Monday, October 29, 2012

J Crew - Liberty perfect shirt in Leo scarlet

J Crew's Liberty perfect shirt in Leo scarlet (97120, $150) runs 00-14. Sorry J Crew, but this shirt doesn't go with the sequin bow pants.

Size 2 - There is a staff member who continues to pull size 2, 4 and XS for me despite the fact that I haven't been in the lower numeric sizes for the past few years. I keep trying to tell her I'm bigger than I look and the baby weight is still there. I'm not sure if she forgets, is trying to flatter me, if the correct sizes aren't available or if she just wants me to have to ask for a different size. lol  Mama ain't a 2.

It's kinda sassy all tight, button undone and collar popped, but not. Surely I have my stomach sucked in. 

Check out Liberty florals...
* on 1 More Shopping Blog (indian red)
* on A Package A Day (d'anjo)
* on Audreybella (blue white floral)

The Feeling
The Liberty fabric feels so good on. I don't know if it feels $150 good, but if someone has the budget for it I can see why they'd go for it. The construction was flattering as well. I didn't care for the print. Florals aren't often a match for me and these little posies definitely didn't do it. It was cute, though, but if I'm being honest with myself the print & colors aren't my personal style.

Grandma is spunky & funny, and I'm pretty sure she's wearing the Liberty perfect shirt in D'Anjo. What do you think?

Chime in...

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  1. I think you're right, grandma is wearing liberty print.

    Actually, I think the floral print is really pretty on you but IKWYM if it doesn't feel like you. It looks good if you ever want to take that on.

    1. Tiffany Rose - I'll keep it in mind, thank you ;)

  2. Your photos, reviews and links to others reviews are so helpful. Please keep shopping.

  3. I love both of them, how in the world did you spot grandma wearing the d'Anjou? lol

  4. Hey, girl. Proud of you for at least trying on the beauty. ;)

    I also adore Grandma in the blouse, which is exactly why I will never get rid of the (ridiculous, I know) 15-odd shirts I own.

    I have one from the current run, this one:

    (I know you are like me and have very little time for looking at other blogs--of which there are 5 gazillion, so if I see something I reviewed that you could use here, I will happily drop the link!)

  5. Ha- nice spotting on granny! I think i'm in love with the 'idea' of liberty print shirts, like, a lot, but I don't know that I actually need one! Quite like this subtle print...

  6. I really like the liberty prints; however, the Leo Scarlet print is my least favorite. Thanks for the link love!

  7. I am like you, I like the Liberty print shirts but think they are not for me. I did buy the one in Indian red when the stores where having the 25% off promo but then I realized that it was Crewlade and I didn't even like it THAT much on me. I like the more abstract print that they put out but not as much as to buy one. In terms of cotton, I think that for the price the Thomas Mason ones are much better and feel luxurious on the skin...


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