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J Crew - Everly cap toe printed T-strap pumps

I reviewed the electric plaid skirt & bow-tie blouse in this post. I'm glad I got a hold of the shoes to try before ordering them on final sale:

J Crew's Everly cap toe printed T-strap pumps ($325, 13608) are now $219.99 online & in-store. I didn't see them marked on sale, but I called a store the other day to ask about the price to see if they were cheaper in store. Not, from what I was told.

The pumps. I wish the pictures would have come out better. The lighting is so dramatic in some of the fitting rooms. It creates shadows. Not good when trying to get a good idea of how something looks. I wear 7.5 and regular take 8 in J Crew pumps. These are the size 8. I could mostly walk in them, but the toe felt tight. The 8 felt like the right size, but I tried 8.5 just to be sure. The toe box in the 8.5 was far more comfortable and that part of them felt right. However, the back of the shoe just felt too big even though the ankle strap was keeping them securely in place. The shoe felt flat on the sole and that's not fun when paired with a narrow heel. Thicker heels or mid-heels are my favorite these days. I make exceptions, of course, but the shoe absolutely has to feel comfortable pretty much as soon as I put them on. Check the pumps out on Ema, who found them to be very comfortable.

With the jeans I had on that day. You know the ones. these! The pumps are overshadowed w/the jeans, a bit, which is why the clutch would be so cute with them.

Electric plaid and pink herringbone...

These are some baaad shoes!

...yep. I thought they were pretty cute together.

Those are the café capri in herringbone, size 6. Sometimes I take 4 in the capris, but these are lined and 6 fit best. The herringbone + lining can visually add a little weight, but I didn't feel like it was excessive on me. They're not as thick as the café capri in navy tweed (review here), if you've tried those.

Check out the herringbone capris on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Ema, on Feeling J Crewzy, on Happiness at Mid-Life and What 2 Wear When.

Size 6P - Waist = 32.3", Hips = 39.3"
Size 8P - Waist = 33.3", Hips = 40.3"

With the Collection skirt in electric plaid (review here). They were really cute together.

J Crew pumps have been ridiculously uncomfortable as of late. I'm talking the basic pumps, not summer wedges. The Monas are included in my dislike, although that didn't stop me from buying the anchor printed version. I've stayed away from all pumps except the Martina wedges. Plain and simple...they need to bring back the Juliet (2008 we miss you!). For some reason I decided to photograph the electric plaid Everlys vs. my foot. I'm glad I did because it was very revealing. It's clear that my toes don't slant diagonally enough or are not narrow enough to fit in that pointy toe box. My foot is definitely not wide as I've tried wide shoes and they don't fit. I'd say the toe box is #1 issue I have with J Crew pumps. The #2 issue is the arch. Their shoes seem to offer little to no arch support. I'll have to next investigate whether I have a normal arch or high one.

The Feeling (but hold your horsie)
Thumbs up on the matchy-matchy. The skirt & shoes together is really cute. I don't know who would wear it or where they would wear it, but it works, imo. I just can't argue with that chic shoe cut. Purdy, even if though the cut is no good for me. Love the plaid. However, I have to give a thumbs down to the shape of the Everly. The shoes are leather lined, but they just didn't feel sturdy. They felt like very upscale Payless shoes, if that's not a contradiction ;). I'm a little sore that these didn't work for me, but I'm over it. Haven't thought about them much since I tried them on.

I waffled for a little bit (like an hour) the other day, but am so glad I jumped on the invitation clutch in electric plaid ($198) now $99.99 online. I really wanted the clutch & shoes because I like that type of matchy-matchy. The clutch & skirt will have to do. It should look nice with a solid colored sweater. I really like the invitation clutch silhouette. I've never used it w/the handle. I like the way it feels, the heft. However, it's not too heavy, imo. There were only a couple in stock when I ordered. So glad it shipped. The thought of the silk is a little scary, but it's not like I'll be using the handbag daily. See the blue leather part? It almost stopped me from ordering because I have the J'Crewlet Vero clutch in the same/similar color (review here), but I think the leather is a little different. I just like that plaid. Had to go for it. I was going to get Talbot's plaid equestrian clutch, but I prefer the size of the invitation.

I think there's going to be a 30% off promo starting online on Sun nite, 10/21.  Well, technically Mon 12a, EST.

Whaddya say...whaddya say...?

Sale - Irl Pic Guide (Oct 10, 2012)
30% off sale items in-store as of 10/18

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


  1. It is so sad when they make shoes like this, which, with just a bit more craftsmanship could achieve the pointy toe look and be comfortable. Sigh. Glad you are happy with your clutch and skirt- they look great on you!

    1. WMM - Ivanka Trump makes the best shoes. Leather w/leather sole, in many cases. She nails the pointy toe look and the shoes are still comfortable all day long. If you get a chance to try them, do it. Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Wow, I just checked my toes, mine are completely slanty and diagonal Gigi, I feel like Cinders - those must be my shoes!

    1. Tabs - JCAs around the world are checking their toes. lol I saw you in the colorblock Everlys. They look really good.

  3. You are so funny Gigi! I've really enjoyed your reviews of all of the electric plaid items. I love the clutch! And the silk top will hopefully be mine someday. Thanks as always for the helpful reviews and the humor! :)

  4. Hi Gigi, thanks for the reviews! I sized 1/2 a size up in these and I can wear them comfortably for a couple of hours (my limit for heels). I got such a great deal on them, I had to keep them!

  5. bummer about the fit on the Everly's. Yeah, designed for people with skinny feet, for sure!

  6. I forgot to say, I have your feet Gigi - explains so much! Oh Tabs - wish you were a size 6.5 - you would be getting a boxful of designer shoes!

  7. I love those shoes! Beautiful! I'm with you on fit - my feet don't happily conform to fashion. Those would be sitting shoes. ;-)

  8. Hi Gigi, I am not sure I said that they are very comfortable but they are comfortable enough for me. I don't plan to wear them for hours of shopping anyway ;-).
    The JCrew flats with rounded toe like the Cece are surprisingly the most uncomfortable shoes for my feet, they hit me in a very painful spot at the end of my big toe. I do well with the pointy ones so maybe that's why I find them confortable even if I agree the toe box is small, I have to squeeze all my toes in but once they are on board they are fine.
    I got the clutch too (in store), I just couldn't resist the matchy shoes and bag and the price was too good. I thought that if I waited more I will probably save $20 max and risk to miss on it.


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