Monday, October 29, 2012

J Crew - polka-dot sequin top

J Crew's polka-dot sequin top (28614, $128) runs XXS - XL. The color choices are black and vintage champagne.

Size S - vintage champage - I was really excited about this top when I saw it in the store. I was sure that this would be the color choice for me. I thought the black was navy. Which was fine, but I thought it was a little garish. Well, I was disappointed when I put this on. I didn't get the feeling I expected. 

The color is called vintage champagne, but you should think tea stained...even a slight pale pink tone to it, I'd say. You can only see it when you're very up close, examining it. I'm not sure if you wore pink that it would bring out that background tone. You can see in this photo that it's not white.

Size comparison - The  scale of the top in the two photos is different, unfortunately. The size S (on the right) looks longer. I'm not sure if I pulled it down and that's what's making it look longer. I hope that there isn't some freakish, difference in lengths on some tops vs others. The size M was a little boxy and a little loose under the arms. The size S was much, much better. It fit closer to the body, wasn't boxy and was slimming.

The Feeling
I love the polka dots, but they seem a bit sparse in this color pattern. The polka dot seem a little too small and a little too far apart. I also didn't like the vintage champagne color as much as I thought I would. It's going to come down to how the champagne looks w/your skin tone vs the black.

Size S - black - Once I figured out that S was best, I didn't bother trying M in the black. There is an extra piece of material, like a flap, in the neckline of the top. You should be really careful when trying on the top, whether you're just trying or own it. However, if you happen to catch it on your face you will likely hit the extra piece of material. I'm going by memory & don't own the top at the moment. But I recall thinking I could just wash the flap part if needed, since it doesn't have sequins on it. Check it out
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Shoes: Gap old - Similar here, here, here and Vince Camuto ($59.99)

Up close. I swear the polka dots look larger in this color pattern.

The Feeling
I was really surprised how cute this color was on. The size of the polka dots and the placement are perfect. Not too big/small. Not too close/far apart. The top is comfortable and I think it's less itchy than the zigzag top. If you're on the fence about color choice and happen to have the zigzag sequin, go for the navy if it looks good on you.

Hoping those affected by Sandy are safe! You are totally on my mind.

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  1. I know I would love this top! Thanks for sharing how it looks on!

  2. Love this top...and thanks for the shout out :)

  3. Really, really like the navy top on you. I don't need this top at all, but if I did I'd definitely go with the darker color. So many of J.Crew's pale colors tend to wash me out.

  4. I'm pretty sure the navy is actually black...?? Regardless, I own the ivory one and wore it the other day with a denim shirt under it. I like it!

  5. Love the navy on you! I tried this on Sunday and although I love sequins, I didn't get the love feeling for this or the zig-zag sequin top. It's cute, but not worth full price to me.

  6. it's black not navy

  7. Hey there ... thanks for the love!

    Isn't it funny how different the dots look on the different colors?

    I love the black on you!

  8. Debating buying this top as we speak!



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