Wednesday, September 19, 2012

J Crew - Collection cashmere two-tone sweatshirt

J Crew's Collection cashmere two-tone sweatshirt (62105, $258) is $169.99 with only kiwi snow remaining (stock pic). It's $139.99 in-store.

Size M - Color AFL - What looks like clear, white writing is a reflection from my cell phone. I couldn't get rid of it. This sweater is 100% cashmere. It didn't look shopworn. I do think there will be some pilling. I don't have much experience w/cashmere so I couldn't guess how much and whether that's to be expected or if there is cashmere out there that doesn't pill. The body of the sweater was a nice, bright pink color. I didn't care for the neon pink stitching. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog.

The Feeling
I liked the fit of the M on this. It felt cozy & comfortable with a slightly looser fit. What is the point of a tight sweatshirt? Oh, I'm not 20 anymore...

Size S - Color TAQ - I didn't like the size S. The sweater looks short on the hanger and I would've tried M, but there was none. Too tight, too clingy. Distracted from the cozy 100% cashmere feeling I got up above in the size M. I love the color on this one and prefer it to the one above.

The Feeling
Thumbs up on color. Skewed to the side for being too small. 

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  1. Thanks again for the link love, gigi! I like the look of the pink one on you.

    1. Rose, thanks and you're welcome. I wish the lighting weren't so bad at that particular store. It would show things more accurately. Ah well.


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