I saw another Charter Club chainlink print wrap dress awhile ago in a circular. It also comes in petite. I love chainlink and wanted to try it, but I know wrap dresses don't work on me. It's still intriguing, though, now that I see they've stepped up the Charter Club game. If you see the label, definitely check it out. I used to look, but never really buy. Something has definitely changed. At least for the rollout that's in-stores.

Ralph Lauren - Haylie printed jersey top. This was dirt cheap, too, like a net $22. I knew that cap sleeve and turtleneck were going to be a bad combo (36C), but I wanted to try it on anyway. The houndstooth is like a plaid, like a plaid, like a houndstooth. It doesn't matter. It's a cute print. No houndstooth near the face for you? How about a houndstooth RL rug or RL blanket.

This morning I looked for some pants online, but didn't see any. There were a really, really cute pair of Charter Club pants that were heavy weight. I meant to get those to try in grey; they didn't have black. But like I said, I was so distracted by the sale racks. Which reminds me...this RL Cora polo was 40% off --> 65% off. Again, plus the addtl 20%, for a net $16.66. All of the colors were nice and the creme didn't look too sheer. If you like RL, definitely check out Macy's right now. I couldn't believe there were racks with 65% off the original retail. I know all prices get cut if things don't sell out, but this is good fall merch, in good fall colors. Very wearable right now.

I have to leave, so I'll look around online again tomorrow for pants as well as visit another store. While looking online I found a few more items of interest: 

* RL Fair Isle mockneck - I'll always look at digital prints thru a critical lens, but I love that this is cotton. Cotton's heading toward unicorn status these days.
RL Lambswool plaid sweater
* RL long sleeve plaid flannel - Red with a lot of white in it. I likes it.
* RL plaid tee ($29.98) - I think this is a digital print. Cotton. Remember that codes do not work on Everyday Values.

Happy Halloween! It's J Crew modern red cardi and something w/a black print for me. I will likely dress up later. I wish I'd decorated for Halloween. However, we did manager to get to a pumpkin patch over the weekend and that was so cute & fun with Mini G. I was going to attempt a diy costume with felt & tulle, but time got away from me. Heck, I never had it in the first place (slaps knee). I bought her costume and I don't feel one bit bad about it.



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  1. Hey, Gigi, I'm running out to Macy's to check this stuff out. Charter Club was my mainstay when I was fresh out of law school in 1998, working at a Silicon Valley law firm. The fabrics were quality back then, and not poly -- silk, wool, cotton. I have the closet to prove it :-) Guess they slid downhill over the years, but now theyyyy're back.

  2. Oh, and Gigi, since you expect that the 3/4 sleeve printed CC dress won't work for you, can I put dibs in to buy it from you and save you the in-store return? IJS... :-) Send me a private message if you're game. And my feelings won't be hurt if you LOVE it and decide to keep it!

    1. Lawgirl, may we find our FLO more times than not ;)

  3. I was drooling over that J.Crew floral blouse when I saw it in the catalog. Glad you reviewed it. It looks gorgeous in person as well. Enjoy your day, Gigi!

  4. If you are looking for classic trousers give J.Crew's Hutton trousers in super 120s a try. They are awesome!

    1. Jeannie - JC suiting usually doesn't fit my rear well; too tight. I should give a larger size a try, though. The Huttons definitely don't work because my waist isn't smaller than my hips. Thanks for the suggestion, though :)


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