Thursday, June 21, 2012

J Crew - resin giraffe necklace, neon tweed boucle & Legion jacket

* Double-strand resin link giraffe necklace (orig $138, sold out online) - $69.99 in-store - I liked the black/off-white or peach strand of beads. I didn't care so much for the resin strand. The giraffe is nice. It would've been great w/just the black/off white-peach strand doubled. Pass for me. Check it out on Objects of My Closet's Affection. That's the Tippi sweater in linen - size M which I wasn't excited about because the linen is a little scratchy & dry clean only. However, I tried it on over 2 separate days and the color made me smile a lot, so I got it. Dazzling sun. Not my smile, shugga...the color name. ;) Check it out on Ina In Wonderland, on ShOperaRach and on Summer A La Mode.

* Plaid bouclĂ© tweed jacket (83346, $268) - Now $159.99 in-store as of 6/21. I love the colors in this. If I were a tad smaller and thought I'd actually wear it, I would get it. It's something that would probably sit, I'm afraid. Also, other than jeans and a top, I couldn't think of what to wear with it. I like how they styled it online w/the chinos. Yeah, I'm all for the brights but not sure I need a structured jacket in neons. I prefer the true neutral beige tone of fantasy fabric jacket  ($129) from Zara. I'd want to wear the JC jacket at least 4 or 5 times to feel like I got a good cost/wear out of it. Not sure that would happen and I wasn't going to risk it on finals sale. Not even w/the addtl 30%, bringing it down to $112. Check it out:

* on 1 More Shopping Blog
* on Biscuits and Navy
* on Handbag Aficionado
* on Notes From the Dressing Room
* on Pieces of Love
* on Slastena
And see the navy on A Package A Day.

Size 4 - chest = 36.5", waist 33.75"
Size 6 - chest = 37.5", waist 34.75"
Size 8 - chest = 38.5", waist 35.75"

Size 6 - This size was fine if I have no interest in zipping it. Otherwise I would need an 8.  
7/3/12 ETA -> I have since tried on the 6 & 8 again and the 6 is definitely a better fit.

* Legion stripe jacket (79054, $225) - This is on sale for $159.99 in-store as of 6/21. They need to throw this pattern away. It doesn't work. There have been a few other jackets w/this cut that didn't work. I generally stay pretty neutral about reviews only because there is usually someone that an item will look good on. I also think boxy is an overused word. Don't boxes come in squares and rectangles? Therefore many articles of clothing could be classified as boxy. Well this is boxy. And I mean a square box. The jubilee jacket was boxy. A rectangular box and just as unflattering on me as this square one. Actually they are in a tie for the two worst things I've tried on. At least for me. Like the jubilee, the legion has that unfinished edging that sometimes looks ratty before you can even get it to the register. I also don't want to look like I'm an employee of an amusement park. Head manager of the gondola ride. Or the Sombrero sit in a hat and it goes around and round.

Size 8 - The sleeves were way loose from the elbow to the wrist. It was odd. I've tried on the 6 before, too, and the sleeves were too loose around the forearm & wrist area. If you are loving this jacket and only looking for more fit info you should know that I could not get the 6 buttoned. However, I am still big in my stomach so I'm guessing you just take your regular J Crew jacket size. If you are busty and/or have hips you might want the larger of your JC sizes if you vacillate between two. Check it out on A JC Shopping Habit (midway down) and on Slastena.


* No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton ($110) - I noticed that warm burgundy (a newer color) is on promo for $89.50 online & is on $59.99 in-store asof 6/21 - Irl pics and links to like 90 million bloggers.

Kudos to you bloggers who put up lots of reviews in one post. My brain gets muddled, so I do one at a time. This was a lot for me -- I got 4 in here, but it felt like 8. So off to create the next one and will get it up shortly. More jewelry, the anchor sweatshirt ($59.99 in-store) and whatever else I found marked down. ETA: I put that post up and you can see it here.

Links to irl pics - sale price  - new update coming soon

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


  1. I don't remember ever seeing this Giraffe necklace. Of course, I'm always late. I have no idea where I am sometimes LOL.

  2. Gigi you made me laugh with your description of legion jacket, my thoughts exactly! I though it was hot mess. I like the boulle jacket on you I think with boxy simple is best. The only boxy jacket that ever worked on me is the filigree (sp?) so I ordered on sale to ponder farther. Of course I need it like aholein my head, lol.
    The giraffe necklace was too much for me, I prefer something like the elephant one that I have been wearing Thanks for the reviews, like always!

    1. ajc - I came across your pic of the legion jacket, so I added it to the post. I cannot believe that filigree is on promo already. Yay for you! :)

    2. The legion jacket is an "oh honey, no" cut for sure! I can't imagine it flattering any body type.

  3. Name of your smile. ;) I have that Tippi and LOVE the color too. You can't help but smile when wearing it!

    1. Skylette - Next time I visit I will see if you have pics of it :)

  4. I have the giraffe necklace, it is the only necklace that I bought this year, I like the neutral colors and the fact that goes with a lot of safari-inspired clothes that I have (BTW I wore it with the Seaport maxi and looked great, not sure if you have seen that post). This is an example of something that went on sale faster online than in store, it went down to $89.99 more than a month ago, maybe two. I could never catch it on a popback and finally my ps gave me a price adjustment when it was still fp in store even if I couldn't proof it.
    Ditto on the legion jacket, that style really doesn't work. The boucle looks great on you but I think it will look dated next year, they need to bring the price really down IMO like they did with the fanfare. Sorry for the long post, Blogger doesn't want me to publish my posts so I need to talk ;-).

  5. You look great in that dazzling sun sweater. I so wanted to get a linen Tippi in that color, but the itchy and snag factor makes me stay away. Too bad because it is a fabulous color.

    Thanks for the link love. I think you look great in the boucle jacket. It's definitely something different, but boxy and my body just doesn't work.

    1. fshnonmymind - I agree. Those are reasons I passed the first time. Itch, but more so the dry cleaning is a turnoff. Oh yeah, the snagging, too. I really love the color so that was what did it. You're welcome on link love. :)

  6. I love that yellow color on you! I think the giraffe necklace is cute but would prefer it in bracelet form - those J. Crew critter bracelets are so eye-catching!

    How is Mini G doing these days? Any experiences with separation anxiety? E started at around 6 months with strangers but is now hyper-anxious about being away from me. At. All. Example: I now brush my teeth, wash my face, and sunscreen myself with her on my hip. She is also now back in bed with me to sleep. *smacks self*

    1. SPG - Uh oh. Back in bed with you. We are lucky that Mini will sleep in her crib, in her room. We moved to a new place and she transitioned into her own room pretty well. She started stranger danger at 3 months w/my ils and that didn't go over well w/mil. I guess I'm an attachment parent because there was no way I was leaving her w/them and letting her cry it out so we could go see a movie or whatever. Despite what great-grandma thought, I really don't care that my husband got dropped off to her house and they let him cry it out. Mini knows how to ramp it up and never seems to tire so there is no way I will leave her there, crying. I'm getting a little ramped right now because we will be visiting soon and I hope it goes well. I asked mil for big photos of their faces so I can show Mini on a regular basis. She sees my mom once/week and as of late there is an adjustment period. She was totally fine, always, with my mom until about 2 wks ago. It's not bad, though. I usually only have to hang out for about 10 minutes and then she is relaxed enough for me to leave, no tears. But it has surprised me that she whines and wants to go to/stay with me since she sees my mom pretty often. She also tends to want to go to me over G Money if we are both in the same room. I think it drives him nuts, but oh well. I did the carrying...

      Hang in there. It sounds like E really wants to be close to you. I didn't think I'd still need my Ergo-type thing, but I use it more now that she can fit in it. It sounds sweet, but I know it's hard. You want both hands. You want to be able to do things quickly and for her not to feel bad. Well, at least we know things change and it's probably a phase.

    2. SPG/Gigi - thought I would chime in. My daughter (A) just turned one and the separation anxiety is in full force and effect! I went back to work right before she turned one. My mom came for 3 weeks to slowly transition her to the dayhome. When I pick her up from the dayhome, she immediately cries when she sees me, and just wants to be cuddled. Like Gigi, my daughter prefers me over my husband!

      Pediatrician said that separation anxiety peaks between 1-2 years old (starts before that).

      Our daughter sleeps for the most part in her crib, but with all the new changes that are happening, she started waking up in the middle of the night. I try to not be lazy and go to her room to comfort her (putting her back in the crib), BUT sometimes the necessity of sleep overrides this and we co-sleep with her. Most nights we do co-sleep with her, but only bring her into bed for a couple of hours in the morning.

      I never thought I would be an attachment parenting type of mom, but it works for us. They grow so fast, and if she needs extra cuddling/holding and to sleep with us sometimes, we're okay with that.

      Good luck to you SPG! :)

    3. Anon, thanks for chiming in! We did that as well. Mini would wake up around 5am and I'd just let her stay in the bed until the next wake up time. I try to take each transition as it comes because you're right -- they grow fast and a couple months of extra holding is perfectly fine.

  7. The giraffe colouring with the bright yellow is gorgeous!!

    1. thatdamngreendress - You're right. I had it around my neck & sweater on and didn't even notice it. lol

  8. How many can look good in a cropped boxy jacket with bold horizontal stripes? It barely looks OK on the model who is probably six feet tall and rail thin.

    I like the plaid boucle tweed jacket on you!

  9. I totally love that neon jacket, but don't love the price lol


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