Sunday, July 8, 2012

J Crew - classic mini in double-serge cotton

J Crew's classic mini in double-serge cotton (88345, $89.50) runs 0-14. the colors choices are bright spearmint, brilliant blue & natural. 95% cotton, 5% spandex, 100% poly lining. Machine wash.

Size 8 - The bright spearmint is so pretty. Very fresh. I'd even say it's a relaxing color. Check it out on A Package A Day, on Audreybella, on ShOperaRach, on Shop With M and on The Petite Fitting Room. Remember that I'm 5'2", so this will be more "mini" if you're taller.

 Top (4): J Crew Natasha in cerise

Due to my postpartum, I'm a size 8 in some J Crew bottoms. I used to vacillated between 4 & 6 and would generally prefer the size 6 in this type of silhouette. So, if I were my former size, I would get the 6 in this. If I were getting it now, of course I'd get the 8. I didn't see the natural in-store, so it might be online only. I saw the brilliant blue & it's pretty as well. I didn't share pics because the blue photographs as purple in color.

MUSTHAVE for 30% off continues on final sale & promo items. This skirt is currently on promo for $79.50. If you purchase it, it won't be a final sale item. The code works on Factory sale & promo items as well.

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  1. Really wish they would make this color into a pencil skirt. I could definitely find room in my pencil skirt collection for that!

  2. Oh I love the mint - but not sure if I could wear something that's a mini to the office!

  3. I love this skirt. I don't wear minis anymore, but the younger SA in my local store was wearing this skirt with the polka dot chambray perfect shirt and it looked fantastic on her.

  4. I tried this on a few weeks ago and loved it and its pretty color.
    I think it looks good on you and that color combo is quite nice.

  5. Is the double-serge mini TTS compared to the double-serge pencil skirt?

  6. Hi!

    I just bought this and im 5'2 (on a good day) and bought a size 4. I'm a curvy 4 so it fits tight and higher up on the waist since i have a booty and all. It is mini, but I figure with tights I can wear it to work and then pair it what a snazzy top a la vegas!


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