Tuesday, October 30, 2012

J Crew - guest review: sterling skirt

Welcome, Tabitha of Bourbon and Pearls.

Tabitha is sharing a quick review of the sterling skirt in double-serge wool in the newly added color, autumn coral:

I'm 5ft 4 for reference. This is a size 2. It's an orangey coral, not as pure an orange as Hermes orange. It definitely has a dollop of coral in there too. It's not as neon as it appears here. It's really comfy for everyday as it's less restricting than a pencil skirt, I didn't try last years skirt so can't compare.  

A recap of the latest on the sterling skirt in double-serge wool:
 $79.99 - black, crimson maple & retro jade
    $148 - autumn coral (new), heather acorn, heather carbon & sheer mint (new)

Tabitha, you look great in the skirt! Thanks for the review and sharing a pic. I agree about the skirt movement.The slight A-line shape gives the legs more walking room.

Check it out
* on AppGal
* on Dani BP (pic 6)
* on Obsessive Fixations
* on me  - the 2011 version, where I compare the sterling to the flair skirt.

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  1. Thanks, Tabitha and GiGi. I need a black skirt and the Sterling is a very good markdown, so I've been thinking about it, especially given the poor marks for this year's Double-Serge #2 Pencil. What do you think about figure types and this skirt? My waist is two sizes smaller than my hips, so I generally have to fit my hips and have the waist taken in.

    Do you think the Sterling fits like the Flair skirt, where everyone said to size to fit the waist, or is this one still pretty slim in the hips despite the slight A-line? Thanks!

    1. Hexicon, if you click on the "in this post" link above, it will take you to my review of the sterling vs the flair. Side by side pics. Hth. :-

    2. Tabs that skirt looks amazing on you, great review. Lovely coral color.
      Hexicon I tried the Sterling in black and it didn't fit me properly, very unflattering on my hippy hips. I have a small waist relative to my hips so sizing up wouldn't work very well. A picture of it is on my blog today, towards the end of the post.
      I bought last years version in the acorn on the advice of FFM and I love it but it fits quite differently, they've taken out some of the a-line, this years version is great for the slim of hip I think.

    3. Hexicon, I am an "apple" shape (not a lot of difference between hips and waist) and I really loved the way the sterling skirt fit me. I do think it is slim through the hips, and unlike other a-line skirts on me, the flare shape does not jut out too much nor does the waist cut in on me. Gigi has linked to my sterling skirt review, and you can see the flair skirt on me here. HTH!

    4. Thanks everyone--I think that Tabitha (on whom the skirt looks lovely) has said that she is more straight through the hips, so it sounds like it works well for the apples and rulers but maybe not so well for the hourglasses and the pears (pear-shaped is where I'm headed if I don't back away from the Halloween candy).

  2. OOOOO, this skirt looks great on you, Tabitha!!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I hope mine fits me half as nicely- thanks Tabitha and Gigi(especially for the accurate colour reviews!)

  4. Great fun to have a guest reviewer!

    This looks great on you Tabs! I has wondered what it would be like on our body shape and am impressed!

  5. thank you tabitha and gigi - i have always been so curious about this skirt!! xox P

  6. Pretty lady in a pretty skirt. Love. ;)

  7. Thank you for the review Tabitha! Love the skirt on you. The colour is really pretty. I ordered the crimson maple one, can't wait to get my hands on it. I have a ruler-shaped figure, so I'm hopes that it will work well on my body type.

  8. This fits you perfectly and a nice pop of colour for winter. I ordered the heather and love it as Tabitha said it gives you extra movement. Wish my waist looked like Tabitha's.

  9. Thanks for the review Tabitha! The skirt looks gorgeous on you!

  10. Gorgeous on you Tabitha! I have the crimson maple and love it.

  11. Replies
    1. Tabs, thanks again. Will never bin you ;).

  12. Tabitha, this skirt looks STUNNING on you. Great color! I am a fan of this year's Sterling skirt (although, like Tabs, did not try on last year's) and already have it in both retro jade and crimson maple. This coral color is right up there on my wishlist now; hoping it goes on sale soon.

    Thanks for the review! :)

  13. Thanks for the review. I was curious about the color and Tabitha wears it well.


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